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Author has written 4 stories for CSI: New York.

I go by the name Axatullux and I tend to like writing CSI:NY related fanfictions.

As of late-October 2010, I am still writing CSI-NY fanfictions but have recently had some unpleasant bout of writers block lately. I'm still recovering from the demise of CSI:NY especially with how it went down the toilet since Melina Kanakaredes left over the summer. To me, CSI:NY is completely dead now but fanfiction CSI lives on intact and is alive and well. The TV-Shows demise is the worst TV-Experience I've endured since Carmen Sandiego and Gargoyles went kaput more than 13 years earlier. Still, the latter two I enjoy reading fanfictions of today, long after they ended. I may delve back into them in the future when I got enough creative spark up and going. :)

Most of my fanfictions are alternate-timelines, a few are complete AU, disposing of all continuity from the TV-Show. My current ones right now are often involving Stella on various different universes, a few of which see Stella as a major ANTAGONIST. That's right, an enemy character.

As of writing this, I'm currently working on four story arcs. They are unrelated and are separate continuities, completely AU from the TV storyline. They are as follows:

Dark Athena: Featuring Stella Bonasera, not as a CSI, but as a dangerous mutant terrorist, and an enemy of the CSI's. I came up with this story arc as a means of channeling out the anger I felt when MK left CSI:NY over the summer. It is a story arc that borrows elements from the Marvel Universe and a few other universes, NOT the characters from there but certain characteristics, I.E. superhuman powers, senses, and social, political climates, etc. Alternate versions of real-life places but with different names. This one features Stella not as a CSI but a dangerous, and cruel-spirited mutant terrorist who is similar to a cross between Sabretooth and T-1000 (From Terminator 2: Judgment Day). NOTE: SMacked and FLangell fans, please AVOID this story as this features both Stella and Angell as extremely dangerous criminals responsible for terrible crimes. I'm currently planning on rewriting the story several times, maybe even take it down and re-post when conditions warrant. SECOND NOTE: I've recently overcome a severe writer's block, converging with the troubles of school this semester, togother, they took the artistic Midas Touch out of my until now. I'm in the process of completely reworking this fanfiction story arc.)

Days In Paradise and: A story of Stella being a long-time homeless woman who is taken off the streets into Mac's house. Very much inspired by an obscure 1984 movie called "Birdy" which starred Matthew Modine and Nicholas Cage. I'm planning on delving into how Stella got to the city, how she lived on the streets for all those years, how the end of that era causes her to completely withdraw into her own shell, and how she slowly comes back out of her shell.

SMack Kink Love: Originally a one-shot story line that I wrote as a means of satisfying the gutter part of my mind. Very comedic and SMexy.What I think should've or might have happened during "Summer In The City"

Dumb and Dumber: Featuring Natalia Boa Vista and Stella Bonasera as two dimwitted, comedic, eccentric women who unintentionally end up stumbling upon a missing nuclear weapon and aim to return it to where it was taken from, while avoiding the Mafia, various terrorist groups, fighting off the mob, while causing unintentional mayhem along the way. Basically "Dumb and Dumber" but with Natalia and Stella instead of Lloyd and Harry. Also instead of returning a suitcase full of money, these two ladies aim to return a missing nuclear weapon to an air force base.

I'm aiming for at least six alternate-timelines involving CSI:NY. The four are the current ones I'm working on. I can't promise that I'll be updating them frequently nor consistantly but I'll try. :) I might even replace or abandon a few of them as time progresses.

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Dark Athena
COMPLETELY AU-Revision of a previous version. Set in 1997, The CSI's investigate a crime scene only to uncover a horrible plot by a longtime enemy. Includes Jo Danville. Rated M for graphic violence and bloodshed.
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