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I am a sixteen year old fangirl with auburn hair, brown eyes, and no time on her hands. I don't write much fanfic - or much anything - because I don't feel that I'm a terribly good writer. Also because *whisper it!*I don't like to write all that much. I especially dislike English essays on assigned topics that I couldn't care less about, such as the use and abuse of power in Kiss of the Spider Woman.

When I do write fanfic, it's more than likely for a Dancing Dove () challenge. TDD is a great website. Go there or else. Yes, that was a threat.

At this website, I can mostly be found in the Tamora Pierce and Hary Potter sections, but I occasionally venture into other fandoms. Romance is not my favorite genre of fic, nor do I even like it much, however, my favorite pairings are as follows:

Tamora Pierce

Harry Potter
Fred/Angelina (You are talking to one of the founding members of SS Bludger and Quaffle at SCUSA. It's a bit of a dead ship now, but back in the day we had 15 threads and I first posted in the first thread. That was three years ago. ^^)
Snape/Rita Skeeter (where Gryffindors get revenge)

So you see, I am a fan of idyllic pairings with a ton of fluff potential ala Alanna/George, Evin/Miri, and Fred/Angelina. But I also ship Alanna/Roger, and there is nil fluff potential there, the way they're always trying to kill each other and everything...

-Another fic for another Dancing Dove challenge. It could be a one-shot, it could be a novel. Time will tell. I have written: four chapters of Never Enough to Go Around are up already. Around 15 more chapters should come. My baby!
-Amedium-length fic expanding upon Coram's story of Miache, Zefrem, and the Dominion Jewel. Right now it looks like it will end up somewherebetween 5 and 10 chapters long. I have written: an outline
-A short fic (one chapter) about an 11-year-old Aly and her mother, revolving around Aly's refusal to train as a page. Examines their differences andthe seeds of the fight they had at the beginning of TQ. Possibly more serious than anything else I have up here. I have written: nothing yet, but I've got ideas.
-Another Dancing Dove gift ficlet. No idea what it'll be about yet, but expect it in late December/early January.

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The Collective Poetic Works of King Jonathan IV reviews
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