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when referring to me, please use anything but 'she/her young lady' thanks

vine i love:

white person walks in room: what u doing?
person is seasoning: its called seasoning
white person: oh ive never heard of it
them: i know x2

later on:
white person, crying, dramatic: 911 pls help i think my friend is trying to poison me
person: _ i told u it was seasoning

haiden and i get talked a lot about with our writing. we're featured-

insulted here:


Friends... lovers. People I occasionally bother.

they're okay but assholes.

Neon - he doesn't have a fanfiction account, but honestly. I love you so much, baby boy. * You mean a lot, even if I've only known you for a year and a little more. Seeing you and Haiden both message me in the morning is the highlight of my day, and I talk non-stop about how amazing you are to everyone. You're one in a million, Neon. I hope you see this.

Haiden - an angel in a land of horrible assholes. he's beyond intelligent, hardworking, and a snark king. i'm so glad that i have him in my life still because I've done so much to him. hes a saint in a world of assholes, and... and i'm one of those people, but i will change the world just so that he's more comfortable in this world. he's one of the greatest people i have ever met and im excited to soon be spending my life with him. (moved in with, shit is great)

Red- one of the sweetest people you will ever meet! red really intimidated me when i first met him, but now... he's this absolute fluffy big brother type that i feel super comfortable with now. i hope one day to meet him!

Ben - in all honesty; we fight alot. like... more so than most people do in friendships. but we come through for one another in the end. i care a lot for ben, even though my goal everyday is to reduce him to tears and make sure that he knows i still blame him for... uh, anything that goes wrong in my life.

Sally - tbh, sally is probably one of the most honest person i have ever met. in just the first few messages that i got from her, i still can't believe how funny she was. i adore her, she's like... my little hoe apprentice.

Jalen, Ansley, Avie, Caleb, Alison, Z, Blink, Zoey, Domi, Tyler, Jocelyn, Tracee

Still really cool people I'm down to talk to (is this pressure???).

Twisted. Joseph. Dante. Misty.


Cloud of Compassion
175th Hunger Games.
Arena: N/A
Status: 1st Reaping. (2/4 reapings, 2,500)

*still working on this, i swear. i'm not giving up.

*i'm dead inside, but I got two POVS done and a shit ton of other ones. i want to die haha please dont let this be a failure


when you wanna make cool, noteworthy characters, but all your tributes are the same in every single way possible.

pls stop calling roslin and raylic two headed people...

shoutout to that one person that said i only made whites!!! ahaha

I only really submit so that I can send in really cute fcs.

ya'll i did its. i can leaves now. by fucks. thank you miss elim i love you.

new goal: every canon district has a-z names!!!!!! watch out for me to submit to shitty stories just so i can!!

i love traditionally female names for boys and super modern names for girls bc fuck it.

yeah im so fucked lmfao i want to die pls send help

i have a thing for insane girls and faggots

Adhita Patel, 15, District One Female. Unsubmitted.
Ballade Greenspan, 18, District One Female. Unsubmitted.
Cadhla Breen, 17, District One Female. Unsubmitted.
Danica Erasmus, 18, District One Female. Unsubmitted.
Erin Zenobia, 16, District One Female. Unsubmitted.
Peyton Touma, 14, North Carolina. Unsubmitted.

Augustus Kerrick, 18, District One Male. The Absolved.

Breden Tarquin, 18, District One Male. Setting Fire To The City.Delilah Nissen, 18, Sector G. Skipping Stones.
Yuto Ebisu, 18, Japan. The Murdered Do Haunt Their Murderers.

Leonardo Carter, 34, Area Eight Male. Image is Everything. Placed 10th.
Roman Darmadi, 17, Lousiana. Home of the Brave 2. Placed 12th.
Monet Amit, 23, Delaware. Paper Physiology. Mistakes of the Past. Placed 18th.
Yuto Ebisu, 18, Number Five Boy, Japan. Darkest Desires. Placed 16th.
Rhett Safar, 17, Louisiana. The Home of the Brave. Placed 23rd.

Callum Ainsworth, 17, District One Male. Silhouettes. Placed 12th.

