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Author has written 3 stories for Greek Mythology, and Harry Potter.

Yes, I have redone this cuz I hate it. Just like I hate my little bronevermind. Since it says profile I'll do the profile thingie.

Author pen name: River-Star2 (WHO TOOK MY NAME? I HAD IT FIRST YOU GREEDY PIG! glares and pouts)

Age: seventeen turning 18 on January 25

Height: five foot (NO! I shrunk!)

Favorite anime: Yu-Gi-Oh! (duh) and Furuba/ Fruit's Basket

"" Manga: Paradise Kiss, Fruits Basket, Ceres Celestial Legend, Peach Girl, Snow Drop, Girl Got Game, Fushigi-Yugi...

Favorite Food: um, anything with meat...?

Nicknames: Leprechaun, Midget, Shortie...there's lots

Hair color: um, there's a debate about that. Some say its red and other say brown. I'm not sure which one either since it depends on the light...

Eye color: it varies. Sometimes blue or gray or white or green, sometimes they couple and become a mix...depends on my mood.

Favorite Anime Character: (stupid question, I know) Yami and Yugi (yes, yes, I'm obsessed, and you know what, I don't bloody care! Okay, well, maybe just a little...)

Favorite Books: I finally got an answer to this one: Anything with mythology, LOTR, Harry Potter, and the Obernewtyn Chronicles (they are SUPER good, trust me)

Siblings: yes, unfortunatly. A half-brother whose in his forties (my da's in his fifties, give me a break) and has three kids, a little brother who is the Anti-Christ (I swear,) a step-sister who married some lunatic after knowing him for only a day and a step-brother who joined the army reserves and now just sits around the house smoking and drinking beer while looking at porne mags (Don't ask me why, he's reeeally strange)

Religion: Celtic Pagan, I am. Sorry for all you Christians out there and all, but I am what I am and that's all that I am.

Favorite V-game: I would say Yu-Gi-Oh, Duelist of Roses but that would make me seem obessive (which I am) so I'll go with Dark Cloud 2 and Final Fantasy X-2 (finally, I game I can BEAT! HAHAHAHA!)

Unqiue Trait: I can get my teachers to glare at me right after class starts for doing nothing at all...heh heh heh. And my eyes change color depending on my mood.

Favorite Movies: The Mummy, and The Mummy Returns, The Matrix, LOTR (all of them), Harry Potter (both of them too), Monty Python's: The Holy Grail, and...rambles on for about twenty minutes

Favorite Music person-thing...um..yeah: Avril Lavgine and Evanescence (sp?)

Dream Date: my boyfriend who I love more than life itself.

Fav animal: Lionesses (YEA FOR LIONS!)

Fav sayings: "Bite me!" or the classic: "...oh..."

Fav. Random Thoughts(i know, I'm crazy):

"I wonder if you really can drink milk through your nose..."-Me after watching some stupid TV show

"Frosty the Snowman had a very bulbous nose, it was red and black with a funny hat full of stupid snow..." -Me in the middle of spring after drinking three Diet Cokes.

"Hi, I'm from the Rat Infestation Company, would you be interested in buying our white rats?" -Me after dialing the wrong number on my cell phone and deciding to have some fun (heh heh heh)

"Yami is sooo yumi!" -guess who? after watching Yami tell Yugi his name...

"Honey, forget the ryhme, you're the crime!"my mirror to me (HA I WISH!) actually, no, it was me.

Amanda and I are at a Theme Park with our classmates and we go on the King's Mine Train. As we approach the top of a majorly huge drop Amanda turns to me
Amanda: You do know that this is a very steep drop that you'll probably fly out of the cart while screaming if you don't hang on tight right? I mean, its like fifty feet up and a very, very steep drop. Hey, aren't you afraid of heights?
Me: laughs without looking down as we pause Oh please, i'm not afraid of heights. They just freak me out so bad that I nearly wet my pants. blinks at dark tunnel ahead How steep did you say this thing was? blinks again in terror
Amanda: looks at me and smiles Oh, about fifty feet.
Me: clutches Amanda's arm as we go down Oh #!

