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Your boy Lord-of-Change is now an official author! My first ever original book, Wrath of the North, the first book in the Blades and Crown series, has been published! Available on Amazon, Kobo and Payhip in e-book format!

EDIT: You guys may have noticed how the price tags keeps flipping around on my book these last few days. That is due to my own incompetent ass not taking VAT into account when pricing my book, which resulted in price tags that not even I would go for. But now I've hopefully fixed the issue, so now it should cost 8.42 US dollars (with VAT included) on all stores.




So, what can I say about myself? I'm a fanfic geek with aspirations of becoming an author myself. Needless to say, I love writing, have done it for so many years now. My preferences in fanfiction lies with crossovers, and stories featuring good guys turned evil. And if you've read my stories, it should also be pretty clear that I'm a huge fan of Teen Titans member Raven.

Now recently, I've sort run into trouble with my fanfiction stories. You see, I've been getting too many good ideas these last two years or so, and don't have time to write them all. And as someone who enjoys writing on a daily basis, it's kid of hard for me to have those ideas in my head but unable to actually write them. But then I had an idea. I'll put up my various story ideas here on my home page, and if you feel like you want to try your hand at writing one of them, just PM me for permission.

A Warhammer/Game of Thrones Crossover:

Don't even know where I came up with this one. Starts off at least a hundred years or so before the events of the books and TV series. The idea is that an OC Tomb King, having grown tired of Settra's complacency, gathers an army and leaves Nehekhara to forge his own kingdom. Through a series of magical mishaps, he and his army ends up being transported to Essos, near Slaver's Bay. Seeing a continent divided into warring states and warlike nomads, the OC sees his chance and begins conquering the land, unifying it under his iron will.

Over the next decades, he unifies most of the continent into a single empire, one that grew to rival the Seven Kingdoms. Relations with the Targaryen dynasty would be a bit frosty, so the Tomb Kings would do nothing to help them during Robert's Rebellion. But that might change years later, when Viserys and his sister asks for aid. Seeing a chance to increase their power in Westeros, the Tomb Kings would agree. Because of this, no War of the Five Kings would occur, but a war to reinstate the Targaryens to power.

An Elder Scrolls/Avatar the Last Airbender Crossover:

Taking place after Skyrim and its various DLC expansions, the Dragonborn has grown tired of fighting for an Empire that constantly bends the knee to the Aldmeri Dominion, who is constantly trying t have the Dragonborn killed. The Dragonborn thus uses an Elder Scroll to escape, and lands in the Avatar universe four years before the start of the series. He/she finds common ground with the Fire Nation, and joins them. With years of warfare under his/her belt, and with the powers he/she possess, the Dragonborn quickly rises through the ranks, becoming one of Ozai's favorite commanders and a mentor of sorts to Azula.

Life was going pretty good, as the war was quickly coming to a close thanks to the Dragonborn, but then the Avatar returns.

A Teen Titans/Marvel Crossover:

The idea is that Arella did not come from DC Earth, but from the Marvel one. after being raped by Trigon, she was never found by the monks of Azerath, and had to fend for herself. That is, until she and her unborn child catches the attention of none other than Doctor Doom. He finds her as she is giving birth, and is present as she names her daughter Raven before dying of blood loss. Having realized who the father is to the child, Doom has an idea. Since Raven is part daemon, she could take and control Trigon's vast powers. And a sorceress who can wield the power of Trigon would be a perfect tool for conquering the world with.

But for Raven to be able to do this, she needs training. She needs to have absolute mastery over the arcane arts to be able to harness Trigon's vast powers without dying herself. But above all, she needs to have total and unwavering loyalty to Doom, so she does not simply betray him once the power is hers. Thus, Doom takes Raven as his own, teaching her everything he knows, imparting his views and beliefs onto her, molding her into the perfect servant. 15 years later, and the world and its heroes will have to contend with Raven, the right hand of Doom. All the while the day of the prophecy draws ever nearer, the day that Doom has planned for Raven to steal her father's powers instead of releasing him. But will it play out as Doom had hoped?

An Elder Scrolls/Game of Thrones Crossover:

Taking place after Skyrim and its various DLC expansions. The Reynes of Castamere are growing desperate now. Their army broken, no allies within a hundred miles and Tywin Lannister at their gates with his army. In a last ditch effort to save their doomed house, the last surviving members brings out an artefact that have existed in their vaults for untold millennium. An Elder Scroll. With the power of the Scroll, they tried to summon a power great enough to defeat Tywin and restore House Reyne. What they got was a pissed off Dragonborn, who did not like taking orders from his supposed kidnappers.

By the time Tywin finally breached the defenses and entered the old catacombs, the Dragonborn had already slaughtered the Reynes. As a show of gratitude, Tywin gave Castamere to the Dragonborn, along with titles of nobility in exchange for fealty. The Dragonborn, knowing he was in a foreign land with little chances of ever getting home, accepts and thus becomes a loyal bannerman of House Lannister.

A Teen Titans/Naruto Crossover:

As it tuned out, her powers were not the only thing that Raven inherited thanks to her daemon blood, she was cursed with immortality as well. Forced to watch as everything around her crumbled away into dust, she lived to see civilizations rise and fall, continents shaping and reshaping themselves over and over, and human life being brought to the brink of extinction and then grow back again. She was there when Kaguya gave chakra to humanity, she was there when the Ten Tails was divided into nine, she was there as Madara and Hashirama founded Konoha, and she was there when the Nine Tails rampaged through Konoha.

