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Hi guys It's me Chakra 34 thanks for checking out my profile.

Age: for me to know

Anime/Manga Favorites: Naruto, Lucky Star, Pokemon,Shugo Chara,Rosario Vampire, Avatar the Last Airbender, Bakugan, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist,

Hayate no Gotuko

Likes: Drawing, watching T.V, playing video games, My pets, Color blue, Hot Chocolate, Starbucks, Writing, Reading and many more

Dislikes: The color yellow, sparkly items, cats, annoying people, substitute teachers, McDonalds, guns, anything girly, INUYASHA, assassins, wars, Crimes, grumpy old people, Grumpy policemen, MATH, and Archenemies...

Personality (according to my friends): Goofy, Crazy, Weird, Funny, Boring, Fun, and Geeky

Favorite Naruto Couples:

Deidara x Sakura

Naruto x Sakura

Sasuke x Sakura

Sasuke x Hinata

Kiba x Hinata

Shikamaru x Ino

Neji x Sakura

Heres something I wrote for SasuHina (Hinata's point of view)

I walked trudged through the deep snow to Konoha village park. I wasn't prepared for the weather, I was freezing in the icy crisp air.

'What if it was Naruto who had wanted to meet me' I thought blushing keeping my cheeks warm. Before we left for winter break someone left a note at my desk wanting to meet me at the park not knowing who it was. I stopped and turned I wasn't good with words and whoever was there could of thought I was stupid.

'What are you doing this is the chance of a lifetime even if it's not Naruto it could be Sasuke" My conscious said its voice ringing in my head when it said Sasuke. I had a crush on Sasuke but it obviously not going to happen so I turned to Naruto the my second crush but Sauke would always be the first he was the biggest heart throb ever. While I was day dreaming about Sasuke I felt two manly hands on my shoulder.

"Hinata where are you going" He said. I recognized that mysterious voice anywhere it was Sasuke I almost fainted but that would make me look foolish.

"Come" He said smirking while holding my hand and leading me to the park I blushed so much he must have felt my hand heat up because he checked my temperature by sticking a thermometer in my mouth unexpected right? Sasuke lead me to a bench where we had a beautiful view of the frosty lake. Sasuke looked toward me and turned away.

"Tsk, stupid idea" He chuckled not realizing he said it out loud.

"What stupid idea?" I asked looking at him. Sasuke blushed and looked away.

'Bet it was something about KISSING' My conscious said annoying me.

I ignored her and continued thinking about Sasuke he could have been thinking about kissing he did ask me to go to the park.

"Hinata I've been thinking and I'll confess I-I love you ever since I met you I have, to me your shy attitude was adorable and you were so respectful and kind to all your peers, friend or not and I treated you like dirt just so you wouldn't know" Sasuke said pouring out his heart for me. I didn't know what to say and I don't know what happened but I kissed him. Sasuke didn't look surprised in fact he grabbed my face and caressed my lonely lips. I shivered with delight and wrapped my arms around his head and passionately kissed him. He tried to look for an opening with his tongue and I pushed him away partially because I wanted to breath. My mouth became cold and long for Sasuke's lips so there we were making out on the park bench.

So how did you like it pretty good huh be sure to read my story Tea Shop after that comes the new story Reckless.

Check out my forum about Shugo Chara if you like Shugo Chara

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