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Author has written 8 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Tales of Phantasia, and Secret/Legend of Mana.

To the readers of Syukuzen no Teishi (10/6/2011):

Syukuzen no Teishi is currently being discontinued, as I'm unhappy with the way it's going. However, I'm still going to keep the story alive. I am currently working on converting it to an original sci-fi/fantasy story. If you want to help out and/or read it when I eventually start writing it, please send me an email at KitsuneHanyou [at] hotmail [dot] com.

To the readers of Plights of Time (2/23/2016):

I am currently working on the new version of this! It will be quite different, as I obviously can't use Sonic characters. Instead, Timothy Parker is a human that transforms into the cheetah Mafdet. It's still an urban fantasy, but it's taken a darker twist with a serial killer and kidnappers on the loose. I'll eventually get rid of the version on here, but I can email it to anyone who still wants it!

For now, please send me a message if you're at all interested in updates about the new version, or follow the original story if you just want to know where to read it when it's out. When I'm far enough to do an official public announcement, I'll make an announcement with a new chapter there! You can find a picture here: http [colon //] ayamemajikku [dot] deviantart [dot] com/art/Tim-Protecting-Grace-592624194

And, concept art for the Parker twins: http [colon //] ayamemajikku [dot] deviantart [dot] com/art/Parker-Twins-592626286

Updated on 10/20/13:

“Originality is the art of concealing your sources.” -Benjamin Franklin

“You write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head.”

Redoing my profile yet again... It’s been a year since last time, though.


Name: Ayame Majikku
Nickname: Aya
Real Name: Niki
Birthday: July 7th (Cancer)
Gender: Female
Likes: Video games, fantasy, Norse mythology, cute/romantic things, animals, sweets, music, skirts, writing, astrology, astronomy
Dislikes: Scary things, sour/spicy foods, writer's block
Status: Author

General Contact and Links

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/NebulaAndraSaga

Something I should note: Due to playing Ragnarok Online for years, I have a habit of typing out the emoticons for it. /swt is a sweatdrop, /heh is a laugh, /ok is a nod, /hmm is a thinking face, /gg is a devious face, /pat is a pat... etc. Those are the main ones I use (I think).

A little about me:

I love anime and games... and a lot from Japan, really. My favorite anime/manga is Pandora Hearts, which has taken me for a wild ride and promises much more to come, followed by Fullmetal Alchemist (manga and Brotherhood). I also love Cardcaptor Sakura, Kanon 2006, Yu Yu Hakusho, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. Listing all the anime I like would take up a ton of room, so you get the picture.

As for Japanese dramas, I must thank Shii-san for introducing me to them. I've only watched three, but all of them are really good My favorite so far (and will probably stay, with how good and meaningful it was) is Jyoou no Kyoushitsu, or The Queen's Classroom. It has soooooo many wonderful life lessons.

As mentioned, I'm also a gamer. I especially love JRPGs, which gave me some of the inspiration for my story. My favorite series ever is the Tales Series, and I’ve beaten all of the mothership titles out thus far except Xillia 2. My favorite Tales game is Tales of Graces f, though I must also give notice to Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon, Tales of Xillia, Tales of Symphonia, and Tales of Rebirth for being amazing games.

As far as music goes, I love anything by Within Temptation, Yellowcard, Lovers and Liars, DragonForce, Nightwish... Though, I like a lot of other music styles as well. Even if I don't listen to any particular artist in the genre, I absolutely love a good, slow, beautiful piece... anything pretty, really.

I’m also a Vocaloid fan. Since starting an original story that got its inspiration from Vocaloids, I'm always looking for new Vocaloid songs to use for chapter titles. My favorite Vocaloid is Len, followed closely by Rin (though I'm not a fan of them paired together). My favorite series is the Synchronicity series, followed by Kagepro.

I’m currently working on an original book series, which is now published. I believe I’ll talk about that first.

My Stories

Original Stories
These are some original stories I hope you read one day.

Nebula Andra: Synchronicity Abyss

"I'm sorry, Anya. Please don't look for me."

