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Sometimes I wonder why I have riends, sometimes I die inside whenever I read our old messages..

Kitt. 15. Cancer. BPD. INFP. Human.

Hi. No, that looks lazy and awkward. Hey! :) Er, no... that looks too friendly and excited. Hm.. Hi, thanks for clicking on my profile. There is some cookies on the counter and root beer in the fridge, feel free to help yourself! Alright, that looks good! Anywho, I'm Kitt. No, I was not blessed with this as a first name, but it's fun to play pretend so why not! I'm a middle aged old teenager, that doesn't make a lick of sense, but neither do I half the time... Whatever, hahaha. I'm from a rather large part of Florida (hint hint I live near water) and I was born during the summer. I'm a text book example Cancer and sadly, I am also a INFP. Someone is playing a very cruel trick on me, I know. I have a morbid curiosity with death(sex) and would probably kill my own mother to pet every cat in the world. Okay, that's all. Feel free to message me anytime, I'm not as awkward as I seem! Pinky swear! *crosses fingers behind back*

Tumblr: let-us-praise-the-queen
Skype: dancingaroundkittens

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we've taken down L'amour due to the lack of tributes we've gotten in the past month.. we'll be putting it up again in the next few months.


Battle of the Choice
100th Hunger Games
Arena: Tropical Rainforest.
Victors: N/A

Kept Under Lock and Key
102nd Hunger Games
Arena: N/A
Victors: N/A


Weirdly Gone

"The Repented" Clarette "Clary" Aamira, 16, District Ten Female. Flesh and Blood. Victor.
"The Judged" Cerise Hessian, 18, District Eight Female. Set in Stone. Placed 2nd.
"The Entertainer" Lyre Fairfax, 15, District Ten Male. Edge of Chaos: The Tenth Hunger Games. Placed 3rd.
"The Brooder" Septimius Cort, 15, District Eight Male. Beyond the Veil. Placed 7th.
Ares Corriander Jr., 15, District Five Male. Sunlight Is A Comin' In - Thirty Seventh Hunger Games SYOT. Placed 7th.
"The Pompous" Florin Sols, 18, District One Male. Wish Upon A Star: SYOT. Placed 8th.
"The Pyro" Clarimonde "Clair" Amberson, 14, District Ten Female. The 77th Hunger Games: The Damned. Placed 10th.
"The Monster" Soren Valen, 18, District One Male. Contrary. Placed 11th. (collab w/ LokiThisIsMadness)
"The Magpie" Sienna Lapsus, 15, District Eight Female. Light Up The Sky: The 30th Hunger Games. Placed 12th.
"The Justice Bringer" Corvo Arion, 17, District Ten Male. Born in Pain: 25th Hunger Games. Placed 12th.
"The Protecter" Rollo Damario, 16, District Eight Male. Shot in the Dark. Placed 14th.
"The Shadow" Drew Kendall, 15, District Six Female. Settle A Score. Placed 17th.
Kyrie Liltu, 13, District Eleven Male. Sand Castles. Placed 19th.
Devil "Delly" Jay, 13, District Nine Male. Wish Upon A Star: SYOT. Placed 21st.
"The Innocent" Poplin "Lin" Silvers, 14, District Eight Female. Riot of Color. Placed 23rd.
Raven Stillman, 13, District Twelve Male. Madhouse. Placed 23rd.
"The Angried" The Violan Jadeth, 18, District Ten Male. Cradle to the Grave. Placed 36th.
"The Medic" Lorcan Jocelin, 7, District Ten Male. Blood on Stone: The Fourth Quarter Quell. Placed 82nd.

Future Victors

"The Stereotype" Melita Crescent, 15, District Six Female. Devils and Dust. (collab w/ addicted-to-my-reflections)
"The Borderline" Nassau Viero, 15, District Six Male. Gates of Dawn.
"The Reporter" Lupin Flax, 16, District Seven Male. The Avatar Games.
"The Remembered" Avrie L'Reaux, 17, District Eight Female. Iridescence.
"The Snob" Cinthio "Cin" L'Anse, 17, District Eight Male. Sound of Silence.
"The Cynic" Baptiste L'Acroix, 15, District Eight Male. Infamy.
"The Child" Solis Aisling, 13, District Eight Female. Anathema.
"The Dancer" Velion Caden, 15, District Eight Male. Silver Ashes on the Bloodied Field.
"The Dreamer" Nynette "Nye" Saghas, 15, District Nine. Lockdown.
"The Broken" Coyote "Coy" Coy, 15, District Ten Male. Oblivion- the 4th Hunger Quell.
Kaene Arnans, 17, District Ten Male. Thy Kingdom Come.
"The Dreamer" Ashia Henley, 15, District Twelve Female. Lost: The 21st Hunger Games.

Feel free to message her if you need a tribute, she'll try to submit to you. Twenties are her best spot! ;D

Quotes by some freaks..

[13:09:45 PM] Kazuya Ishikawa: can i lick your eyeballs while they're still in your skull?
because i wanna keep you alive

[03:01:15 PM] Kazuya Ishikawa: anna loves me cause she knows that i can rock

[03:01:15 PM] Kazuya Ishikawa: anna loves me cause she knows that i can rhyme

[03:01:15 PM] Kazuya Ishikawa: anna loves me cause she knows that i can fuck

[03: 01: 15 PM] Kazuya Ishikawa: anna loves me cause she knows that i'm on time

[03:01:15 PM] Kazuya Ishikawa: Anna was a good girl

and she knew the reason why

So when she went back in the bathroom

she would never come outside

She was a good girl

And it felt great to be a liar

she's a good girl...

and it felt great to be a...LIAR






[03:01:15 PM] Kazuya Ishikawa:

Somewhere near the border of pain and romance

Her name is undetermined as of yet

Potential for an Anna again has always been

The hardest part to get out of my head

And her name...is a never-ever ending game

Oh Anna, don't you love me?

Why do i have to be French?

Maybe it's cause I don't grope you and your friends

Like the American fool dancing halfway down your pants.

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