Florin Sols, 18, District One Male. Wish Upon A Star. Placed 8th.
Galen Loy, 17, District One Male. Unsubmitted.
Habib Asfour, 17, District One Male. Unsubmitted.
Idris Driscoll, 16, District One Male. Unsubmitted.
Jamal Orion, 18, District One Male. Unsubmitted.
Kaipo Kama, 18, District One Male. Unsubmitted.
Laima Adomaitytė, 14, District One Female. Unsubmitted.
Mason Eden, 15, District One Male. Unsubmitted.
Nova Lucci, 15, District One Female. Unsubmitted.
Orel de Lello, 17, District One Male. Unsubmitted.
Padme Sceptrum, 17, District One Female. Unsubmitted.
Quincy Rhee, 14, District One Male. Unsubmitted.
Rosalie Renegade, 18, District One Female. Unsubmitted.
Soren Valen, 18, District One Male. Contrary. Placed 11th.
Taffy Langsworth, 18, District One Male. Unsubmitted.
Ula Aksel, District One Female. Unsubmitted.
Velvet Marble, 17?, District One Female. Seven Days. Placed 10th.
Wally Waller, 18, District One Male. Unsubmitted.
Xan Moonly, 18, District One Male. Unsubmitted.
Yzmin Audhild, 18, District One Female. Unsubmitted.
Zaida Valencia, 17, District One Female. Unsubmitted.

District Two

Ashira Kilmer, 15, District Two Female. Unsubmitted.
Brielle Embrey, 17, District Two Female. Mousetrap.
Davit Hollis, 18, District Two Male. Unsubmitted.
Marcel Catigern, 18, District Two Male. Unsubmitted.
Nicola Anagnos, 18, District Two Female. To Come Of Age.
Yvonne Schulz, 16, District Two Female. Unsubmitted.
Zacarias Ander, 17, District Two Male. Unsubmitted.

District Three

Qyinn Brighton, 14, District Three Male. The First 24. Placed 9th.
Elixir Antico, 13, District Three Male. Submitted.

District Four

Andrew Coubisou, 16, District Four Male. Over The Edge. Placed 15th.
Araxie Dareia, 17, District Four Female. Leap of Faith.
Ardelis Nerolia, 18, District Four Female. Unsubmitted.
Kodiak Cassion, 17, District Four Male. Into the Darkness.

District Five

Ares Coriander Jr., 15, District Five Male. Sunlight Is A Comin' In. Placed 7th.
Shiriki Smokes, 15, District Five Male. Year of Silence.

District Six

Abigail Cabalina, 13, District Six Female. Masque. Placed 22nd.
Ascension Mahina, 16, District Six Female. Nyctophilia.
Casper Arnon, 17, District Six Male. Unsubmitted.
Cveta Moscone, 15, District Six Female. Haus Der Toten.
Drew Kendall, 15, District Six Female. Settle A Score. Placed 17th.
Einion Rutley
, 17, District Six Male. Wade in the Water.
Melita Crescent, 15, District Six Female. Devil and Dust. Placed 15th.
Nassau Viero
, 15, District Six Male. The Gates of Dawn.
Paget Astier, 15, District Six Male. For A Reason. Placed 41th.
Poet Monroe, 17, District Six Male. Secrets Inside. Placed 15th.
Raylic Chevalier, 16, District Six (Second) Male. Dawn of Light. Placed 15th.
Valerian Essen, 17, District Six Male. Unsubmitted.

District Seven

Alana Miranine, 15, District Seven Female. Free and Forgotten.
Bryce Mao, 18, District Seven Male. Damnation.
Eilat Clouseau, 16, District Seven Female. A Messenger's Angst. Placed 5th.
Eilidh le Bláca, 14, District Seven Female. Vale Ad Aeternum.
Evander Mallory, 16, District Seven Male. Genesis
Delaney Ares, 15, District Seven Male. The Deceptive and The Deceived.
Lupin Flax, 16, District Seven Male. The Avatar Games.

