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27 November Thursday

I am feeling guiltier (and disappointed in myself) the more I read everyone's reviews and their continuing support and patience. I PROMISE you I have not discontinued ANY of my stories. The fact is I've just finished my internship (which required me to move interstate for the last 3 months) and it's been so hectic and tiring. Now that I'm back home, I'll get to settle in and continue to write again. Thank-you so much for all the encouragement - it means more than you know.

The King’s Mistress. 15.

Another incrediblyyyy talented individual has decided to give up a bit of her time to draw for TKM! Yay! You guys have to see her drawings, they are just love. Not to mention I am SO jealous of all you amazing artists out there! Must see! And if you readers have a deviantart account, pleaseee leave all these wonderful artists some nice words :) RayPenBrush is her fanfiction(dot)net account!

http://#/d500p5j (Rukia)

http://#/d500qk9 (Ichigo. Bottom right corner...I die.)

Also, a fellow writer has written a piece (inspired by TKM) called King, Queen, Knight. But the story is so uniquely their own that I think Moon’s-Wing was just being super nice :D


Again, as I said in my author’s notes, thank-you to the amazing reviewers! It’s so great to see new readers! I’m glad people are still giving TKM a go! And when I see reviewers who have followed this from the early chapters continue to review time and time again without fail, it makes me smile like this :DDDD and remains the reason why I still try to update as quickly as time would allow. Okay, regarding reviews for TKM’s last chapter and the unveiling of the culprit, big LOL to many of your responses!! Was it a typo? Am I trolling? Was it a mistake? You’ll find out. Eventually ;) I’m glad Ukitake’s introduction was well received! I heart his character.



God Complex

Bathroom scene - By pamianime: http:///art/Why-is-it-getting-bigger-282100862

The King's Mistress

Prologue - By Melee: http://#/d4q3lk4 (My Avatar :))

Rukia with Grimmjow's coat - By RayPenBrush: http://#/d500p5j

Ichigo: by RayPenBrush: http://#/d500qk9


King, Queen, Knight: by Moon's-Wing: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8176318/1/King_Queen_Knight

And a corner for me :)

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