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Hey, I'm Bakura-196. I have sveral names, Foxarwing42,Seto-Bakura and others. I want to become a writer when I grow up so thats why I'm here. I might be a lawyer or an actor or something else but I think I'm really good at writing. Anyways I'm still pretty new here but in time I really want to make a lot a good stories...

My favorite anime characters are Yuji from Blue Gender,Ed and Al from FMA,Trunks from DBZ,Bakura from YGO,Kaiba from YGO, Naruto from Naruto(oookeee), Luffy and Zoro from One Piece, Vegeta from DBZ, Heero from GundamW, Malik(they call him Marik but I like Malik better)from YGO, Vash and Wolfwood from Trigun, the entire cast of Cowboy Bebop, the entire cast of Ghost in the Shell: SAC, Kei and Nishi from Gantz.

Video games, Any Starfox,Zelda,Fire Emblem, Super Samsh Bros., Metriod, and Mario game will do(I love Nintendo!I respect Sony but not as much as Nintendo)

My favorite animes are FMA, Blue Gender, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, DBZ, YGO(not the shit on TV), any Gundam, Inuyasha, Akira,Kiddy Grade, Hellsing, FLCL, GitS(movies and show)and more.

Animes I HATE: Witch Hunter Robin, Reign, G Gundam(I don't even consider this a Gundam show, so it doesn't count for me), and Super Milk Chan.

Well thats pretty much me. You can see my original stuff at My name there is SinGuardian. Here is the link:

This link doesn't work on my computer, but if also doesn't work on yours, just copy and paste to your address bar, thanks.

Stats: Name:If I tell you promise not to stalk me, nah I don't trust ya!
Eye color:Green

Age: 15

Sex: Well if you insist, I mean, male

Hobbies:Chatting, going on to GameFAQs, playing video games, swimming, getting anime DVDs,and soccer
Fav food:Pizza(oh darn, made myself hungry)
Fav movies:Matrix Trilogy and LotR, many others but don't feel like mentioning (Plus any Jay and Silent Bob movie)
Favorite quotes:"Its like the time America stole Chirstmas!" me(I love my land, I just think this qoute its funny.)

"If practice makes perfect and noboy's pefect, why practice?"-me

Vash:From the moment I saw her, from the look in her eyes, Miss Mary Ann has a beautiful heart.
Meryl:Your the easily decieved type that crys himself to sleep every night, aren't you?
Vash:Thanks alot Dream wrecker!

"It would be wrong to shoot him right?" Vash

"Sometimes the answers just carsh down from Heaven" Wolfwood

"Bang" Spike

I DON'T BELIEVE IT! I'm gonna die and the last thing I did was buy a girlie(porn) mag!- Kei

Batou: MOTOKO!

Toguasa(sp?):What happened to the Major?
Batou: I don't give a damn about that stupid bitch.
Ishikawa: How about I bring up the the satellite photos.Motokooooo!


Ruth:points gun at henchman Where are you going?
Henchman:To the potty, sir!
Ruth:Oh. looks away then looks back and shoots at henchman and Vash runs away from his hiding spot(behind the henchman)

Dante: You hate people!
Randal: But I love gatherings, isn't that ironic. -Clerks

You know there's alot of fine looking women in the world dude, but not everyone of the brings you lassena at work...most of them just cheat on you-Silent Bob (Clerks)

Favorite songs: Any Yoko Kanno song, Any Linkin Park song, Any jazz song, Any other song I forgot. This songs alot of the time are my inspiration, touching ain't it?

Couples I want to see:
Vash and Meryl
Knives and Legato(JOKE!)
Spike and Faye(oh wait...)
Clark and Lana
Tea and Yugi(Yugi saw her first Yami!)
Trunks and Pan(although that might be considered Satsitory rape at their current ages, lets wait until Pan's 18)
Ash and Misty(Piss off May!)
Brock and any girl(He needs to get laid!)
Me with the girl I like(none of your business)

I seem to forget almost every story but I own nothing on this site, so any story I write here, I'm using characters that are not mine.

Well High School reunion is done, and now I can work on my other stories. jumps up in air YAY! No plans for a sequel.

Resident Weevil and Whitney's return are now discontinued, I'll leave them up but I won't update them unless I get a bunch of reviews from no where.

Hsu and Chan is done.

Wow, I really hate to say this but I have recieved an e-mail from Fanifiction saying that I may not continue "Lent" for the following reason:"Not allowed:interactive ,chat/script, real people, mst, and etc." Which means the fic has been discontinued.
I'm thankful to all my reviewers, I will try to put the story up again but make it revolve around the YGO cast only.

Update! Ok guys, I'm out of the country right now so I'm going to be taking the rest of the year off, but 1/1/05, I will try to put up the new Lent story. Thank you my reviwers. My story may be gone but your reviews live happily in my in e-mail and will live on forever. See you soon.

Forget the update above, I decided to give you guys a gift by starting 2 new stories, you may be wondering why Blue Gender, because I love that show.

CRAP! Two of my stories got deleted now! Ok I'm going to give up on Lent and I'm not putting Hsu and Chan back up, but if you want to read them, e-mail me and I'll send you as many chapters as I can. But that's it for those two stories because the adminstration is really getting on my ass.

I lowered the rating on Awoken because I read it over and it wasn't really R rated material. The f word is only used once and the violence can still be seen in PG-13(Lord of the Rings, that got away with it) So if the rating was stopping you from reading it, it's ok. Now that I think of it, it wasn't bad enough to be R in the first place.

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