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Author has written 7 stories for Harry Potter, and Twilight.

I was formerly 'Supernatural Being Lover', but I changed my penname, because I love blood and roses :D

UPDATE: So I have had loads of rubbish happening lately, and, basically, I haven't had much time for anything except work, and my schooling. I am really missing all of you guys, though, and now that I have a brand-new laptop to work on, I hope to get my writing going again, because I haven't written anything except essays for way too long. I do have a couple ideas for new fics in mind, but it'll be a while before I can actually put those ideas into action. I really really hope to have something for you guys soon, and it'll probably end up being a summary for my new fic(whenever it comes out). See you guys, hopefully, soon!~

Untitled Project(summary added 3/17/09):

"I never thought I would escape from that horrible place--I can still hear the screams of the new 'meat' in my mind; it seems fitting that my life should end like this while the others quickly waste away. Still, I should have realized that no one had ever escaped for a reason--they were everywhere. I knew what they called themselves: vampires. But to me, there would always be only one name for them: monsters."

Bella Swan is a normal, human girl who has been enslaved by vampires since her early childhood. But when she finally escapes from the compound where she's kept, will her newly found freedom lead her to safety, or back into the arms of those she hates? Will she ever be able to get over her fear and hatred of all vampires? BellaxEdward. AU.

Name: Audrey(but you can call me Edward, if you prefer)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Major: (hopefully!)Creative Writing

Religion: Christian

Favorite Colors: blue, purple, and black

Interests: God! Animals, crafts, reading, writing, and oh, I forgot to mention I have 2 kinds of OCD. The first is the regular kind, and the other is Obsessive Cullen Disorder. :D Twilight is my new obsession. When I can, I like to catch up on TV shows. I am also a cinema-phile. Movies are awesome! Especially foreign films where you have to have subtitles to understand what they're saying. I really adore ones that are set in the early 1900's, like world war 2 settings, but I absolutely loathe movies that are all about war. Mainly because I can't handle the blood, even though I know it's fake, haha.

Why Fanfics: Well I wanted Jacob to have a happy ending with someone since he couldn't have Bella, and the idea for Inescapable Love just came to me one night...sort of like how Steph thought up Twilight, except hers was much better obviously :P

Fun Fact: Almost every chapter title for IL came from lyrics to a song. Usually the song I was listening to when writing the chapter.

Fanfic Writing Routine: I always have to be listening to music when I write, mostly to drown out any other sounds that are always in my house. The song that I listen to while I write helps me get into the mood of the chapter. Like if I have to write a more fluff-filled chapter I might be listening to The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' 'Your Guardian Angel', and if I have to write a sad chapter I might listen to Leona Lewis' 'Bleeding Love'(I am obsessed with this song right now, Bella in New Moon anyone?). It all depends on my mood at the time, and what new song I am enthralled with :)

What I Hope To Gain Out Of It: Experience, feedback, and getting better at my own writing.

Things I Dislike About Fanfiction: When I can't easily read a story because the writer wrote in chat speak, or just didn't use spell check. I know you aren't born knowing how to do everything, but I can be a grammar freak sometimes, haha. Also it irks me when people don't review. I know you're reading the story, people, so click on the little purple button afterwards, please! A performer lives for applause, a writer lives for their readers.

Things I Do For My Reviewers: I love my reviewers! haha. But seriously I love when people review. And if they suggest something I'll try to work it in. Sometimes I even notice big plot holes! So review, and the story will probably be much better because of it!

Biggest Time-Wasters: Obsessing about Twilight. Whether it's making a new video, or writing more fanfics, or just reading more fanfics. Then there are books. I could spend all my money and time on books if I let myself. I like to read books all in one sitting if possible, but usually I have to read them at night because that's when I have the most free time. Also, the computer owns my soul. I can barely get through a day if I don't get on my computer. It's an addiction really.

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