Sarah and I are walking down a hallway when we come to a fork in the road, Sarah starts rambling on about something while we stand in the middle of the fork
Sarah: right?
me: right! starts going right
Sarah: You're supposed to go left.
Me: Left?
Sarah_ Right!
Me: so we're going to the right?
Me: O_O oh...okay. grins maliciously So we're going down the left?
Sarah: looking immensely pleased with herself Right!
Me_ starts heading right
Sarah: You stupid & leprechaun! grabs my arms and heads down the right then stops and turns around to go down the left Now you've got me confused! & Leprechaun!

me sitting in front of the TV on Saturday night and watching Whose Line? while drinking milk and eating Mac and Cheese (yum!) Collin does some stupid thing and I laugh, sending milk pouring out of my nose and into my Mac and Cheese. My little Brother looks down at it and grimaces
LB (short for little brother): Ew! You're so disgusting.
Me: whistles as one of the dogs come up and lays bowl on the floor and dog (named Bandit)starts to eat it happily Ah, yes, the canine family. Nature's own trash cans.
LB:I repeat: You're so disgusting.
Me:smirks Disgustingly brillant you mean.
LB:grimaces again No, I just mean disgusting.

Mrs. Bye (my english teacher): If you want the best seat in the house, move the cat.

My little scheldule thingie with good advice at the top of each page: A penny saved is...not much.

Me (staring at a worksheet in math that has a hundred problems on it): Holy Crap!
Teacher: More like holy math but that works too.
Me: blushes furiously and pretend to work on problem though I have no idea how to do it

Me: Um...Sar, is the balloon supposed to be that big?
Sar: Yes, short one, trust me. I'm the closest genius around here for about five hundred miles. blows into balloon and it expands and pops in her face
Me: snickering Oh yeah, a reeeeeeeal genius.
Sar: looking _extremely angry and grumbling under her breath several words that I can't repeat Shut up shortie.

(how Sar and I met, basically)
Sar: Hi, my name's Sarah, what's yours?
Me: Shut up and go away. scowls
Sar: Wow, you have a really long name shut-up-and-go-away.
Me: thanks. still scowling
Sar: smiles pleasantly You're welcome.
Me: No I'm not.
Sar: Oh...well then, err, bye shut-up-and-go-away.
Me: Good ridance.

LB: walks into a room where I am playing a v-game and losing horribly Isn't this a hard game, sis?
Me: staring intently at the screen and whispered Damn!
LB: what's it called?
Me: furiously pounding on the buttons and says Damn!
LB: So, you're having fun?
Me: throws down the controller as the game screen says Game Over and the controller hits LB's foot DAMN!
LB: O_o

(how my friend Rachel and I met)
Me: sitting in the PE outfit and glaring
Rachel: comes up and sits next to me in silence before asking Do you like Harry Potter?
Me: thinking and answering blandly Yeah.
Rachel: Want to be friends?
Me: No.

Me: You know, everyone else seems to think its crazy when you talk to yourself but everyone does it.
Me2: I know, its horrible isn't it?
Me: Absolutely. I think everyone needs a time out to reassess their situations. Just..not by talking with themselves.
Me2: Amen, I hear you sister.
Me: blinking you know, I really believe that we just took talking to one another on a totally different scale.
Me2: You're wrong, we're just being ourselves.
Me2& me: Oh so correct, my dear.


~~~~ River-Star

OH! Umm...Stories in Progress:

Twist of Fate-Harry Potter (I have the last chapter on my computer upstairs but the stupid thing shut off and isn't turning back on so I'll hit it a few times, get it saved and finish it. Finally!)
Ilion's Daughter-Greek Myth
A Curse or A Blessing-Greek Myth

Check out Ilion's Daughter. I think its really good. Same with Twist of Fate.

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