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Hi my penname is BlazeStar4163 previously peetamellarkxstar4163 and Star4163 and I am happy to be on Fanfiction. Writing is just a passion I have and I love to read so fanfiction is perfect for me! UPDATE 11/22/13 I am going to be re-writing my story The Promise, it will take awhile because I would like to have the story pre-written because club volleyball season is upon me but the story will be on and updating schedule and maybe a new story so stay tuned.



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I freeze in my tracks, sick at the idea of what he's suggesting. Somehow staging some perverse wedding between Peeta and me. I haven't been able to face that one-way glass since I've been back … And now they want me to marry Peeta for a propo? -Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay, p. 214
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The Promise reviews
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