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Hello, and welcome to my profile. I hope you read and enjoyed the stories I've posted. (Well, when I get around to posting them, that is. XD)

Name- Sunajesh'sja
Sun sign- Gemini
Moon Sign- Pisces
Rising Sign- Capricorn

Just like everyone else, I'm here to express myself, entertain, and inform. I come across as cold and intellectual, even frigid and snobby, at first, and while I do have a touch of those traits, I'm quite the opposite once I get warmed up. Just give me time. With that, I'm not going to pretend to be something I'm not. Conversely, I'm not going to pretend not to be something that I am.

What I Am
A spiritual being. Er, not that kind. I'm tangible. I just mean I'm a spiritualist.

A fortune teller. One of those cheap kind you shake and it gives you an undecipherable answer. XD That phrase has multiple meanings. First, it applies mostly to my own life. Second, it applies mostly mundane events. Third, it's mostly questions I have getting answered through various media at odd times. However, lately the things I've been writing about have been coming true (as Geoff Peterson used to say, Creeps! Me! Out!), and it's been too many times and too specific events to pass off as coincidence. Not only that, but it's also my dreams- that's the usual source of the foreknowledge of mundane personal life events. However, it also means I read people like open books. I can tell by our first encounter who you are and what your intentions are. Since this is the internet, and people tend to act differently on the internet, what I say may not be true to your personal life, but it's true on the internet, and it's still a truth, and it still counts.

A truth teller. Yes, it can be cruel. Feelings get hurt. It comes with the territory, and no, I'm not sorry. It's different when it's subjective, opinion, or the speaker has knowingly lied. However, when it comes to the unabashed truth, I take out-of-control behaviour as proof that I was correct. Such only says to me, "Look! I'm being wild and crazy to scare you away and knock you off your trail so you won't tell me anything else I don't want to acknowledge, and to distract everyone from reaching the same conclusion you did!" Why? People tend to get angry when faced with truths we don't want to recognize. It's a defence mechanism, and I can tell when you're genuinely angry because something I said was genuinely incorrect, and when you're angry because I said something you know deep in your psyche is true. To over react is to hide something, and an innocent man has nothing to hide.

The Devil's Advocate. In places where the truth isn't so obvious, I will pick apart every argument until there is one that cannot be argued against. Even if I have taken a "side", I'll argue against my own faction just to get to the true and undeniable crux. However, there are matters that simply cannot be done that way (religion is one of them), so I just don't even bother. I'll listen to your side of it, and either agree or disagree, and that will be the end of it.

A nut. I won't deny it. I'm flat out weird. I don't have hobbies, I have projects. I'm not a fan, I'm an erotomanic stalker (characters only; their actor[esse]s are safe. XD). I don't just like it or love it, I'm obsessed with it. When it comes to fandoms, I'm one of the most active members; extremely prolific, writing dozens of stories (although I've stopped posting except when I finish a story for the exact reason that I may NEVER finish one- sometimes the plot or OC characters don't go as planned; it gets boring; I get writer's block; I'm uninterested in that story; or sad as it may be, have switched fandoms); combing through every detail of the character's lives; analyzing everything and coming up with (sometimes it has to be done when the information isn't given) facts and details; looking at every possibility of everything you can think of (EVERY POSSIBILITY MUST BE EXPLORED!!! -flips the fuck out-), and generally let it take over my entire life (more on this later). I watch reruns no matter how many times I've seen them before when they air on TV (and use what episodes are on the internet [thank you, Youtube! XD] to aid me in my picking apart of the characters). And I don't analyze just the obvious aspects- I'm not talking about just personality and personal/love life, I mean I delve into all sorts of crap. Accent, accent oddities/mishaps, vocal hertz and classification, astrological information (which often has to be reverse engineered^ since it's very rarely that the birthdate or even sign is given, especially in US cartoons), age when not given, I exploit (does not mean support!) all pairings, and probably other crazy stuff I forgot. I usually completely immerse myself in the world of that fandom pretty much all the time- I essentially live in that world 24/7. Read: I have pretend friends with me pretty much all the time, and they're usually the characters from whatever fandom I'm in. Told you I'm nuts.