Those were the last words he had left Anya before disappearing from her life. Having known him through a shared mind link since the early years of her childhood, she can’t help but feel that his sudden absence means he’s in danger. For that reason, she sets out to find her lost friend with the only knowledge about him she has—the name she had once given him: Raymond.

However, the outside world is much darker than she expected. As her country is torn apart by the tyranny of the dark lord Kyros, she soon becomes a primary target, and Anya finds herself thrown into a battle that could determine the future of the entire world. But what will she do when everything she thought she knew begins to crumble to ash around her?

About: I started the first story of a planned series for NaNoWriMo 2010. It’s now published and available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble in hardcover, paperback, and ebook formats, as well as many other sites. As mentioned above, the inspiration for it was Vocaloids, which can be seen in the chapter titles.

As for the series title, that was inspired from its magic system. The people of the world use twelve distinct nebulae (their form of magic), drawn from the constellations. They are Aries (fire), Taurus (earth), Gemini (mind), Cancer (sound), Leo (light), Virgo (time), Libra (wind), Scorpio (body), Sagittarius (lightning), Capricorn (shadow), Aquarius (ice), and Pisces (water). Andromeda is the combination of all, and it's a nebula that's said to be able to make anything.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NebulaAndra

Unnamed Fantasy Story

This is another story idea I’ve been working on. It’s made to be like a JRPG, with a party that goes on a quest to save the world. I’m still working on the concept, but hopefully it’ll be an enjoyable adventure.

Summary: There is a tale of a kingdom that was destroyed long ago. The only survivor was Prince Agnidylos, who was put in a deep slumber. It is said that one day he will awaken to destroy the world...
Geden is a magic student who cares more about his studies than the outside world. However, it seems his strange magic is the only thing that can help the world get rid of the threat of the sleeping prince. When called to duty to save his world, what will Geden do?

Silent Suspension

As mentioned at the top of my profile, Syukuzen no Teishi has been discontinued. This is the temporary title I have for the original story that will replace it. It will be a sci-fi/fantasy, following a crew as they travel between worlds.

Summary: After escaping from a strange place with the help of the flirtatious angel Ritos, Emily and her best friend travel through space in hopes of finding their old friends again. However, they and their new crew soon find themselves wrapped up in a war that the prince of demons has waged on the whole universe.

Plights of Time (New and Original)

Again, mentioned at the top of my profile that I'm renewing this one as an original story. I still have quite a bit to work out, as I'm having to transform the whole cast into original characters. It'll share the same general idea as the old Plights of Time, but this one will be a bit darker.

Summary: Timothy Parker is just a normal human... or so he thought until now. However, it seems that he's the reincarnation of the Sacred Beast Mafdet, a creature with great powers that he doesn't even know the first thing about. But other people know quite a bit, and they'll do anything to steal the powers of him and those like him...

Fanfiction: Tales of Phantasia

Tales of Phantasia: Teishi ni Hikkakamasu

I finally finished this one. It’s 95 chapters, including the bonus chapters and the credits, and over 700 pages. ...As you can tell, this is a really long story; because of that, I don’t ask anyone to read it. Honestly, I’m not all that proud of it anymore, either (I blame my inner evil editor for that), but... people seem to like it a lot, so if you choose to read it, I hope you enjoy it.

Anyway, it starts out as a mystery/adventure set from Chester’s point of view, but it soon turns in to a huge full-blown adventure.

Summary: Aselia, year 6548. Chester wakes up in a death zone to find himself with no memory. Without knowing who to trust, he turns to the group of rebels who helped him. As one of the reincarnated Heroes of Space-Time, he knows that he must gather his powers from the past, but not what he must do with him... or even who his friends and enemies are. When things take a turn for the worst, the only place to find the answers may be hidden deep within Aselia’s past.

Tales of Phantasia: Syukuzen no Teishi

The sequel to Teishi ni Hikkakamasu. As of October 6th, it's been officially discontinued, and I'm (slowly) working on an original story that uses the same OCs and overall plot.