Through all of these millennium, she just stood by and watched, the countless people she had seen die of old age alone having turned her heart cold to the suffering of man. But now, events will force her to once again become involved in the affairs of humans, events that all seem to focus around a blonde and knuckle-headed loudmouth of a ninja.

Command & Conquer/Star Wars Crossover:

Taking place after Command and Conquer 4. Kane and the Brotherhood of Nod may have left Earth behind, but that was not the end of their story. Having settled in the Uncharted regions of space, Kane rebuilt Nod into a space faring superpower in secret. From the shadows, he watched the Galactic Republic grow weak and complacent, watched as corruption made it splinter and risk sparking a war. And he alone saw how this all was just another result of the eternal war waged between Jedi and Sith. Determined to end this conflict once and for all, Kane and his Brotherhood enters the war with the intent of wiping out both Jedi and Sith and bring about true peace to the galaxy. Peace, through power.

A Mass Effect/Warhammer 40k Crossover:

The Leviathans didn't build the Reapers just because they wanted to preserve life, they built them as a weapon against an enemy even they feared. That enemy was driven back, and then the Reapers turned on their creators, and began the Cycle. But now, after countless Cycles, their ancient enemy has returned, seeking vengeance. Now it falls to Shepard to rally the races of the galaxy together to oppose these two titans of war. But in the end, will that be enough to stop the C'tan and their legions of Necron warriors?

An Elder Scrolls story:

Taking place after Skyrim and its various DLC expansions. Being a vampire was hard for the Dragonborn. Shunned by society, hunted by radicals, and constantly having to drink the blood of the living. But at least he had his beloved Serana at his side through the years, until the day that she was taken from him. Driven mad by grief and anger, he swear vengeance on all the living. Of course, none see him as a threat at first, until he gathers an army of Vampires and Necromancers to his side, garners the blessing of Molag Bal and launches an invasion with legions of undead. With death looming above them all, the races of Tamriel must band together to survive what would come to be known as the Vampire War.

A Warhammer/Log Horizon Crossover:

For years, Warhammer Online was nothing but a game for millions of fans across the world. But when the newest expansion pack is released, they wake up to find that the game has become their reality. With no way to exit the game, the NPC's of the land having gained true human sentience, and death being made irrelevant, many players struggles with what to do. In the end, it falls to Empire Enchanter Shiroe and his friends to install a sense of order in the players before it gets out of hand.

It won't be easy though, as the drums of war slowly builds up in crescendo across the world. Warlike races that were once divided now gains unity, malevolent Gods who preys on the weak south now has immortal Champions to lead their armies and nations that has long been brooding in isolation now finds they have the strength to venture forth again. Despite the wish for peace, war seems inevitable. But who will stand victorious?

A Young Justice story:

Not all of Cadmus' experiments were done on unwilling subjects. Not all of their creations wished to break free. And not all of their super powered teens wanted to be heroes when they got out. Follow (insert name), as he/she goes from a homeless street kid with no future beyond pickpocketing, to a willing test subject for Cadmus, to a super powered enforcer of the Light. all done with a smile on his/her face.

A Ben 10/Warhammer 40k Crossover:

This one isn't even one of my ideas. A fellow named Mace sheperd told me about a friend of his that was thinking about writing this, and wanted my opinion on how the different factions, particularly the Imperium, would react to Ben. After a few days of back and forth, this guy, whose name I'm still unaware of, backed out of his plans and refused to write any further. Apparently, he did not like the idea that a xenophobic and religiously intolerant dictatorship with a penchant for genocide and religious indoctrination would not be very friendly with a heretical boy that is in possession of xeno technology that allows him to turn into xenos. Anyway, I was prepared to simply forget the whole thing altogether, as I'm not much of a Ben 10 fan to begin with, but Mace sheperd asked me to put the story idea out there with the hope that someone would salvage it.

So, this takes place after ultimate alien but before omniverse (whatever the hell those things are). Though some unknown shenanigans or what have you, Ben gets thrown into the 40k universe, where he's quickly found by a more open-minded and pragmatical Inquisitor, who sees the value of keeping Ben alive and use him as a weapon against the enemies of the Imperium. The story would then focus in Ben's misadventures in the 40k universe, as well as his constant struggles with morality in a galaxy that takes a big steaming shit on ideas like that. Mace sheperd wants the Inquisitor to be female and somehow end up in a relationship with Ben, I personally would have just ignored him and done whatever the hell I felt like.

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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Family/Romance - Chapters: 8 - Words: 38,666 - Reviews: 474 - Favs: 2,376 - Follows: 2,851 - Updated: 3/4/2020 - Published: 3/25/2018 - [Shino A., OC] Sasuke U., Itachi U.
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Humanity did not discover a Prothean cache of weapons or technology in the Sol system. No, they discovered something older, grander, a race seeking to finish the last request of a sleeping god. This is my first story, as such, I do not own anything. I am very appreciative of replies and support. Also, cover image. Whoever it belongs to, just ask and I will take it down. Thanks!
Crossover - Warhammer & Mass Effect - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi - Chapters: 2 - Words: 4,709 - Reviews: 497 - Favs: 1,080 - Follows: 1,314 - Updated: 12/24/2013 - Published: 5/5/2013
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