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Author has written 59 stories for Shadowrun, Inuyasha, Teen Titans, Justice League, Code Lyoko, Ghost in the Shell, Mechwarrior/Battletech, X-Men: Evolution, Transformers, Doctor Who, StarTrek: Deep Space Nine, and Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.

As an author, I have many inspirations and people who's style I follow: H Beam Piper, R A Heinlein, David Drake, David Weber, Archer Mayor, Cooper, Dumas, Wells and Twain. For TV, Farscape, Firefly, ST:DS9, Battlestar Galactica, Torchwood, Dr Who and the great old espionage and paranormal shows of the late 60s. As a result, you might recognize a few homage scenes.

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Growing up on Marvel, I was all set to hate XMen Evolution. I mean, its all highschool and drama filled, I should despise it. Oops, I liked it. This version of them is a lot less dark, and honestly less contrived feeling. Marvel has launched and relaunched and reorigioned their line so many times I no longer know which was is up, there is a reason I stopped reading (the camel's back was broken by One More Day). But with Evo, they can just start with a new beginning.

And, I find myself needing to put in a timeline. There will be two, one for the Brotherhood and one for the Xavier Institute. There will be times they cross. Everything is set after Ascension (last episode). Age of Wolverine and Age of Wolverine: Acts of Rebellion are their own little thing.

Brotherhood timeline: (Battle with Apocalypse, aka A-Day) - Second Interview - Graduation - A Little Like Home - Spring Break (8) - It was an Accident - Putting on Airs
Institute timeline: In the Beginning - First Years - Deluge and Rapture (starts Battle with Apocalypse, aka A-Day) - Graduation - They Never Trained Me (1 - 7) - Home to Meet the Family - Staying Home This Holiday - New Years New Beginnings - Never Trained (8 - 16) - Spring Break - Institutional Fairytale (timing imprecise) - Never Trained (17-25) - Weapon neXt/Never Trained 26 - (over a century) - Long Have I Lived

As with other writing, I have themes in my head, but oddly enough, I assign them more to the dynamics between characters. For example, Logan and Laura/X-23, Creed's Arms Wide Open, while Logan and Alex's is I Love Her First; Laura and Alex is Matt Good's Weapon (because they are). For Rogue and Kurt, the instrumental version of DAI's Fukai Mori, and the pleasure to see them know of their bond young enough to grow into it. Rogue and Mystique, Fighter; Kurt and Kitty, Ordinary; Jean and Scott, Everytime we Touch (sappy, fits them). Remy and Rogue is Into the Night. Magneto/Magnus with his kids is complicated- Cats in the Cradle for Pietro, Staind's Zoe Jane for Wanda. Kitty and Lance, Hinder's Better than Me. Magnus and Charles is Brothers in Arms, the Northern Kings cover. Nick Fury's theme is Five Finger Death Punch's No One Gets Left Behind. The theme for the Brotherhood is Burn It To the Ground, and if he ever shows up, Deadpool's definitive theme is Oh No You Didn't from the game Mercinaries2.

The whole Institute uses Future World Music's Prayer for Humanity in the main timeline. I actually find FWM very fitting for the X-Men. Battle for Babylon makes a good theme for the otherwhen of Age of Wolverine, while the future of Headmaster Logan makes me think of their Protectors of Light. Should I ever do Evolution: Avengers, then FWM's The Chosen Ones is waiting. The only serious (an untouched arc) that I've even rubbed brain cells for that isn't going to use a FWM theme is going to use one from Two Steps from Hell- To Glory for the WWII era stories of those who came before the X-men. That arc is very provisionally entitled Through the Darkness.