Summary: Aselia, year 6554. Now seventeen years old, Ami and Suzu help out their friends by acting as ambassadors between Aselia and Derris-Kharlan. Soon after they arrive, the leader they were going to meet gets kidnapped! If that’s not all, their powers have been completely zapped due to some strange mist. With the help of old and new friends, they find that there may be some consequences to their actions six years earlier. A demon named Hades has stepped forward to conquer the human realm, but at what cost?

The Adventures of Kitty Klarth!

I had some good ideas for this story, but they stopped after a major writer's block, so... sorry.

Two Hours

This is a cute Archester fluff. It started out as a humorous one-shot where the party was just visiting Gheeth’s Shop of Wonders, but it soon turned into a romance. This story is now finished, at four chapters. I hope you enjoy it!

Summary: On their way to battle Dhaos, the group decides to pay a visit to a lone shop. They notice that the items there are top quality—better than anything they have. The only problem: they’re far too expensive! It’s a good thing Arche has an idea to combat that. While waiting on the workers to complete a final order, everyone quickly gets tired of Chester and Arche arguing. Deciding it better not to listen to them for two whole hours, they start a bet: Arche and Chester can have anything they want if they manage not to argue during that time. But is that even possible for those two?

A Promise Between Friends

One-shot. This is possibly the only fanfic starring Cless and Chester that isn’t a shonen-ai. It’s about their friendship and how if they work together, they can do anything.

Summary: The final battle with Dhaos is coming up, and Cless finds himself nervous. When he finds Chester training alone, the archer notices that something’s wrong. Cless soon discovers that he’s not the only one who’s worried. Perhaps they can help each other...

The Courage to Face the Future

One-shot. This one explores a bit of what if Arche stopped by to see Chester early.

Summary: Aselia, year 4293. Arche has waited almost a hundred years... so why can’t she see her friends already? She knows she could mess things up if she sees them, but she just can’t help herself. Traveling into Toltus, she finds Chester and Cless at six years old... but Chester seems to be troubled about something. Even knowing she shouldn’t, Arche takes it upon herself to give the kid a talk.

Fanfiction: Other

Plights of Time: The Breaking of Fate

Fandom: Sonic

As mentioned, this one's also been discontinued. I still love the concept, so I'm using the concept and working to make an original story based off it.

Summary: Timothy Parker is a normal human... or so he thinks. After a strange meeting with three cloaked people, he soon finds out that he’s the reincarnation of Sonic the Hedgehog, and he can change between forms at will. He meets both friends and enemies that are like him, but there’s no telling who they are as humans. On top of that, it seems that his teacher, Dr. Eggman, is his biggest enemy.

Chibikko Hammer Time!

Fandom: Seiken Densetsu 3

One-shot. ...This is the story of my gameplay. I played it with one of my friends, and every time we started it up, someone had to hammer the other person. It was quite amusing.

Summary: Six young heroes find a magical hammer that can shrink people from just a hit. When some of them start planning to use this for their own personal gain, chaos soon breaks out among the group. The one with the hammer rules them all!

Original Characters
For anyone interested, here are some of the original characters from my stories.

Nebula Andra: Synchronicity Abyss

Anya Tamie Ciran

Anya is a young woman from the village of Vesta. Because the village she was born in--Pallas--was burned to the ground the day she was born, she's locally known as the "cursed girl." Regardless, she's grown up as a carefree orphan, spending time with her childhood friend Edwin.
She's also always had another friend, but she's never met him in person: Raymond, a boy whose voice she hears in her head at times. Realizing that her friend might be in danger, Anya sets out to find him.
Quote: "I know in my heart that Ray's real, and I'm going to find him."


Raymond is the name of the boy's voice Anya has heard in her head ever since she was a child. He's shrouded in mystery--'Raymond' isn't even his real name, but a name Anya gave him. She has no idea how he looks or where he is. Even so, he's a kind young man that's always there to help her in difficult times.
Quote: "You can’t, Anya. I’m the one person you cannot save."


