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11/22/2015: After one of the hardest times in my life, I finally graduated from PA school! It wasn't easy, but the constant support I had while writing made it a lot better. In many ways, I've moved on in life. Including from this website. Most of my new fanfics are now on AO3 here. But really, I'm focusing the most on original work. I'll still check in here now and then, but my updates are going to be few and far between. Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of my stories. I'm eternally thankful to those of you who found my stories worth your time reading, and I'm especially thankful to those of you who wrote reviews. You made a tough part of my life happier, and I hope you go on to read and review other people's stories, so that their lives may be brightened too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

12/25/2014: We're finally at the end of the year! Hope that 2014 has been a good one for everyone! Best wishes for a happy 2015!

10/26/2014: Wow did life become busy! After finishing Hopeless and Heartless, I finally started clinical rotations for my grad school program. It is a major time sink, but it's a good one! I'd like to update with a bonus epilogue chapter soon, but we'll have to see what time will allow. To everyone who commented on the ending, thank you so much! I have read all your comments and reviews, and I'll respond to them all as soon as I can!

4/18/2014: Hopeless and Heartless, a story featuring an incubus, currently has 69 reviews. Heh. Someday I will be a mature adult. That day is not today.

3/1/2014: Holy crap it's March. When did that happen? Hopeless and Heartless is coming along, and it's getting closer to its conclusion! There's still a few more chapters to go, but the end is in sight!

12/28/2013: This is not really new news, but I have a tumblr! It's here:

11/28/2013: Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Even for those of you who don't live in the states. =) If you haven't noticed, I did start posting the new Homestuck story. Writing about incubi, fairies, and more is really such a guilty pleasure. I debated whether or not to post this one at all, but finally I realized that I should let others decide whether or not they want to read it. So... read it, don't read it, love it, hate it. Whatever happens, I'll still keep writing it! And if for whatever reason it may be taken down here, those who are interested can still find it on AO3 or tumblr. Both are under my penname: LateNiteSlacker.

10/30/2013: Halloween is almost here! In its honor, I think I'll be posting the first chapter of a fic from my newest favorite fandom soon: Homestuck. It's an action-filled Dirk/Jake fic where everyone is supernatural! (Hence the Halloween theme.) Wish that I had time to write more, but alas, grad school keeps a body busy!

8/1/2013: Welp, looks like 8 months went by! But on the bright side, last year was absolutely the best year. Ever. Wedding, moving, new master's program... there are a lot of things to be thankful for! Sadly, all the activity means I haven't been able to write much, but I promise I have not forgotten about it. I know these next words are the bane of fanfiction readers/writers like myself, but I've been working on some original work lately. Maybe sometime I'll get that out into the real world too. In the meantime, I hope that anyone reading this has enjoyed my previous work! Maybe I'll be able to finish off some of those dangling fics in the next couple months.

12/7/2012: Life has decided to go in a positively happy direction! I was accepted into the Masters of Physician Assistant Studies program I've been working so hard to get into, and I'm looking to move soon. Next year will be a big year of change, but change is good, right? Maybe this is what 2012 was all about.

10/20/2012: So I've started another fic in the CV universe. One that will likely never see the light of day. It's just too controversial. But a few excerpts might end up here someday.

10/3/2012: Well, Modern Problems is finally finished! It's both fulfilling and a little sad to be done. I'll miss that crazy Castlevania crew.

About me:

I'll admit it, I'm a slacker. Sometimes I get bored at night and feel the need to write!

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Also, I have a tumblr! I post my stories, updates, and occasional attempts at art there.

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I also have an account on Archive Of Our Own, where you can find a few extra fics that I haven't posted here.

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Awesome Gifts: I can't say how much I love writing for you, but it makes me especially happy when I receive little gifts like these! Thanks so much, you guys are awesome!

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Game of the now: Trauma Team (Aww yes, super realistic surgery skills right here.)

Movie of the now: It's been so long that I can't remember the last movie I watched... probably Gravity.

Book of the now: Vortex (The second book in the Insignia series is out! Exciting!)

TV series of the now: Arrested Development (I think this will always be my favorite TV series. Forever and ever. South Park and Game of Thrones run a close second.)

Current Status of my Fics:

Hopeless and Heartless: (Homestuck) This Dirk-centric fic is my first crack at second person POV. I'd like to think it went pretty well. It's complete, aside from a couple bonus epilogue chapters!

Modern Problems: (Castlevania) Sequel to Requiem of Trust. The saga continues as the gang meets new (old) Castlevania characters and have a brand-new set of problems in the modern day world. Complete!

A Series of Moments: (Castlevania) This is a collection of fluffy, happy, melodramatic, and possibly funny father-son moments from the CV universe.

Requiem of Trust: (Castlevania) This story features Leon Belmont, Joachim, Alucard, Soma, Dracula, and Isaac. This is the prequel to Modern Problems. It is my first attempt at an adventure comedy. Let me know if I pulled it off well!

One Night With You: (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) My take on both terror and humor at the Phoenix Wright crew's expense!

Snackoos and You: (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) This Klavier and Ema story is my first romantic comedy fic. It's complete!

Tomorrow Taints Today: (Tales of Symphonia) Tainted Disposition's sequel is finally up! This is a sequel to the story and the game Tales of Symphonia wherein we see the progressing story from both Kratos and Lloyd's points of view.

Kratos Discovers Fanfiction: (Tales of Symphonia) Originally titled "Kratos discovers" but a certain site wouldn't allow that. I'll give you one guess at which one it is. Anyway, this badfic of joy wrote itself at 3 AM one night/morning when I couldn't sleep. Beware!

Lingering: (Deathnote) Ahh Mello... I love the kid. This is a bit of angsty but thoughtful drama I wrote one night when I didn't want to study. Enjoy!

Tainted Disposition: (Tales of Symphonia) What do you know! Kratos is still brooding about his betrayal. Gee, what a surprise. Currently on hiatus.

Kratos's Dilemma: (Tales of Symphonia) This fic just kinda... happened. Wayfarer and I were talking on AIM one day and suddenly a fic appeared!

Belated Halloween Sensuality: (Tales of Symphonia) One-shot-hour-fic parody in honor of Halloween!

Can I trust you: (Tales of Symphonia) This Sheelos fic is going rather slowly, isn' t it? Sadly work and multiple fics will do that. I still love them though. =)

The Ancient Mystics of Solitare:(Solitare) A haiku in honor of such a classic game!

Aishiteru:(Tetris) Another haiku in honor of a classic game!

Petting Zoo: (Yugioh) Some humor and silliness in the Yugioh world! 2 doses a day should suffice.

My Cruel Hikari: (Yugioh) This was my first fic on! It's my baby and I'm very proud of it. (Even though I would change somethings now.) =)

I hope you enjoy my fics! If you really want to make me happy, review them!

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When you were little, your kindergarten teacher gave you a homework assignment. Write three sentences, three things that you love. Your sentences only needed to be three words long. Spelling didn't matter. Periods were optional. You wrote the entire thing in blue crayon. I LOV JOKS I LOV MOOVEES I LOV DAV
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