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After having recently lost the love of my life, only two years after I lost my mom, (Betty), I have really found a kinship with the characters from this show. I admit, I've used them to escape and forget the pain I've had to deal with in Real Life, especially after losing the one and only man who ever loved me, the father of my child, and the only man I ever loved. That's the kind of heartbreak you don't recover from completely. But I have found so much comfort and hope in the devotion Daniel and Betty have towards one another.

I have seen how many talented writers on this site have the same feelings that I did, that the show was unique in its amazing ability to give us such multi-faceted characters. Every one of the cast was superb and the writing was amazing, overall. While I didn't always agree with specific story lines or some of the pairings,(NOT a Henry or Molly fan!) I was bowled over by the deep, meaningful ways in which all the characters on the show interacted with one another and blended so well.

I know I'm hardly alone when I say, this show will be missed for a VERY long time! I don't know if it will ever happen, now, since it's been 2 years since the series finale and all the actors have understandably moved on to other projects, but a movie would be SO awesome (we can dream, can't we?) I mean, if they did what was it 2 or 3 Sex & the City movies, why not at least give us Detty-heads our resolution with Daniel and Betty in London? Sigh...oh, well, in the interim, I guess we'll have to survive on our memories, DVD's and sites like these, dedicated to one of the best relationships ever!

To my readers and the amazing other writers whose work I've read on here, I say, simply, THANK YOU! You're awesome and you give me the courage to try and remain a hope-FUL romantic!

My love,

Lauralee (Betty the Bonita)

A/N: After starting writing on this site back in December of 2011, I stopped posting on 1/24/2013, after crazy 'flamers' started attacking myself and a fellow author and friend of mine, who no longer posts here, either. It's a shame, because Heather had over 75 stories on here at one time and I had 27. We both posted to this site almost daily, trying to share our love of Detty with fellow fans. She and I met in real life in May of 2013, to attend The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, where we THOUGHT Eric Mabius would make a personal appearance, since he was a judge. He didn't show, and my trip to try and talk to America Ferrera's agent in Brooklyn only got me an email address of her agent's PA. We tried many other things to try and reach Silvio Horta and the 'powers that be' to find out about a possible Ugly Betty movie, but luck so far.

In any case, we persist in writing. But have chosen to do so on a private site now, rather than subject our hard work to unwarranted attacks by those who don't have the guts to write anything of their own, but think it's okay to attack others' creative efforts. To those kind people and dedicated readers, thank you for your support. Take care, and let's all try and be like Betty and keep a POSITIVE attitude for a UB movie, eh? We'll see how Eric and America, (and Ana's) series' do, and what happens. I've got the script, Silvio! lol! Peace out!

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