^Determining the Sun sign, decanate, Moon sign, and Rising sign in order to determine the birthdate, and using the rest of the planets to verify/adjust. Also, a little numerology comes into play. While I don't yet have Aviva's exact birthdate down, she's damn well a 5 and born on the 14th day of the month. That much I know. I'm in the process of determining the other attributes. Also, when I set birthdates for characters with no birthdate, I'm not saying it's absolute; it's an educated guess. For instance, Chris Kratt was born on July 19th, 1969, but his cartoon character's most likely birthdate is July 19th, 1988. The horoscopes sync nearly perfectly except towards the end where the intergenerational planets (the last 3 or 4) change. And yes, I do use this in my stories. (It helps me keep the characters in character.)

What I'm Not
Blind. I'm aware of my shortcomings. I'm the first person I came to these comclusions about, then as I began to study other people, I began to notice similar patterns in the majority of other people. I've majorly tried to correct my behaviour, but I'm prone to slipping up, just as much as the rest of you.

Perfect. I never have been, am not, and never will be. I never have said I was, don't say it now, and never will say it, as long as I'm in my right mind. I will over react, I will contradict myself, and I will act like a jackass (you think I act like one now? Think "House" levels of jackassery when I'm TRULY being a jackass). However, I will also step back, take an objective look at my behaviour, and if I was truly in the wrong, apologize.

Emptor caveat:
However, as I believe in "do unto others", if you want me to behave like an adult towards you, then act like one towards me. Point out that I was wrong, why you feel that way, and how it made you feel CIVILLY. I will apologize, regardless of whether I felt I was right or not (however, it may not be the apology you feel you deserve!). If you act like a child and throw tantrums and call names, I'll either consider us even (if I know I was wrong), or throw a tantrum and call names right back (if I feel I was right), as "eye for an eye" is also a belief I have. Either way, you get no apology. If you decide to act like a child AND demand an apology, too bad. I don't play that game. If you act like a child at first and then decide you want to act like an adult, I'll think about it. In that same situation, if you apologize for the immature behaviour, then I'll apologize for mine. Why should you apologize in cases where you feel or where I did deserve it? For the same reason I feel I shouldn't have to apologize for the fact that you had the chance to show everyone you were the better and more mature person and didn't take it, that's why. Don't misunderstand my words. If I started it and know I was in the wrong, then I'll apologize. If I didn't start it, or if I did and you decided to behave like a child, then I won't unless you apologize first. It's that simple. I won't play games if you won't.

A hypocrite. I don't allow myself liberties that I try to take from others. I fully expect, and desire, the same level of truth that I described myself as being above. I treat others as I expect to be treated, and I will give you back what you give me, regardless of whether you felt you were in the right or not. In fact, I largely let others determine my behaviour towards them. To reiterate and simplify the caveat emptor above: if you want me to behave like an adult towards you, then act like one towards me. If you act like a child and throw tantrums and call names, I'll throw a tantrum and call names right back. I won't play games if you won't. I neither give nor take excuses, and especially not age. You're old enough to fart around on the internet, you're old enough to know how to behave civilly. If not, then you're too young to be on the internet, because there are worse jackasses than me out there, and they do it on purpose, and they elicit such behaviour, and they are called trolls. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Humourless. Okay, my sense of humour is largely skewered. Inanimate objects delight me, yet human comedians are subject to poker face, and I find the majority of them unfunny. I find tasteless jokes amusing and tasteful jokes downright stupid, but do not adhere to the same principles in real life. Your jocular trash is my jocular treasure; your jocular pain is my jocular pleasure. However, it's there, and I actually love comedies. I'm just a tough customer. I mostly subscribe to wit and sharp tongue, and use the same (but watch out if I mean it! I'm not funny when I'm pissed by any means).

A bully or a pushover. As I said, you largely determine my behaviour with your actions. I'm actually a rather peaceable person and will tolerate immaturity for a time, but after that, it's over. Large amounts of my current jackassery is the result of other jackasses pushing me to my limit and me deciding I'm not putting up with it anymore. That's too bad for first time offenders; you're getting the same treatment as everyone else. That's partially what this profile is for- just to make you aware of how I am and how I act and react. The whole emptor caveat does NOT apply to extreme situations. My thing, regardless, is you should have been sorry before or while you were doing it. The only reason you're sorry afterwards is because you don't want to face the consequences of your actions, one of which is feeling negatively towards yourself for the behaviour. This is why I largely try to avert my own behaviours, because I also should have been sorry beforehand. I'll go toe-to-toe with you if you want, but I'm not going to start crap, either. To that note, I will not do what you tell me, I will not be intimidated, and I will not back down. Know what an African Honey Badger is? Either way, that's a perfect description of how I am when you want to try to start crap, so unless you're ready to handle the toughest creature in Africa, don't try it.

