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Hey people!

I am a high school grrl from Sydney, Australia (AUSSIES RULE!) I started reading Fanfictions about a year ago and decided I wanted to get involved. I am a HUGE wrestling fan, which is why wrestling (WWE) fics are my specialty.

My fave wrestlers:

Jeff Hardy: I love Jeff Hardy SOO much, I think all of my fics are gonna be focused on him... I love him so much I made my friends call me Jeffers (hehe...)
Lita: The BEST woman in the women's division today! U rule Lita!My fave diva forever!
Matt: Who couldn't love Matt? I am an MF (and my BFF Kells loves him to death...)
Others: Stone Cold Steve Austin (Love you Stone Cold, welcome back!) The Undertaker (Deadman Inc rulz!) Edge, The Hurricane, The Rock (so he's heal? I can dig that!) Shawn Michaels (my friend Jess is nuts over him!) Triple H, Victoria, Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler, Tommy Dreamer, Y2J, (only 4 you Cella!) Batista and soo many more!!

Fave writers

devilangelchick: A personal friend of mine. An up and coming writer with alot of potential.

Jeff's NC Baby Gurl: My favourite writer of ALL TIME! She is soo nice and writes great captivating fanfictions! She changed the way I thought at fans/wrestler fics. U r the BEST Lex, you r may fave eva!

FallenAngel: An awesome writer in her own right. My fave story is "The Girl I Left Behind"

Gingivere the Shadowreave: Love "Oh what a bloody web we weave?" The coolest vampire fic I HAVE ever had the pleasure of reading and another great is "Mysterio Depression and Ramen Noodles" Be warned, Rey and Edge are... we'll you'll just have to find out!

writie" Love Unexpected,and Switched. Jeff and Stacy... Such a cute couple!!! (wish it where me...)

jerichosbabe2007: Next to Nothing is the best! U rock...

and oh so many more *head spins* too...many...good...authors!!!

I spend my past time dreaming about Jeff (ahh, Jeff, what was I saying! I get side tracked easily!) writing stories, poetry,playing hockey, softball sports I love! Call my friends (my phone bills skyrocket!)Dream more about Jeff (what?) and tending to my VERY demanding social life, while throwing school and such into the mix...

I wanna be a wrestler when I'm older (oh Jeff!)My personality? A Clown, slightly insane (OK maybe a LITTLE more than slightly) sporty, Xtreme, fun loving carefree, don't always care what people think of me (hey, once I wore PURPLE arm bands to school on a mufti day, not to mention the blue wig..) day dreamer, creative, (hey these are all coming from my friend devilangelchick!) and VERY SICK MINDED (my friends will tell you that!)

My fav songs are "Not Enough" By Our Lady Peace, "All the things she said" t.A.T.u, "When I'm Gone" By 3 Doors down, (I think!) "Everywhere" Michelle Branch,Avril Lavigne, Shakira, oh and "Always" By Saliva, Weird Al, and heaps more!

So enough about me! I talk WAY too long! So please check out my fics and I would be eternily greatful (or for the most part of my so far short, Jeff filled life!)

Warning: These stories are MY ideas! For the most part they are not real, so don't be offended of I put in something you don't like! Now I must be AWAY! to write somemore but I'll leave you with a Jeff quote *Dashes off to some un-known lair, very much like The Hurricane*

One nation...thanx to God
Our nation...if you want it.
Check yourself in...
To the Dream Land Station.
Do what ever you want...
In the Imagi-Nation.
-Jeff Hardy


Arggghhh the agony! Now Jeffy is GONE WAAAHHHAAAHHH! Man, I just say good luck to ya baby and I still love you as much as eva!!!!

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