District Eight

Aden Hanran, 18, District Eight Male. Seven Days. Placed 13th.
Atleigh Chaplin, 12, District Eight Male. Who Tells Your Story. Placed 20th.
Ava Parrish, 15, District Eight Female. Vermillion Shorelines.
Avrie L'Reaux, 17, District Eight Female. Iridescence. Placed 8th.
Baptiste L'Acroix, 15, District Eight Male. Infamy. Placed 14th.
Baptiste L'Acroix, 15, District Eight Male. Ghost of Our Past. Placed 22nd.
Cecil Maeve, 17, District Eight Male. Turning of the Tide.
Cerise Hessian, 18, District Eight Female. Set in Stone. Placed 2nd.
Cinthio L'Anse, 17, District Eight Male. Sound of Silence. Placed 6th.
Hana Montaro, 15, District Eight Female. Unsubmitted.
Klaudia Almasy, 18, District Eight Female. Hide Your Fires.
Maevelyn Chorine, 15, District Eight Female. Counterbalance.
Maximus Kellen, 51, District Eight Male. Forged in Fire. Placed 15th.
Myrtle Sveinn, 18, District Eight Male. Friendly Fire. Placed 4th.
Nicodemus Belts, 18, District Eight Male. Not Alone. Placed 11th.
Oracia Ashanti, 14, District Eight Female. Unsubmitted.
Poplin Silvers, 14, District Eight Female. Riot of Color. Placed 23rd.
Rollo Damario, 16, District Eight Male. Shot in the Dark. Placed 14th.
Septimius Cort, 15, District Eight Male. Beyond the Veil. Placed 7th.
Sienna Lapsus, 15, District Eight Female. Light Up The Sky. Placed 12th.
Solis Aisling, 13, District Eight Female. Anathema. Placed 17th.
Tate Socorro, 15, District Ten Male. Unsubmitted.
Velion Caden, 15, District Eight Male. Silver Ashes on the Bloodied Field. Placed 13th.
Vere Havenscotch, 13, District Eight Male. Unsubmitted.

District Nine

Alaire Beauchesne, 15, District Nine Female. Every District For Itself.
Bristol Callison, 14, District Nine Female. A Monument to All Your Sins.
Circe Vondra, 15, District Nine Female. The War Games.
Camila Nuncio, 1, District Nine Prisoner. I.
Chia Nuncio, 15, District Nine Prisoner. I.
Devil Jay, 13, District Nine Male. Wish Upon A Star. Placed 21st.
Minjae Nuncio, 6, District Nine Prisoner. I.
Nynette Saghas, 14, District Nine Female. Lockdown. Placed 28th.

District Ten

Alastair Penn, 13, District Ten Male. Heights.
Celandine Breeders, 17, District Ten Female. Catch Me When I Fall. Placed 2nd.
Clarette Aamira, 16, District Ten Female. Flesh and Blood. Victor.
Clarimonde Amberson, 14, District Ten Female. The Damned. Placed 10th.
Corvo Arion, 17, District Ten Male. Born in Pain. Placed 12th.
Coyote Coy, 15, District Ten Male. Oblivion.
Daisii Tolwood, 18, District Ten Female. Unsubmitted.
Darcy Clemmons, 14, District Ten Male. Cor Contritum.
Kaene Arnans, 17, District Ten Male. Thy Kingdom Come. Placed 3rd.
Lorcan Jocelin, 7, District Ten Male. Blood on Stone. Placed 82nd.
Lyre Fairfax, 15, District Ten Male. Edge of Chaos. Placed 3rd.
Mackenzie Ellesmere, 12, District Ten Male. Set My Chains Free.
Patchouli Kevi, 15, District Ten Male. The Taste of Fear.
Rohan Kamala, 13, District Ten Male. Unsubmitted.
Salvia Aneirin, 14, District Ten Female. Unsubmitted.
Wallace de Brugge, 13, District Ten Male. United. Placed 23rd.
Vesper Wednesday, 14, District Ten Female. Violets Are Blue.
Violan Jadeth, 18, District Ten Male. Cradle to the Grave. Placed 36th.
Zu Minos, 12, District Ten Male. Unsubmitted.

District Eleven

Greta Sabini, 47, District Eleven Female. Unsubmitted.
Ianthine Nikkali, 14, District Eleven Male. Facing the Fallout.
Kyrie Lilitu, 13, District Eleven Male. Sand Castles. Placed 19th.
Leland Nikita, 13, District Eleven Male. Unsubmitted.
Maurice Toussaint, 15, District Eleven Male. Eclipse.
Piero Ellery, 14, District Eleven Male. Unsubmitted.
Sebastian Jardetsky, 17, District Eleven Male. The Last Petal.
Zara Blondell, 13, District Eleven Female. Unsubmitted.

