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Two evil geniuses (genii???)... two moderately clever, occasionally psychotic writers for the price of one.

See the below links for our individual accounts. A couple of the stories listed on those may be uprooted and brought here, and we have a few projects we've been working on for a while now.



True Bill - yes, horrible title, but the story itself is shaping up pretty well. The concept is simple enough; what if Bill hadn't been lying his cold dead ass off from the moment he set foot in Bon Temps? A mix of elements from the books and the show, this looks like being a long, fun ride.

Century - a Twilight AU beginning in the middle of New Moon, when a terrified Bella runs to the only people she can think of who might help her escape the vampire Victoria's vendetta, and makes a dangerous deal for her continued survival.

Stargate: Athena - A post-S10 story with Sam Carter at the helm of Earth's newest ship. 'Season One' of this story is already up under ReganX's account. We'll be moving the original story to this account, and Season Two will continue from here. Not spoiling anything for those who haven't read it yet, all we can really say is that Sam has a bit of a bumpy path ahead of her.

My First Apocalypse - A sequel to ReganX's 'Tacos and Tea Parties'; an 'Angel' AU featuring a much younger Fred rescued from Pylea by Angel and the Fang Gang. SionnachOghma has been continuing the story, and as with Stargate: Athena, the current content will make the jump to this account and the story will be continued. UPDATE: Tacos is currently being revised and expanded. At least one entirely new chapter will be added, and young Fred's mental state as a result of her ordeal will be increased in impact via sledgehammer.

Evolution - 'Her blood tastes clean.' Yeah, guess again. Another Twilight AU using New Moon territory as a jumping-off point, as it's a great opportunity for Bella to develop a spine. Not that we aren't supportive of her relationship with Captain Coiff. We just think he needs to learn his place. Left behind when Edward and his family leave Forks, Bella undergoes some dramatic changes as a result of her injuries in the ballet studio. Hopefully they'll be enough to save her life when Victoria and Laurent come calling.

Silver Parachutes - A Mockingjay one-shot. SPOILER AHEAD!!! Who really arranged the bombing that killed Prim, and why? And in the aftermath, how far will the culprit go to escape retribution?

The People vs PWP Fan Fiction or Mary Sue Gets F*ed... Hard - Porn Without Plot goes on trial.

Spark - A thirteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen is reaped as a tribute in the seventy-first Hunger Games. The Games will never be the same again.