Zain is a charming young man from the capital, Ceres. He enjoys having fun and flirting with lovely young women, and he doesn't seem to take anything seriously.
Despite how carefree Zain is, he's proven himself to be quite powerful--more powerful than anyone Anya's seen before. He helps Anya's group out every now and then before continuing on his journeyless travel.
Quote: "But, that being said... It sounds to me like you saved that town. I’d say that that’s worth a lot more."

Evalyn Karen Tisha

Evalyn is a young alchemist from the mining town of Hygiea. She's a kind-hearted girl who can't just leave someone in need. Her older brother left to find work a while ago, and now Evalyn wants to find him. Because of this, she joins Anya on her quest.
She's skilled in creating potions with many different effects, such as smoke, flashing, healing, and even acid. She also knows the human body well, needing that knowledge for healing with the power of Scorpio. However, she tends to be clueless in other areas of study.
Quote: "I'm glad I've learned so much, though. I really enjoy alchemy, and I can help a lot of people with it."

Edwin Liam Alaire

Edwin is Anya's childhood friend. He's from a powerful family of mages, and everyone expects him to live up to the Alaire name. While Edwin enjoys casting magic, he would prefer to have some fun as well.
Due to an argument with his parents, Edwin was sent away to a magic academy two years ago. He's grown into a very skilled mage due to his schooling, but deep down, he wishes to see Anya again.
Quote: "I hate it, too. Even so... I won’t allow you to take his life. You shouldn’t have blood on your hands..."

Yvonne Maron

Yvonne is a mysterious girl from the quiet forest town of Camilla. Yvonne rarely talks, but instead is extremely observative--she's usually the first to notice danger. While she refuses to talk about her past, she seems to have an enemy she must defeat; for that reason, she's joined Anya's group.
Yvonne is skilled with the bow and arrow. She also majors in the nebula of Virgo, one of the most powerful nebulae.
Quote: "Do not underestimate me. I’ve seen my fair share of blood..."


Max is a wandering thief. He ends up sticking with Anya's group, interested in hearing about treasure on their journey.
While he chooses to follow them, Max is very skeptical of their whole adventure. He's also quick to get angry or embarrassed, which the others enjoy making fun of. He absolutely hates it when someone steals his hat.
Quote: "Why are you risking your life for a ghost? Or are you in love with your own fantasy guy?"


Vesper is a young raven who seems to have taken a fancy to Anya. She follows the group around on her own free will. Vesper is mischievous and enjoys playing games--one of her favorite things to do is steal Max's hat, much to the young man's annoyance. Like all ravens, Vesper uses the nebula of Corvus, which allows her to discern lies.
Quote: "Caw caw!"

Kyros Hild Cadwall

Kyros is the dark lord that rules over Hodierna. He's the young leader of Vyrengr Corvus, though he spends his time inside the walls of the palace.
However, with the tournament coming up, it seems Kyros will finally step out of his walls to take part in the fighting... Armed with a sword and traveler's dulcimer, he's not one to be taken lightly.
Quote: "Is that so...? The way your bow shakes says otherwise. Or at least... that you haven't dealt the hand of death."

Donahue A. Blackwell

Donahue is Kyros' advisor. He's a cold man who's dead-set on accomplishing Vyrengr Corvus' goal above all else. Even if he seems cool and collected, he's not one to be trifled with in a fight, for he may just be the strongest member of V.C.
Quote: "When that connection's broken and the love is lost, then nothing in the world can bring that happiness back... It's then that love is the greatest pain imaginable..."

Shasta Veda Haskell

Shasta is Kyros' primary teacher and caretaker. On the outside, she seems like a cute, cheerful woman. In actuality, she's a sadist who enjoys the sight of others in pain.
Quote: "I can't wait to see your cute little body squirm under his sword..."

Unnamed Fantasy Story 1

Geden Lygi

Geden is a mage studying at the largest academy. While he dreams of one day being a great mage, his power isn't as strong as his peers. When a book gets stolen from the library, he quickly finds the culprit--a young girl who was just looking for money. But when it turns out that the book he retrieved wasn't even the real thing, he sets out after one of his old professors to try and correct this mistake. Little does he know that his long journey has just begun... His magic type is that of illusions, status effects, minor fortune telling, and minor healing. He's also skilled with a halberd, in case magic fails.
Quote: "I can't believe he would do this... He's not a bad person."

