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Lots of Rants, Because Life Isn't All Cheeriness and Doctor Who:

My rant on Doctor Who faults.

I hate the fact that Russell T. Davies used the Void so much. Okay, so I love him for bringing the Doctor back and all, but some of his stories aren't the greatest, and some are. I understand that people have good days and bad days and he's working day in day out, but the Void. It's just... it was used in 'Boom Town' and later in the next series 'Doomsday'. I loved the idea. It was pure genius. And then came along The End of Time, where, no matter how creatively and heroically, the Doctor drags the Time Lords into the Void, on top of the Time War. He wasn't sucked in, and all the Void Stuff must be going crazy now with all the swapping between our universe and the Pete's World. But he just stands there, watching. And also, I've already watched an iconic villain be trapped inside the Void. Now Rassilon and the other high Gallifreyans are trapped in there, and it becomes a little boring. Not to mention the amount of times it was used as a plot in Torchwood. The more a plot is used, the less enjoyable it becomes. Something RTD needs to learn.


Now with Rose. Okay, she was amazing, we all loved her, the Doctor loved her, she loved him, it was heart wrenching, but if the Doctor knew that all it took was a bloody Dimension Cannon for them to be together again, don't you think he'd have used it? But no, UNIT know more about transportation devices across universes, which is hardly possible and even the Time Lords couldn't achieve it more, than the Doctor does. You know, because UNIT have an ongoing reputation for being very clever *scoffs*. I don't know why Rose had to come back in the last two episodes of Series 4, and then leave at the end, after all these years looking for the Doctor. The whole time it felt like she was intruding, and the episode had to work its way around her. Just think about it, no matter how much you love Rose, there was no need for her to be there and make such a crappy entry AT ALL.


Love and Monsters. Who the hell on planet Earth ever liked the episode Love and Monsters?! Why make an episode just because it won a Blue Peter contest? It wasted a whole 45 minutes which could have been valuable Doctor-Rose Good-Plot time! But instead we must watch Elton fall in love with Moaning Myrtle, who soon turns into a face on a slab of concrete when she is sucked up by a slimy fat green alien who they tried and failed to base off the Slitheen. Pretty pathetic, if you ask me.


The drums. Can't you hear them? No, no you can't Roger Delgado, Peter Pratt, Anthony Ainley and Eric Roberts, the real and classic Masters. Russell T. Davies suddenly decides to throw in a storyline that works to his advantage just because he can and nobody can tell him otherwise. But no, the new ones are RTD'S Masters. There's a big difference. What drums, though? I hear you ask. Oh, you know, the drums the Master has been hearing since he stared into the Untempered Schism when he was eight years old and never up until Derek Jacobi and John Simm's reign was mentioned.


The Doctor was in love with Romana, right? And supposedly Nyssa, right? And Ace, right? And Grace, right? And Rose too? Oh, and River song, yeah? And Clara too, huh? Jesus Christ, I thought the Doctor was a noble guy?! But I suppose that seeing as it's a TV show he's allowed to fall in love with as many companions as he likes...


Forgetting about everyone in the classic series', lets talk about the new ones. Rose loved the Doctor. Martha loved the Doctor. When talking to Martha in The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords, Jack admitted that he loved the Doctor. At the start Amy loved the Doctor. River loves the Doctor. The only person so far who doesn't love him from Series 1 to Series 7, not counting Rory, is Donna. Even the bloody TARDIS loves him! And who's to say Clara Oswald won't?


Why do all Moffat's episodes have to be sooooo confuuuuusing?! I love them, and they are absolutely spectacular, but I have to watch them a couple of times to understand the mad Doctor-y time-zones before I understand them. I love Moffat, I love Eleven, I loved Amy & Rory, but I'm just hoping that the Doctor and Clara make more sense of the next half of Series 7.

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