District Twelve

Ashia Henley, 15, District Twelve Female. Lost.
Balia Rehmann, 12, District Twelve Female. Cor Contritum.
Coen Saxon, 15, District Twelve Male. Call To Arms.
Doran Merrill, 15, District Twelve Male. Unsubmitted.
Early Sinnett, 14, District Twelve Female. Unsubmitted.
Freya Lancaster, 14, District Twelve Female. Unsubmitted.
Gallagher Belmore, 15, District Twelve Male. Unsubmitted.
Hansel Darke, 18, District Twelve Male. Unsubmitted.
Ivory Callan, 15, District Twelve Male. Unsubmitted.
Jericho Córdoba, District Twelve Male. Unsubmitted.
Morgen Auden, 12, District Twelve Male. Unsubmitted.
Raven Stillman, 13, District Twelve Male. Madhouse. Placed 23rd.
Siung Jang, 15, District Twelve Male. Mayday. Placed 24th.
Soleil Siobhan
, 15, District Twelve Male. Oblivion.

District Thirteen

Pavel Elsbeth, 18, District Thirteen Male. Set My Chains Free.


fuck verse ~ tos

*means deceased

erin's means that her vampire mistress has trapped her forever and she is now a slave to her. oops.

Consigliere /Godfather - Nanashi, 37, Male.

Consort - Gioia, 44, Female.

Disguiser - Keon, 28, Gender Neutral.

Forger - Vita / Vida, 21, Female.

Godfather - Carmine, 74, Male.

Investigator - Chalina, 46, Female.

Medium - Lucy, 41, Female.

Serial Killer - Yuki, 69, Male.

Spy- Maxine, 28, Female.

Vampire Hunter - Aaron, 34, Male.

Vampire Hunter - Erin, 31, Female.

Vigilante - Inigo, 60, Male.

Werewolf - Siri, 39, Male.

Witch - Molly, 14, Female.

Kevin should be here, but he's too stupid to survive.

New additions to Salem...

Gioia's/Akivya's- Viola, 4, Female.

Gioia's/Julian's- Jules, -0, Male.

Anakin's/Nanashi's- Taishi Arsenio, 2, Male.

Anakin's/Nanashi's- Misaki Selena, 0. Female.

Anakin's/Nanashi's- Jaheira & Isobel, -0, FTM & Female.

Star Wars [for whatever verse]

we have too many.

and why do we want so many pregnancy plots? (and only one of them has a fetish for it)

Dark Side

Uwuxir, Rattataki, Inquisitor. [Master to Aralik'reen, Misun, and Irinei]
Misun Khini, Cathar, Sith Inquisitor. [Apprentice to Uwuxir & Lover to Irinei]
Osixuo, Sith Pureblood, Sith Warrior. [Badass Bitch]
Torera, Zabrak, Bounty Hunter. [Wife and Mother to Aiceyyai & Kideux]
Oss'un'reemma, Chiss, Imperial Agent. [Getting fucked over right now]

Light Side

Soqe, Miraluka, Jedi Knight. [Master and Secret Husband to Aishol'fiza, Shenai, and Isosei]
Aishol'fiza, Twi'lek, Jedi Consular. [Apprentice to Soqe]
Jasger Dorelass, Human Cyborg, Trooper. [Shot! Shot! Shot!]
Vivr, Mirialan, Smuggler. [Twin to Ikaika]


alive somehow

Shihong Zhang, 16, Pallet Town. Into the Wild.


[3/30/2017 11:07:37 AM] Anthe Nikkali-Lapin: I had a dream last night about brandon/alex (cant remember which), yuto, and gwen
[3/30/2017 11:12:19 AM] alison s.: REALLY
[3/30/2017 11:12:21 AM] alison s.: OMG
[3/30/2017 11:12:24 AM] alison s.: Tell me
[3/30/2017 11:12:33 AM] alison s.: I love that
[3/30/2017 11:12:56 AM] Anthe Nikkali-Lapin Deathstar: so they were fucking okay
[3/30/2017 11:13:21 AM] Anthe Nikkali-Lapin Deathstar: they fucking ontop of the mountain thing
[3/30/2017 11:13:59 AM] Anthe Nikkali-Lapin Deathstar: somehow they were doing drugs and Brandon/alex had the idea of using the ropes to get out of the camp
[3/30/2017 11:14:06 AM] Anthe Nikkali-Lapin Deathstar: it was weird
[3/30/2017 11:14:14 AM] alison s.: Im crying
[3/30/2017 11:14:26 AM] Anthe Nikkali-Lapin Deathstar: while mid fucking, they were tossing the ropes around the buildings, practically flying
[3/30/2017 11:14:39 AM] Anthe Nikkali-Lapin Deathstar: gwen is super high and somehow starts flying, she has a dick???
[3/30/2017 11:16:37 AM] alison s.: what the hell kind of dream
[3/30/2017 11:16:51 AM] Anthe Nikkali-Lapin Deathstar: Seraphine and Yuto have a music competition and yuto ends up winning and Sera puts herself in his piano
[3/30/2017 11:17:08 AM] Anthe Nikkali-Lapin Deathstar: I don't remember what happened after that, I got woken up

