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~UPDATE 2007- Hay everone.T-Boy here! I'm in Texas now. And yes I still love my Boyz, and watch wrestling, and love flaming table sex. And I do still write and muse. Oh and Matt Hardy is V388 :P TABLES!~send me a Email at

This web site is no longer a real Fan Fiction web site. Being that they are highly biased of people's personal writing, and have made so many guild lines you can't enjoy a smiple fun humorus story. We use to have 60 stories up here, but due to their "RULES" we only have the few they have left us. Casey quit writing a long time ago, as she needed to exspand her writing, and I just had writer's block so bad, I haven't been able to write. I wish all the writers out there luck. May you find a real site to post your work on. And if you would like any of the stories I have please e-mail me. Good-bye to all true writers...may you not be screwed. FUCK YOU FF! BURN IN HELL YOU SORRY MOTHER FUCKERS!

ABOUT CASEY: Favorite wrestlers: The Rock: Awesome talent, great mic skills, and he hasn't forgotten what it's like to be at the bottom and continues to push other wrestlers! Not to mention he is one fine M'FER! Kurt Angle: AWESOME TALENT and by the far the BEST wrestler in the company. He has a true passion for the business that most of his fellow athletes are missing. He is DAYUM fine too! We miss you Kurtsky! Shane McMahon: The risk taker of all risk takers! I don't think The Hardys have anything on The Boy Wonder. O Shane O'Mac when are you coming back? We miss you! Rob Van Damn: WOW! What talent there. He is just freaking awesome and I can't stress that enough! The WWE is stupid for wasting his talent. He lost the passion a long time ago but who could blame him? They are just letting the best high flyer in the business go to waste. Chris Beniot: Again awesome talent and is ALMOST as great as Kurt. He arrived talent wise a very long time ago yet stupid ass Vince fails to see that! PLEASE GIVE CHRIS THE BELT WHILE KURT IS GONE! He is the only other person that truely deserves it! Matt Hardy: The best thing the company did was give him the crusier belt. He deserves to be recomended for his hard work and athletism. Mattitude kicks ass and you gotta love Matt Hardy V.15 (Isn't that what he is up to now T-Boy?) Chris Jericho: Another waste of great talent. He has done so much for the company and works his ass off. I would love nothing more for him to take the title from Hunter. I will be pissed if they give it to Goldberg being that he hasn't even been with the company a month! Chris has great mic skills and is so funny! As he would say he is "The Highlight of The Night" Most Annoyed by: Brock Lesnar (see below for details on The Next Dumb Thing) Favorite Tag Team: The Dudley's baby! DEVON! GET THE TABLE!!!! Awesome tag team with great talent. They put the wood in table matches! I love Bubba's punches and both of their work. I wish they would let them use Spike more though. Diva: Trish Stratus: For only you teeny boppers out there that don't like her because she is pretty, grow up. She is by the far the hardest working of the ladies and is great talent as well. I was so glad when they gave her the title back. She deserves it for all her hard work! Favorite finisher: Angle Slam Favorite submission: The Walls and The Crossface Favorite Risk Move: The Leap of Faith Favorite match: WM17 Shane VS Vince in a Street Fight Favorite Quote: "Are you somking funny cigerettes?" Rocky talking to Hurridork Slash pairings: Kurt/Dwayne Dwayne/Shane O Kurt/Shane O Kurt/Jeff Dwayne/Hunter Dwayne/Austin Homepage: Sites that I co-run: and my newest addition Aol: submit2ka Yahoo: submit_itstrueitstrue MSN: ABOUT T-Boy Favorite wrestler: Bubba Ray Dudley, D-Von and Spike Dudley, oh and Kurt Angle Most Annoyed by: Brock Lesnar Favorite Tag Team: The Dudley's Favorite finisher: 3D!!!!!!! Favorite submission: Crossface, and Tazzmission Favorite match: Anything involving Dudleys, Sandman, Sabu, RVD, Hardys, Tommy Dreamer and Raven Favorite Quote: "You don't hit girls! You Brake there fuck'in neck!"- Buh-Buh Ray Dudley to D-Von Slash pairings: Mix any of the following-Jeff, Matt, Edge, Christian, RVD, and Bubba Yahoo:ace_insync (Mostly not on) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What Casey Thinks of T-Boy OK I am updating this part because I can. T is by far the funniest person I know and my best friend. Her writing is classic and her ideas remarkable. If every person on was as good as T-Boy then we would have a great comedian group! I still say her life motto is tables or that's odd! Her love for the Dudley's is awesome and she is truely a devoted fan. She knows her wrestling and could give a good argument on anything WWE related! Thanks for all the fun! What T-Boy Thinks of Casey Well I have been very bussy with school, but popped on and saw what Casey had put up. I feel the same about Casey. She has help me in my way to becoming a great writer. It's hard to believe that just by me getting some guts and asking her to put me in her "CHAT" story did we start a great friendship.Also Casey very great,kind, person. And I like to thank her for bing so cool. And as they say in the wreastling world: May we be forever remembered for what we did and what we brang to the table at that time. I would like to take this minute and say hi to our fan fic friends! You guys are truly the greatest! Bannonluke: Ha! Luke, we have put you through so much! We have yet to sick Bubba on ya but it's coming! We promise! Go read Luke's fics, We promise your sides will hurt from laughing so hard! Hands down the best comedian has to offer! DareToBeDiffernt: Girl you are the best! Your fics are great and we enjoy every second of them! Everyone go read her fics too! We would recomend them if We didn't mean it :) Y2JSGIRLIE: Girl you Rock! You are so awesome and sweet! All you fics rock as well and come recommended by us! Kitty: Why does she get a smiley face and I don't? Caitlin714: Girly that likes to steal my men away from me! Thats OK because I love you! Keep on writing we need more talent ike you! Mia Reso: How can you not kick ass, girl? You just totally reek of awesomeness. Everyone say hi to Mia or I will let Jeff out! IH8sBin: Rachel, is that right, LOL? Sorry if I spelt it wrong but I guess I can't read. Girl you are the best. Your DJ fics are so well writeen and wish more people would write about Rocky! There aren't enough stories out there! Why are there so many Hardy fics? HBKSteph and Dee: Becca you kick ass! Your writting skills are awesome and your details are so good they paint a picture in your head! We have all become great friends and I am so glad we meet!YOu are the best:) There are a bunch more I'm sure I could mention to but these are the few that stick out in my mind! Thanks for everything, guys! You are all the best :) CHEERS==============================================================================================

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