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Strengths: Liberal, allocentric, creative, kind, idealistic, shameless, self aware, and congenial.
Weaknesses: Maladjusted, unappealing, thin skinned, tight-lipped, anxious, covetous, dependent, and infirmed.

I go by many names- Anna, Kitt, Aris, Anthe, Millicent.. call me what you like
Legal in most places
United States: Southern Born, Southern Raised
Quiet Borderline, Annoying Fuck
The Healer / Shameless Child

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i hope you all die by a fender bender on the way to the hospital and your parents look at your internet history
except sophia, i hope you never get a like on your facebook photot/statuses

i am not trusted.

Fin, Aspen, Coffee, Blinky, Avrie, Jalen, Jocelyn.

:(, Tyler, Sammy, Sophia, Kevy, Ja(y)(i)(k)e(u)(b), fetish galore.

Sarah, Nate, CoREY.


i have too many tribute ideas

Colorix Admon, 17, District One Male.
Croix Dvachevskyla, 14, District One Male.
Pavel Elsbeth, 18, District One Male.
Lowe Ames, 16, District Two Female.
Jordan Viona, 17, District Four Male.
Atleigh Chaplin, 12, District Six Male
Bethanphetamine Elon, 12, District Six Female.
Einion Rutley, 17, District Six Male.
Roslin/Raylic Chevalier, 16, District Six Male.
Salvia Aneirin, 15, District Six Female.
Romania Verzilov, 15, District Six Female.
Ceceli Abital, 13, District Seven Female.
Spud Innocent, 15, District Eight Male.
Strych Morrison, 15, District Eight Male.
Kin Aeneous, 12, District Nine Female.
Kekule Gordan, 14, District Nine Female.
Cicuta Abir, 18, District Nine Female.
Analise Digna, 15, District Nine Female.
Charlotte Verzilov14, District Ten Female.
Morgen Devia, 17, District Ten Male.
Scarlet Medlar, 18, District Ten Female.
Emilis Bordelais, District Eleven Female.
Junebug Borrelli, 14, District Eleven Female.
Minx Ainsleigh, 15, District Twelve Female.

babies dont die on me pls

Breden Targuin, 18, District One Male. Setting Fire To The City.
Araxie Dareia, 17, District Four Female. Leap of Faith.
Paget Astier, 15, District Six Male. For A Reason.
Nassau Viero, 15, District Six Male. The Gates of Dawn.
Alana "Lana" Miranine, 15, District Seven Female. Free and Forgotten.
Delaney "Laney" Ares, 15, District Seven Male. The Deceptive and The Deceived.
Eilat Clouseau, 16, District Seven Female. A Messanger's Angst.
Lupin Flax, 16, District Seven Male. The Avatar Games.
Avrie L'Reaux, 17, District Eight Male. Iridescence.
Baptiste L'Acroix, 15, District Eight Male. Infamy.
Cinthio "Cin" L'Anse, 17, District Eight Male. Sound of Silence.
Maevelyn "Maeve" Chorine, 15, District Eight Male. Counterbalance.
Circe Vondra, 15, District Nine Female. The War Games.
Coyote "Coy" Coy, 15, District Ten Male. Oblivion.
Ianthine Nikkali, 14, District Eleven Male. Facing the Fallout.
Ashia Henley, 15, District Twelve Female. Lost.

where did you all go?

Clarette Aamira, 16, District Ten Female. Flesh and Blood. Victor.
Cerise Hessian, 18, District Eight Female. Set in Stone. Placed 2nd.
Lyre Fairfax, 15, District Ten Male. Edge of Chaos. Placed 3rd.
Kaene Arnans, 17, District Ten Male. Thy Kingdom Come. Placed 3rd.
Septimius Cort, 15, District Eight Male. Beyond the Veil. Placed 7th.
Ares Corriander Jr., 15, District Five Male. Sunlight Is A Comin' In. Placed 7th.
Florin Sols, 18, District One Male. Wish Upon A Star. Placed 8th.
Clarimonde "Clair" Amberson, 14, District Ten Female. The Damned. Placed 10th.
Soren Valen, 18, District One. Contrary. Placed 11th.
Corvo Arion, 17, District Ten Male. Born in Pain. Placed 12th.
Sienna Lapsus, 15, District Eight Female. Light Up The Sky. Placed 12th.
Velion Caden, 15, District Eight Male. Silver Ashes on the Bloodied Field. Placed 13th.
Rollo Damario, 16, District Eight Male. Shot in the Dark. Placed 14th.
Melita Crescent, 15, District Six Female. Devil and Dust. Placed 15th.
Solis Aisling, 13, District Eight Female. Anathema. Placed 17th.
Drew Kendall, 15, District Six Female. Settle A Score. Placed 17th.
Kyrie Liltu, 13, District Eleven Male. Sand Castles. Placed 19th.
Devil "Delly" Jay, 13, District Nine Male. Wish Upon A Star. Placed 21st.
Poplin Silvers, 14, District Eight Female. Riot of Color. Placed 23rd.
Raven Stillman, 13, District Twelve Male. Madhouse. Placed 23rd.
Nynette Saghas, 14, District Nine Female. Lockdown. Placed 28th.
Violan Jadeth, 18, District Ten Male. Cradle to the Grave. Placed 36th.
Lorcan Jocelin, 7, District Ten Male. Blood on Stone. Placed 82nd.

quotes by my frien- something with dicks and tits

Mental: Rude child! You need discipline. Baely needs to spank you :')

Jalen: Mental do you know Sarah? Because she's really sweet and cute and I-I was wondering if w-we could add her...
Mental: Jalen why are you stuttering at me?
Mental: I'm not scary
Jalen: Y-Yes I understand...

Jake: apparently it was so funny it was silent as the priest like blessed the wine or whatever and then like a massive thump as my head hit the church floor and everyone looked over hteir shoulders since i was at the doors trying to get outside since i wasn't feeling well
Jake: apart from the fainting thing my worst moment in church was probably when i had my holy communion and we were lined up in front of the altar and one at a time had to blow out a candle and i couldn't get mine to blow out so i was like literally spitting all over the priest and everyone was staring
Jake: once my friend next to me there was that basket where you pass it around with donations or whatever and im pretty sure he stole some of the money and was like 'shhh jake don't tell.'

Corey: i imagine kitty's insta full of exorcisms and devils and blood worships and stuff

Corey: praise satan
Jake: don't encourage kitty

Aspen: you've written like six words in three hours
Aspen: lmfao. good job. 10/10 effort, so proud.

Patrick: this is v deep for two extremely sensitive people who would cry if i said the word tranny or something

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