[3/30/2017 11:53:24 AM] alison s.: im writing tonight
[3/30/2017 11:53:30 AM] alison s.: Im just stuck on gwen
[3/30/2017 11:53:43 AM] alison s.: She's great but shes tricky y'know
[3/30/2017 11:53:53 AM] Anthe Nikkali-Lapin Deathstar: I get that
[3/30/2017 11:53:59 AM] alison s.: And now i cant stop thinking about how she had a dick in your dream
[3/30/2017 11:54:04 AM] Anthe Nikkali-Lapin Deathstar: :')
[3/30/2017 11:54:14 AM] Anthe Nikkali-Lapin Deathstar: it was a nice one, surprisingly
[3/30/2017 11:54:17 AM] Anthe Nikkali-Lapin Deathstar: she had a cock ring
[3/30/2017 11:54:22 AM] alison s.: Oh my god
[3/30/2017 11:54:26 AM] Anthe Nikkali-Lapin Deathstar: ngl
[3/30/2017 11:54:37 AM] Anthe Nikkali-Lapin Deathstar: 23% sure that yuto tried to have one
[3/30/2017 11:54:54 AM] alison s.: Thats not that high of a percentage?
[3/30/2017 11:55:14 AM] Anthe Nikkali-Lapin Deathstar: i'm not entirely sure.
[3/30/2017 1:06:11 PM] Crypiss Reeks:
[3/30/2017 1:06:18 PM] Crypiss Reeks: IM DYING AT THIS CONVO
[3/30/2017 1:12:36 PM] Anthe Nikkali-Lapin Deathstar: Thank you I am hilarious
[3/30/2017 1:18:08 PM] alison s.: Just a regular day at Anna's whore house

