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Hi everybody!

I'm althechi, and I'm a fan of a great many things, but DC comics (especially Batman) and James Bond are my two favorites. Other fandoms I'm part of or have been part of include, but aren't limited to: Marvel Comics (esp. Thor), LEGO, Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot (not Ms. Marple), Tintin, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan 4 life, yo), Wonder Woman, Justice League (adaptations too), Metal Gear Solid, Bioware (Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2), Star Wars, Star Trek (esp. TOS, TNG and ENT), Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider etc., etc.

I've also got other original fiction but since this isn't the time or the place to discuss them, I won't.

As of right now I've got several incomplete projects and a complete script. They're as follows:

Script form

1. Risico - a 117-page treatment of what would have been Timothy Dalton's third Bond film, where Bond must battle a maniacal mastermind, his criminal syndicate, the Unabomber and a cyborg ninja to prevent the explosive destruction of the chemical industry as we know it. Stars Charles Dance, Helen Slater and Diana Lee Inosanto.

2. Batman: Dark Knight - A monster of a script treatment of the third Burton movie, featuring Harvey Dent's fall from grace and the creation of Two-Face. Highly influenced by the stories of "Eye of the Beholder" (Batman Annual #14, 1990) among other comics takes on Two-Face predating 1995, so no Nolan nor Long Halloween (but you'll definitely see hints of it). On hold while I trim the fat off it.


3. Wonder Woman: The Series - A prose attempt at making a better Wonder Woman series that would've been more true to the character and in general better than what I heard the David E. Kelley pilot would've turned out to be.

4. Star Trek: Tranquility - Part of a pilot of a Trek series that would've taken place between TMP and TWOK, following the adventures of the USS Tranquility as it navigates through murky politics and a transparent Cold War analogy, while its newly-promoted commander struggles with the stresses of leadership.

5. The Adventures of Johnny Thunder - An idea for a story series based on LEGO's Indiana Jones knockoff, Johnny Thunder, and his allies as he fights for historical artifacts in the 1920's and 1930's. Will shift genres once in a while to reflect pulps and stories of the time. Currently only at one chapter.

6. Dr. Watson Investigates - An idea for a series of stories set during Holmes' disappearance between Memoirs and Return, where Dr. Watson gets to show off his own detective skills.

7. The Problems of Sherlock Holmes - A prequel of sort to that series, where Holmes' off-screen battle of wits with Moriarty between Valley of Fear and The Final Problem can finally be seen.

8. Singularity - Oriana Lawson decides to train her biotic powers. Kaidan's an instructor there. Hijinks and angst ensue.

9. Green Lantern: Induction - An attempt at developing a series around an original Green Lantern, namely Chloe Ming of Earth.

What of my writing style? I've heard that it sounds rather old at times, with a particular tendency for outdated terms and slang (my friend says he's reading more Holmes). I try to do as much research as possible when writing; if you see an in-universe event, a weapon, a vehicle or a historical figure mentioned in one of my stories, it's likely to be accurate. I try not to use melodramatic plot turns, and I disapprove of things such as rape as a plot device or a source of humour. If I kill off a character, I tend to give them exits worthy of them. I love said bookisms, so expect those.

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