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"Welcome to my lady cave...I just realized that has more meanings then just the ulterior meaning to a man cave."
why is this my name?
idk, i just like the sound of it.

hi i'm illishalmelda and i'm 15.
sorta a shitty writer, extremely lazy, and care a bit too much.
i'm in-love with la roux, dakota blue richards, and amira ahmed.
yes, i'm majorly attracted to girls with short hair. how'd ya know?
tbh gary smith reminds me of eddie gluskin

Tumblr: let-us-praise-the-queen
Skype: dancingaroundkittens
Guild Wars 2: FioreVasili.4905
Town of Salem: catinwheels

all the world's a cage and we are major failures.

everyone on this list is a cool kid & i'm just here not to get my lunch money stolen.

come join me and the others, we all need more friends

aspen is one of the few people i know who puts up with my bullshit 24/7 and i'd hate to know a world without her

finn is very much so less pompous but still as great as i remember him being

avie tbh i love you a lot and it makes me really sad when i don't get to speak to you bc i love you so much

jocelyn i'd do anything for her ;)

sammy is a beautiful babe and needs more confidence bc is he great

kevy is a kevin but still!

cutie~ i'd be lost without you and i'm not okay with that

blink-blink-BEEP i still promise to haunt you if i die

jakartha once sided me from snape and sophia so baeee

little bitch(ty) eh

i dislike one of you and the other one makes me sad to be in the same species

sophia ugh

snape *throws up*


Veil of Ignorance
36th Hunger Games


i want this list to be filled perfectly.

Clarette Aamira, 16, District Ten Female. Flesh and Blood. Victor.
Cerise Hessian, 18, District Eight Female. Set in Stone. Placed 2nd.
Lyre Fairfax, 15, District Ten Male. Edge of Chaos: The Tenth Hunger Games. Placed 3rd.
Kaene Arnans, 17, District Ten Male. They Kingdome Come. Placed 3rd.
Septimius Cort, 15, District Eight Male. Beyond the Veil. Placed 7th.
Ares Corriander Jr., 15, District Five Male. Sunlight Is A Comin' In - Thirty Seventh Hunger Games SYOT. Placed 7th.
Florin Sols, 18, District One Male. Wish Upon A Star: SYOT. Placed 8th.
Clarimonde "Clair" Amberson, 14, District Ten Female. The 77th Hunger Games: The Damned. Placed 10th.
Soren Valen, 18, District One Male. Contrary. Placed 11th.
Sienna Lapsus, 15, District Eight Female. Light Up The Sky: The 30th Hunger Games. Placed 12th.
Corvo Arion, 17, District Ten Male. Born in Pain: 25th Hunger Games. Placed 12th.
Rollo Damario, 16, District Eight Male. Shot in the Dark. Placed 14th.
Melita Crescent, 15, District Six Female. Devils and Dust. Placed 15th.
Solis Aisling, 13, District Eight Female. Anathema. Placed 17th.
Drew Kendall, 15, District Six Female. Settle A Score. Placed 17th.
Kyrie Liltu, 13, District Eleven Male. Sand Castles. Placed 19th.
Devil "Delly" Jay, 13, District Nine Male. Wish Upon A Star: SYOT. Placed 21st.
Radimir Ankratij, 17, District Six Male. Devils and Dust. Placed 22nd. (Collab)
Caligula Wanders, 72, District Five Male. Measured in Blood. Placed 23rd.
Poplin "Lin" Silvers, 14, District Eight Female. Riot of Color. Placed 23rd.
Raven Stillman, 13, District Twelve Male. Madhouse. Placed 23rd.
Violan Jadeth, 18, District Ten Male. Cradle to the Grave. Placed 36th.
Lorcan Jocelin, 7, District Ten Male. Blood on Stone: The Fourth Quarter Quell. Placed 82nd.

