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ISJ is a rather boring individual who spends her time reading good fanfiction, using up sketchbooks at a frightening rate, and RPing like the geek she is. Her fandoms, which are placed all over the world of fantasy/sci-fi, include Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and various animes, to name only just a very few. Chances are, if it is fantasy or non-cheesy sci-fi, I will like it.


Weeeelllll...Guess I've been absent for awhile, huh? I would apologize, but an apology doesn't really cover a year and a half of radio silence, I guess.

This past year was my first of college, so I barely did ANY writing except for some sporadic RPing. That said, there are going to be some changes round here:

1.) My finished pieces will stay in here, embarrassing as they may be (and, trust me, they are...though thank you all VERY much for your kind words on them _).

2.) Overcomers will continue to be updated...I have several back chapters I can upload over the next few weeks, and will try, with a mighty effort, to get my writing gears oiled and moving again. I really like this story, I like the characters (though I did get a review last week saying Lissandra was annoying, and I kinda agree--I was plenty younger when I started writing this beast, but though the characterization literally hurts at times and the first chapter is woeful, I don't think I'm going to go through and rewrite...perhaps I'll redo the first chapter at some point, and from here on I'm going to try to tweak the charas, esp. Lissandra, to make them a little more believable). I think y'all--if there is, in fact, a "y'all" out there somewhere reading this--will like what I have coming. _

3.) Unfortunately, and I really hate to do this...Unknown People will not be updated, now or in the forseeable future. I am so sorry to all of you who read this and liked it. I started this project when I was about twelve or thirteen years old (and I'm sure that shows in the writing...), and it was, along with its spawn in RP and in my brain, my baby for a good five years of my life. But now that RP life has sort of withered and died, and my interest in, and creative energy for, Star Wars has waned considerably. Plus, let's face it...the Imrani might have been a decent race design (doubtful), but the story itself sucked pretty hard. So, I will be removing UP. I really do apologize to everyone hoping it would get updated. I have not by any means lost my love of Star Wars completely, and I have been thinking of possible ways to retool the Imrani, so maybe soon I will have something new and sparkly for you from that sector. Until then, please accept my heartfelt apologies and sincere thanks for your support of the story and your comments regarding it. :)

Think that about covers it...I will HOPEFULLY be able, in the coming weeks, to pry myself away from my PS2 long enough for some quality time with my writing muse. I'd like to be a professional writer when I grow up (in approximately three years), whether that means creatively or for a magazine or whatever, so I just need to stop hemming and hawing around and get to it. I've got some Final Fantasy X fic fermenting in my brain, so when that's appropriately ripe I'll post it here. I'm gonna also try to be focusing on original stuff, if I can, so stay tuned for info here as to where that original stuff may be warehoused (maybe FictionPress, maybe not).

Ever your humble, if sarcastic, servant,


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