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Hello Reader,

My name is Julia and I'm currently 22 years old; I live in the USA. I'm a creative writer that loves to write about love and death. For those, who are not new to my fanfiction page, you will find that my old stories are going to be back and renewed. For those of you interested in some story topics I personally love writing about are King Kong, Red Riding Hood, and Cut Throat Island. My personal favorite story, that I wrote, is my Warm Bodies series. I'm here to practice my writing skills and to let all of you know what kind of creative person I am. Enjoy reading and don't forget to comment.

Thank you,


P.S. Can't get enough of my stories? Then, find me on my youtube where I'll show you beauty tutorials, tags, and cosplay. My youtube is JuliBean6. "Like", subscribe, and comment to me on my channel as well.

*NOTE* if you are rude on my fanfiction page or on my Youtube, I will block and report you.