With everything else going into (permanent?) storage, my plans for the stories in between my main Evolution/Laura arc and Headmaster Logan has been put on ice, probably forever. The theme there was FWM's Travelling Warriors. It would have been set during the years of the SHRA Reservation. Only a few got out, to be Avengers or with SHIELD under Director Alvers. There are other teams, less official. One of them would have been called the Runaways, who have had a member kidnapped for the crimes her lover's parents committed. Unlike the printed version, these Runaways aren't taking it so quietly. They are calling in favors. They were going to steal an captured FTL ship impounded out at SHEILD's Montauk Station. Their allies who call themselves the Young Avengers aren't letting them do this alone. A childhood friend of Karolina Dean is at the Reservation/Academy, Cessily Kincaid, aka "Mercury", whom Karolina asks for help in stealing the ship. No X-man is every alone, their strength is their team, their friends- Kendall Logan-Monroe, TJ Wagner, May Parker, and others who are desperate to get out from behind The Wall and the unblinking stare of the Sentinels. Three teams, desperate and young, are getting Xavin back. And the Majesdanians, Kree, Skrull, Shi'ar, they have the same two choices- get out of their way or get moved out of the way.

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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is one of the best anime in a long time. The main characters are well defined, and even the secondaries are pretty well understood even if there is mystery about them.

Themes, since I use them, are pretty well defined by the sound track. The only one that really springs to mind is Pink Floyds "Welcome to the Machine" for Togusa, just because I think there are days he wishes he wasn't part of Section 9.

pet peeve: What part of being Togusa the only happily married member of the team is it hard for people to understand? You have a married man on a team like this because it gives him a very different perspective compared to the bachelors (Saito and Pazu), the old farts (Ishikawa and the Chief) and those who are basically immortal (the Major and Batou). Men who are happily married are much less likely to take needless risks and provide a moderating influence. If he was going to play around, he wouldn't be able to do his job. So stop having him sleep with Batou already. Sheesh.

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Justice League and Teen Titans are very cool to me. Growing up, I was more of a Marvel reader, but when you spend two years working in a comic shop, you get to learn about DC. I'm still not as fond of DC's printed story lines, but I think Bruce Timm and Paul Dini have done a wonderful job with the animated version of the DC universe. As a result, if there is a discrepancy between the two, odds are, I'm going with the ADCU rather than straight DCU. Don't like it, tough. :P

And fair warning, in my TT fics, Robin IS Tim, not Dick. Deal with it.

Chimera and To Be a Hero are both indefinitely on hold due to difficulties with where to take them from here.

JL/TT Character Themes: Batman (The Who, Behind Blue Eyes), Shayera (Eagles, Deperado), John Steward (Isaac Hayes, the Shaft Theme), Aquaman (Gealic Storm, Heart of the Ocean), Robin (Titan AE OST, Time To Fly), Starfire (Macross Plus OST, Nomad Soul), Raven (Metallica, Untill it Sleeps), Cyborg (Bob Seger, Shakedown), Beastboy (Tokens, The Lion Sleeps Tonight), Terra (Metallica, Unforgiven) and for my boy, Etrigan/Jason Blood, Enter Sandman by Metallica and Angel's Holocaust by Iced Earth. And for Vixen, the Wicked Witch's theme from the Wizard of Oz.

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I used to be an Inuyasha fan, if you couldn't tell from the postings. But it got dragged out. With the Band of Seven silliness, I gave up. The story wasn't going anywhere at the speed of light. For all things, there is a time to end.

Most of what I wrote for Inuyasha fits together. It makes sense read alone, but it makes more sense read in order.

-Shippou the Wanderer subarc: beginning's End - Peace - White Dog -Time Enough - Komainu

-Main Arc: White Dog - Winter's Chill -Time Enough -They Came in the Night -Forge -First Fall -Komainu -Morning -Hunter's Heart (finished; starts 14 days after Forge, 4 after Komainu, 3 after Morning; the summer after WC, lasts a month)

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How do you tell a hero? He stands up without being asked, steps forward without being told, and falls with but one request- to be remembered.

Now, as you probably realize, I do a lot with music and character. I've got a theme for most every character I've created or borrowed. A good example is for Hideoshi O'Leary, the Mission Impossible theme is his. And there are a few characters in universes I'm not confident in my ability to do justice that I have themes for as well. Bumblebee, from Transformers, IS the Minstrel Boy: The minstrel boy to the war has gone... his father's sword he hath girded on, and his wild harp slung behind him... The harp he lov'd ne'er spoke again, for he tore its chords asunder... Thou soul of love and brav'ry! Thy songs were made for the pure and free, They shall never sound in slavery!... Torn perhaps in body, not in spirit. That would be a mute Bee.

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