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"If it would help you and if it were possible I would go down with you into Hell; but you cannot bring Hell into me."
- CS Lewis, "The Great Divorce"

E-mail me at your own risk. ;) I've changed it so people can post reviews to my (count it) 1 story... cowards. hehe.

Constructive criticism will be grudgingly accepted. I'm also prone as a dragon to flattery. :D


I dislike "disclaimers" immensely. In the realm of fan-fiction, the genre in which using other author's characters is elemental to the actual definition of the craft (IE, it wouldn't be FF without some "stealing" anyway) they are both annoying, repetative, and disruptive to the flow of the story. It's all good fun to say "Oh, yeah, Legolas doesn't belong to me (though I *wish* he did 'cause he's so hot and stuff) but my *other* characters do so don't steal 'em" EVERY CHAPTER, but essencially useless. Yeah. Of course Legolas doesn't belong to you. And the sky is blue, the grass is green and the sun sets in the west. :) We know this. Any FF reader does. So I say nix 'em, and that if you feel as if you *need* to put at least one disclaimer, put it at the beginning of the story, preferably in with the (hopefully only one) A/N. Be like a *real* writer and make your fan fic the focus of your postings, not your unwavering wit.

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