Narisa Melranki

Narisa is a teenage farm girl that lives with her grandfather. She enjoys riding horses and taking care of the other animals around, and she also practices archery in her spare time. However, as much as she loves animals, she hates dealing with people. She's quite untrusting of people and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Even though she claims to hate people altogether, she finds herself doing things for those in need more often than she'd like to admit.
Quote: "Give me one reason why I should trust you."

Nina Iser

Nina is a twelve-year-old girl who steals to make money. After stealing a book from the mage academy for such a purpose, she met Geden. He dragged her back for an apology, and somehow, she ended up joining the school. Nina hates studying, but she has a knack for healing magic. However, she enjoys skipping out of class and playing whenever she can. She soon leaves again with Geden when the mages discover that the book she stole is a fake. She wields a baton in battle.
Quote: "I'm going with Geden! There's no way I'm going to stay here and study without having someone here I can make fun of! Besides, his healing skills suck--he'll need me."

Egahi Agatani

Egahi is a priestess from a small village. She is exceptionally skilled in elemental magic, and she's wise beyond her years. When the village learns that Agnidylos may soon awaken, Egahi leaves with a knight to find someone who can help them find the sleeping prince.
Quote: "Your power is really unusual... Please help us--you may be the only one who can break the seal."

Kage Orka

Kage is the knight that travels with Egahi to find a mage. He doesn't understand the first thing about magic, knowing only how to use weapons in battle. He's quiet and somewhat dense, but he has a good sense of justice and will help his friends even if it costs him his life. Kage is best with a sword.
Quote: "Lady Egahi, why do we need that child's help? Even I can tell that your power is much stronger than his."

Edward Hagger

Edward is an author who dreams of writing about a grand adventure. When he meets Geden, he decides to follow the mage for inspiration. While he may seem like a relaxed joker on the surface, Ed knows when to get serious, and he's quite genre savvy. His insights help the group a considerable amount. He's skilled with a dagger pen, and his magic type is that of the written page. He can summon spells and creatures that he writes about, given the required magical input.
Quote: "An adventure, huh... All right, then. You just found yourself another traveling companion. I'd have to be insane to miss this chance, after all."

Arthur Drottin

Arthur is a young man who's left home to be on his own and find himself. With a fear nagging at him, he hides his secrets behind a smile. He's skilled with runes, using them to increase his power. He fights with throwing daggers for ranged attacks.
Quote: "Oh, don't mind me. I'm just an unsuspicious passerby."

Agnidylos of Sondana

Agnidylos is the sleeping prince mentioned in the tales. It's said that one day, he'll awaken and destroy the world...
Quote: "This world... There is only one thing left for me to do..."

Teishi ni Hikkakamasu


Fenrir is the wolf goddess of thievery and seduction. She specializes in ice and water magic. While she may seem like a nice, lovely young lady at first, she knows quite well how to twist the hearts of men until she gets exactly what she wants. She’s interested in runes, and has studied them quite a bit in the thousands of years she’s lived. Now she creates her own curses... the only problem is that they usually cause problems for those around her.
Quote: "Maybe... but there are some things worse than death. Being a werewolf... being alone... that's one of them. But... neither of us have to be alone!"


Odin is the god of wisdom and healing. He specializes in fire and light magic. He has charming good looks, though some might mistake him for a woman at first. However, despite his looks, he carries a cold demeanor. He speaks formally, but says rude things. He is quite intelligent, and often spends his time reading books. Nonetheless, he’s not to be underestimated—with his strategic thinking and surprising skills with a spear, he’s a formidable opponent in battle.
Quote: "I do not care about what he wants. I shall do as I please."


Thor is the god of war. He specializes in lightning and wind magic. He’s a bulky man who’s usually quite relaxed about things. He enjoys the thrill of fighting, so he won’t back down if he sees a chance for a battle. As the one who trains the valkyries, he’s quite skilled in all forms of combat.
Quote: "I must say, I kinda like your group. You guys are different--for once it's exciting to watch!"


