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A gentle breeze whirls around you as you stand there silent in the courtyard, admiring the structure before you. The tainted glass of the windows reflect marvelous gold as the evening's sun slowly decends down into the earth. You dare not look away for fear you will never see such beauty again, but as your eyes flicker to a shadow, you look down. There, amongst marble stone sits a young figure, his body perfectly erect as a book lays in his hands. A delicate feathered ink pen is held withint tight fingers and watch as they move gracefully on the pages. Curiousity over takes your body and slowly move forward, wanting to see just who this person was. As you do, a face becomes clear and your eyes widen at the flawless skin. Soft green eyes stare down at the pages as small red lips are curled slightly in a smile. You feel extreme adoration for the person and step closer, your pace quickening. You see him dressed in such fine clothing; a neatly tucked black shirt buttoned perfectly to the top with sleeves stretching out to the wrists, cuffing up only an inch. Ironed black slacks covering long, slender legs, ending with polished leather boots. Though it is not the fine material covering his small but well framed figure, nor his appearance which seems angelic. It's the smooth, fluffed hair upon his head that captivates you. The red appears to be fire as the sun's rays gleam off it, making his whole body glow. You're now standing perfectly in front of him, looking down with loving eyes at the angel on the bench. Suddenly, the soft eyes look up, staring straight through you and into your soul. Your breathing stops as your heart slows its beating. You feel numb and want to panic, but marvelously you stay calm. Slowly, you feel your life being stolen by the round eyes and as the color fades from your skin, you realize the eyes hold death. The small lips slowly stretch into a devious smile, as you fall to the ground, life no longer yours...

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