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Uh-oh where did Laur's profile go? Did a monster eat it? (No...) Did she flush it down the toilet? (Negative...) Did she attempt to sell it on ebay? (NO!) Did she delete her old one? BINGO! We have a winner folks, yes my old profile is gone. I wrote it during my freshman (and early sophmore) year of high school, when I was young, and silly in a stupid way... well I still kinda am, but that's not the point. I'm a junior (soon to be senior) and i've had ZERO time to devote to Ficcynet (bad Lele! ). Soooo, ah where do I begin again?

Name: Lauren but I prefer to be called either Laur or Lele (pronounced 'lei lei'... do yourself a favor and don't ask)

Age: 17 going on 7

I hate: MarySues, Brats, Spiders, and... stuff...

Hobbies: Drawing, Singing, Acting, Directing, writing (if I didn't like that, why would I be on this site? Sheesh!), Horseback riding (wheeee i've been employed as a wrangler!), being random, doing random things, PotO,The Nightmare Before Christmas, Many other Tim Burton Movies,Taking random photos of my friends, seeing Broadway shows, annnnnd a bunch of other stuff that I could list right now but naaaah...

I have seen PotO on Broadway 3 times, I read Gaston Leroux's original book 'The Phantom of the Opera' (DUR!), Susan Kay's 'Phantom', 'Journey of the Mask' um, I forgot the author, and Fredrick Forsyth's 'Phantom of Manhatten' which is horrible.

Favorite Eriks: Leroux, Kay, Crawford, and Panaro

I have seen the PotO movie and let me say, Gerard Butler makes an AWFUL Erik. I went in open-minded, hoping ALW didn't screw with it, expecting the best, but I have to say, Gerard Butler was not the best choice for Erik. And what about that so-called "deformity"? It looked like a bad sunburn! And of course, what do we get from the movie? A-BUH-JILLION PHANTOM WANNABES! People who think Gerard Butler is god (he's a fine actor, don't get me wrong, but a horrible Erik). To all PotO newbies who base all the phics off the movie - Go read a BOOK! Preferably Gaston Leroux's. And see the musical when you get the chance. If yer thinking Gerry, Emmy, or Patrick is what I envisioned in these phics of mine... you. are. wrong!

Sorry, needed to rant.

Moving on...

I wanna wrap this up... for now. My favorite Phantom/actor/singer of all time is Michael Crawford and I saw him twice in Dance of the Vampires. Other Broadway shows i've seen are: Cats, Beauty and the Beast, Chicago, Les Miserables, The Lion King, Wicked... and i'm having a brain fart moment... i'll remember the rest later and when I do i'll update.

Music: Everything (I'm not kidding) except for Screamo and that Techno Dance music.

Check out my friends fics!



tenshi no fushigi (or) CKthePhantomess

And that's the end of the shooooooooooooooooow!



About my two-look of disgust - phics (one co-written by my numero uno amigoCKthephantomess aka tenshi no fushigi ) I'm 99.9 sure that I won't be continuing them. Why you may ask? "BECAUSE!" I reply, "They were written when I was young and stupid." A long pause. "Actually, I'm still stupid, but not in that OMFG LEIK I LURVE TEH HAWT ERIK AND IM TEH PHANGURL LOLZERZ!111!1tehoneone!1... actually that's very exhaggerated, and the phics I wrote were on that youngnshtupid phangirl high, but I'm a more mature person now." Then tenshi no fushigi entered and contradited that statement. "Like the time you told me to handcuff your wrists with ductape?" "Shaddap!" LeLe snapped.

Wow, since when did that simple note become a fic? Psssht... Egg Nog did it!

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