Heimdall is the goddess of the elves. She specializes in earth and dark magic. She is a quiet woman with short, green hair. Behind her small stature lies a complex woman who only wants the best for the world—humans, elves, and half-elves alike. While she prefers not to get involved if she doesn’t have to, she’s not afraid to stand up to any challenge.
Quote: "I can feel the pains on your heart... You are like me. I once knew not who I could trust... I once had to fight the people I wanted to trust. ...What would you do to save the world?"

Sardon H. Lester

Sardon is a scientist from the year 4304. As a descendant of the original Klarth, he’s obsessed with creating an artificial summon spirit. After finding out about the party’s true identities and motives, he takes it upon himself to help them out in any way possible. With the use of a book to communicate over space-time, Sardon soon becomes the group’s researcher.
Quote: "Take me with you! I wanna see the future! Can humans use magic?! Are there artificial summon spirits?! What other wonders do you have in your time?!"

Catherine R. Lester

Cathy is Sardon’s wife, and they live in the northeast most house in Euclid with their pet cat Trinedy. Cathy is a shy woman, but she truly wants to help people. For this reason, she’s become a doctor. While not nearly as excitable or active as her husband, Cathy does what she can to help the group out.
Quote: "I'm happy to have been able to help you... I'm sorry I couldn't help any more..."

Christopher K. Lester and Hope of Orange

Chris and Hope are two humans from the country of Odin, year 2556. Chris is Sauound’s best friend, and Hope is the girl whom the young prince has fallen for. However, it seems that Hope and Chris are deeply in love.
Quote (Chris): "Have I ever lied to you? Don't worry, we have Sau and Mint to heal us, so we'll be fine!"
Quote (Hope): "Sauound! These are kind and peaceful people... Even if you say no, I'm going to make sure they get to stay here for as long as they like!"

Timothy Parker

Tim is a cloaked human from the country of Thor, year 2556. He is the original owner of Macaron, a magitech fairy that will later be found by Fulein K. Lester. Despite being a human, Tim has the power to use wind magic. But just what price does he have to pay...?
Quote: "Yeah, we destroyed a magitech machine. And if you know what's good for this world, you'll destroy more. Yggdrasil's dying because of these things!"

Marcus Randall

Marcus is the prince of the country of Fenrir, year 2556. He is Merilynn’s younger brother. However, for some reason, he hates his sister. It seems that the shy boy is also afraid of werewolves...
Quote: "I used to dream of what it'd be like to have a kind older sister watching over me... and then I met her..."

Ifalde Roxaml

Ifalde is a dwarf from roughly ten thousand years ago. After Chester and the others clear out some troublesome gremlins for him, Ifalde decides to help them by making weapons for them to use against the gods.
Quote: "Dwarven Vow number two! Never abandon someone in need."

Nectar Helson

Nectar is a half-elf bandit from roughly ten thousand years ago. He and his friends guarded the unicorn, trying to save it from the magitechnology that plagued the world.
Quote: "Even though we fought today, you're half elves like me. When the day comes that humans betray you, perhaps then we can fight on the same side."

Syukuzen no Teishi

Ritos Maliott

Ritos is a thief that follows Ami and Suzu, thinking they’ll be easy targets. However, after saving them, he soon finds himself with two new friends. He’s quite carefree, and enjoys hitting on the lovely young ladies, but he has a strong sense of duty and knows when to be serious. He’s a healer in training and uses a spear as his weapon.
Quote: "Well now, looks like beauties are falling out of the sky. Must be my lucky day."

Marty Skolos

Marty is the eldest of triplets. She’s the most sensible of the three, though she still enjoys a good joke. While she looks exactly like Meri, Marty likes to keep her hair out of her face. As a half demon, she is skilled in magic. Her weapon of choice is the bow and arrow.
Quote: "My family's counting on me... I won't let them down."