yall im moving next week with haiden lmfao

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The 77th Hunger Games: The Damned by Dante Alighieri1308 reviews
After the bloody 76th Games, the Capitol has fallen in line. Now, against the backdrop of a frozen hellscape, 24 tributes must face the 77th arena's demons, both human and inhuman, if they have any chance to survive and claim the poisoned title of Victor. All until only one remains; A Victor who is broken, corrupted, or maybe a rebel? May the Odds be ever in their Favor.
Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Drama/Tragedy - Chapters: 44 - Words: 308,808 - Reviews: 544 - Favs: 28 - Follows: 36 - Updated: 6/23/2015 - Published: 12/13/2013 - Pres. Snow, Plutarch H., Madge U., OC - Complete
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ignorance, yet knowledge
Soqe looked down at the tiny Twi'lek, giving her a small grin of appreciation. "Your former master was much too kind. I have seen many with much greater talent than I. It is an honour to be remembered so fondly by your master." "I wonder if my master would've ever assumed that you would be involved with someone who walks without light."
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It should be illegal for the consigliere to orchestrate sexual situations... but the framer was just too attractive when he was screaming like this. Brattiness be damned. Otherwise known as that kink dump fic that nobody wanted but we supplied anyway. Thank you @Neon. Our lovely anon requester
Town of Salem - Rated: M - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 32,312 - Updated: 5/29/2017 - Published: 9/11/2016
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Dear Mr Walker, Please use my corpse accordingly. Signed, The skull you just fucked P.S It's rude to not give me a kiss after you're done shattering my head between your dick and the wall, asshole.
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he ruined the beautiful sight with blood and cum
In the past seventy-two hours, Kylo had heard exactly twelve rumours regarding the replacement of General Hux. Surprisingly, one of the rumours were correct. Armitage Hux was now a prostitute serving the troopers in the breakroom.
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He sucked in a breath when Nanashi's gaze didn't drop, legs sliding together and back tensing up almost instinctively as he bit down on his lip. "Okay, I... I'm... pregnant?" An abortion was the first thing on Nanashi's mind, but God, otherwise known as the Witch, decided this act cannot happen. Co-written with Skydork. [Town of Salem: Framer/Consigliere]
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Hux (in all his wisdom) is seduced by Kylo Ren (with no wisdom) to partake in needle play. Somehow, Kylo Ren convinced him to be outfitted in a needle corset with rainbow lacing. It's strangely enjoyable.
Star Wars - Rated: M - English - Romance/Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,625 - Favs: 3 - Published: 12/6/2016 - [Kylo Ren/Ben Solo, General Hux]
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"I don't… I don't know…?" the Sith managed to hiss, so close to just jerking himself away and trying to pull himself into as much of a ball as he could, impossibly embarrassed by his former master's affections… his wandering hand, the way he half seemed as though he were trying to tease him… it felt… sick. Co-written with Skydork.
Star Wars - Rated: M - English - Horror/Suspense - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6,704 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 2 - Published: 10/4/2016 - Darth Vader, E. Palpatine, Darth Maul - Complete
vengeance is the only true pleasure in life
"Nice try, kid," the vigilante flicked his tongue at him, almost growling. "Gotta say... if you were anyone else, anywhere but here, I'd say you have balls... but you don't. Not enough. Say goodnight, kiddo." If only he had known at the time what exactly his mistake would spark. Co-written with Skydork. [Town of Salem: Vigilante/Framer]
Town of Salem - Rated: M - English - Drama/Suspense - Chapters: 2 - Words: 14,316 - Published: 10/4/2016
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in which, a slave is released
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Apologies always seem to end in betrayal in the town of Salem. Co-written with Skydork. [Town of Salem: Janitor/Consort]
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there's a certain tone in his voice that reminds him why he loves him reviews
The disguiser wasn't one that would be considered a picky man... but for tonight, and tonight only he hoped, he'd be happy to get whatever the janitor wanted for the wedding. Co-written with Skydork. [Town of Salem: Disguiser/Janitor]
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is a (wo)man's betrayal worth dying for?
"She's barely made a move to wake the woman when she hears the words slipping from Vivien's mouth. "Hayden… what are you doing here?"" Co-written with Skydork.
American Horror Story - Rated: M - English - Angst/Supernatural - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,355 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 1 - Published: 12/24/2015 - [Vivien H., Hayden M.] - Complete
oh no, i know a dirty word
"My poor little disguiser… so frazzled in the thought that someone might know just how devious your love life really is? I know everything, Keon. It's what I live for." Co-written with Skydork. [Town of Salem: Disguiser/Blackmailer] (Christmas Fic)
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Until Dawn - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Friendship - Chapters: 2 - Words: 8,807 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 1 - Published: 12/14/2015
vexatious arousal reviews
"When the disguiser comes across a camera, a wicked idea pops up in his head that involves the janitor. They're going to star in a porno together." Co-written with klismaphilia. [Town of Salem: Disguiser/Janitor]
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The Godfather was only happy when he was teaching others the rules of hierarchy. Co-written with Skydork. [Town of Salem: Godfather/Executioner]
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"She was surprised when the younger Asura stepped forward, hand bracing around her forearm, and Cassian shook a little at the touch. "I'm not who you think I am."" Co-written with Skydork. [Guild Wars: Cassian/Junebug]
Guild Wars - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,780 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 11/10/2015 - Asura, OC - Complete
rimmings reviews
"It's all he can do not to go completely limp in the Arsonist's grasp, because he feels so weak and so fragile and so useless, so easily burned like paper turned to ash, and he can hardly choke out anything aside from, "Please."" Co-written with Skydork. [Town of Salem: Disgusier/Arsonist]
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"It was such a perfect night for all of them- even the jester, the innocent little prude, was enjoying himself. A perfect evening for the sixth anniversary of them together, the werewolf and him. Cum, saliva, and tears shared between all of them." Co-written with Skydork. [Town of Salem: Werewolf/Janitor/Serial Killer/Jester]
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Town of Salem - Rated: M - English - Romance/Horror - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,399 - Reviews: 2 - Published: 10/13/2015 - Complete
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