why are all my black fcs in nine

Araxie Dareia, 17, District Four Female. Leap of Faith - The 56th Hunger Games.
Nassau Viero, 15, District Six Male. Gates of Dawn.
Paget Astier, 15, District Six Male. For a Reason: The 42nd Hunger Games
Alana "Lana" Miranie, 15, District Seven Female. Free and Forgotten - The 53rd Hunger Games.
Eilat Closeau, 16, District Seven Female. A Messenger's Angst.
Lupin Flax, 16, District Seven Male. The Avatar Games.
Avrie L'Reaux, 17, District Eight Female. Iridescence.
Cinthio "Cin" L'Anse, 17, District Eight Male. Sound of Silence.
Baptiste L'Acroix, 15, District Eight Male. Infamy.
Velion Caden, 15, District Eight Male. Silver Ashes on the Bloodied Field.
Nynette "Nye" Saghas, 15, District Nine Female. Lockdown.
Circe Vondra, 15, District Nine Female. The War Games.
Coyote "Coy" Coy, 15, District Ten Male. Oblivion- the 4th Hunger Quell.
Ianthine Nikkali, 14, District Eleven Male. Facing the Fallout.
Ashia Henley, 15, District Twelve Female. Lost: The 21st Hunger Games.

Total Pokemon Contestants Island (i need to get back into submitting..)

All stars (have placed in other seasons, returning characters.)

Solis, The Captivating. (Kirlia - Gardevoir) Placed 33/32nd, 29th. Total Pokemon Action - Total Pokemon World Tour - Pokemon: All Stars.


Violet Marc, 15, The Loner. Total Drama Island.

Quotes by some freaks..


Meme: Yeah hi everyone I'm Meth Mento new flavour plz enjoy buy now omg




Aspen: fuck you, ty, you're just bein a little bitch cause I don't like half the songs you sing


Aspen: i just accidentally stuck a pretzel in my ear...
Aspen: hope my insurance covers this ;-;

We're a safe place apparenlty?

Sophia: r u a virgin lol
Tyler /aka littlebitch: Tyler is a good boy (cool)
little bitch: I don't even see myself dating ._.
little bitch: LMAO i'm lying I lost that years ago
little bitch: YEAH
little bitch: After we were finished my uncle said I should be proud of myself

sexy time with jakub

Jake: stroke
Jake: stroke my kitten
Jake: pussy cat dog muama
Jake: mama don't touch me
Jake: mama aisot aaha
Jake: jalen mamamamama!
Jake: stroke m ct
Jake: dadaaaad dum
Jake: i hate u all you 2ondont? enr?! what
Jake: im leavin fanfiction fuk u al

don't send nudes, don't have sex, don't do anything sophia does

Sophia: you wanna hook up w me

this chat makes me worried

Aspen: you are a girl
Kitty: Holy shit when
Aspen: since always
Tyler: hwo do you forget
Aspen: I've seen your tits
Kitty: ;-; i didn't know i had a vagina though
Kitty: I.. i.. never knew this

Tyler is into peeing on girls apparently?

Ty: so finally I broke down and bought her an ipod
Ty: and caught her stealing my music, so i tied her arms and legs to the bed
Ty: set up the camera and pissed twice on her




Aspen: it annoys me how "t y" as in thank you also spells "ty" as in "Ty".
Aspen: why would we say thank Ty come on

Sophia also calls her boyfriend daddy ;-;

Sophia: yeah nice dick pic

I-I don't even know anymore

Aspen: pretty sure psychotic me wants all of your virginities
Aspen: even if you've lost it

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Veil Of Ignorance: The 36th Hunger Games by ElementalEvolution reviews
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Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Drama/Suspense - Chapters: 29 - Words: 122,804 - Reviews: 205 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 17 - Updated: 5/20 - Published: 2/3/2014 - Other tributes, Pres. Snow, OC
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Drama/Friendship - Chapters: 79 - Words: 416,397 - Reviews: 3660 - Favs: 2,442 - Follows: 2,588 - Updated: 5/17 - Published: 5/20/2013 - Naruto U., Itachi U., Obito U./Tobi, OC
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Lockdown by Burning Stars reviews
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