Meri Skolos

Meri’s more headstrong than either of her siblings, and she’s quick to jump into things regardless of whether she can handle them or not. She loves practical jokes, and she’s often the first one to start them. Regardless, she holds deep feelings for those she cares about and grudges against the ones she hates. She’s skilled with bladed tonfas, and usually adds elemental attributes to her allies attacks.
Quote: "Hades has taken a lot from my family, and I won't rest 'til he pays with interest!"

Mark Skolos

Mark is the youngest of the triplets. He’s a bit of an airhead, and he’s extremely gullible and naïve. Mark is sick, so he’s not supposed to fight or use magic, but that doesn’t always stop him. His sisters and Seth are searching for a way to cure his strange disease before it kills him.
Quote: "I... I have to do something... I don't want to lose them... I can't lose them...!"


Seth is Marty, Meri, and Mark’s best friend. He’s known them all his life, and he’s perhaps the only person who can tell Marty and Meri apart. He dresses nice and has a soft voice, but he can be quite persuasive when he needs to be. He uses a sword in battle, but he’s also skilled in the healing artes.
Quote: "I will protect the people important to me, even after they decide they don't want me..."

Rota Gunnr

Rota is a kind valkyrie who hates discrimination. While most of her kind fights demons, Rota will save them, and she’s even been known to make pacts with them. On top of that, she has fallen in love with the demon named Victor. Because of this, she is an outcast. However, she doesn’t mind; as long as she can help people, she’s happy. As a summoner, she can call both animals and demons to help out in battle. Her weapon of choice is a whip.
Quote: "I swear to protect the kind light in this world and the people of it."

Victor Andskot

Victor is a very polite human-looking demon. He’s always smiling, whether it’s a good day or not. He’s calm and observative, though he doesn’t always tell others everything he knows. He’ll gladly do things others don’t expect of him, even if just to throw them off. He carries a magic bouncy ball with him, which he can add his own mana extensions to, giving him a large variety of weapons. He’s also quite skilled with magic.
Quote: "If you'd like an escort back to the mainland, we’ll be leaving here after we finish exploring."

Talif Vener

Talif is a young elf who hates humans, demons, and half-elves. He’s extremely rude and quick to get defensive. He hates Victor for some reason, and he doesn’t trust the party at all. His weapon is a fan with runes engraved on it; by channeling his mana into the runes, he can create any weapon he wants in front of his fan, giving him unique attacks. Being an elf, he’s also a master of spells.
Quote: "I won't let you trick me! I hate you!"


Nanashi is a talking pair of glasses who has been alone in a cave for ‘a very long time.’ He has no memory of who he is or how he got to be where Ami found him. Despite his strange situation, he’s very optimistic. He helps the group out by giving them information from his ‘database.’ On top of that, when someone puts him on, they can see things hidden to the normal eye...
Quote: "Oh finally. You don't know how lonely it's been sitting here for... you know, I don't even know how long I've been here. But either way, you're going to take me out of here, right?"


Loki is a talking wolfish demon that Rota found and made a pact with. He likes to kill, but he's stopped, since it makes Rota sad. He is loyal only to her, and he is her main summon.
Quote: "Please leave it to me, Rota-sama!"

Anjin Torii

Anjin is a member of the Unseelie Court--a fairy demon. He's still the size of humans, though. He's a samurai who's very loyal to his lord. Underneath, though, he has a kind heart.
Quote: "It would be dishonorable to allow you to go alone with those kinds of injuries."

Sakris Skilja

Sakris is a fox demon who is against the triplets for some unknown reason. She seems to have met Victor in the past as well. However, she now works for the demon called Hades for her own reasons.
Quote: "I don't care what sort of heroic resolution you've come to... The outcome will still be the same."

Saya Kirass

Saya is a bird demon who acts as a messenger for Hades. She never seems interested in fighting, but nor does she like Ami’s group.
Quote: "I have a message from Lord Hades."


Hades is the leader of the demons that have been gathering up recently. However, it is uncertain exactly what he is after.
Quote: "Ahh, it's good to see you again. It's such a shame that I'm going to have to kill you now... No hard feelings, right?"

And, that’s it for now. Please enjoy my stories!

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