Anyways, right now, the fandoms I'm currently writing for are Wordgirl and Wild Kratts. Although I also like House, Criminal Minds, and the Mentalist, I don't write for them exclusively, but they may cross over with one of the other fandoms.

Favorite Characters: Wordgirl/Becky Botsford, Theodore Tobey McCallister III, Dr. Steven "Two Brains" Boxleitner
Pairings: Becky/Tobey, Wordgirl/Dr. Two Brains

Wild Kratts
Favorite Characters: Chris and Martin Kratt, Zach Varmitech, Koki, Jimmy
Pairings: While I don't officially support any pairings, my stories inadvertently tend toward Chris/Aviva for some reason. In fact, the first story I ever wrote was about those two, and that was WAY before the fandom schismed.

(Just to let you guys know, the things I write about have the tendency to happen. A- I'm not saying it will, and B- It's very, very creepy. Like in one story I wrote about a character having a heart attack, and not to much longer later, my grandmother had to have a pacemaker for congestive heart failure. O.o Spooky.)

Favorite Characters: House, Chase, Foreman (essentially, I don't like ANY of the new characters.)
Pairings: Well, it used to be House/Cuddy, but I guess that's out the window, huh?

Criminal Minds
Favorite Characters: REID, Garcia, Reid, Reid, and Reid. XD Did I mention Spencer?
Pairings: Garcia/Morgan, Hotch/Prentiss (you know they want to. XD), I could deal with Reid/JJ if it happened. (Otherwise, stay the FUCK away from him. XD I can share him with other fans, but characters better back the fuck off. XD Looking at YOU, Siever. -stare-)

Favorite Characters: Jane (Yeah, that's pretty much it XD)
Pairings: Jane/Lisbon (Oh, they SO want it. You can tell. XD)

I watch Dr. Oz as well (come on, you know you think he's hot. XD). I also watch Craig Ferguson. Craig/Geoff FTW! XD WHO'S THAT AT THE DOOR?!

LOL, stole this from Talee's profile and put my stuff in it!
Fill in #s 1-10 with names of people from a TV show you watch and answer the questions. You can mix shows or not. Your choice.

Randomness with: Wild Kratts

1. Chris Kratt

2. Martin Kratt

3. Zachary Varmitech

4. Jimmy Z

5. Koki

6. Aviva Corcovado

7. Donita Donata

8. Dabio

9. Gaston Gourmand

10. Ronan Kratt (agh! There aren't even 10 main characters!)

Ever read a 6/8 Fanfic?
A) Eh, no. There's nothing there to fic about, really...

Is 4 hot? How hot on a scale of 1-10?
A) I don't know about hot, I'd say 4, but on the CUTENESS scale, a 9! *squee*

What would happen if 3 got 4 preggo?
A) Zach getting Jimmy pregnant? What is this, I don't even...

Do you recall any FanFics about 9?
A) Only one, but you don't want to know (if you don't already). It's a good fic, it just has a high Squick index.

Would 2 and 5 make a good couple?
A) Martin and Koki? I think so!

5/8 or 5/10?
A) Eh, def 5/10, but not in that way, because 5 is Koki and 10 is Ronan, and Ronan's a kid, so...

What would happen if 1 walked in on 5 and 6 having sex?
A) Knowing Martin, he'd probably be turned on/join them!

Make up a summary of a 3/10 FanFic.
A) Ronan annoys Zach and Zach creates a robot to try to scare him off and Kratts to the rescue! (Eh, sorry, that's all I got.)

Is there such thing as 1/8 fluff?
A) OH GAWD NO. Please, no.

Suggest a title for an 9/10 hurt/comfort Fanfic.
A) Hrm? Uh, I'll try... uh... Gourmand is mean to Ronan and he cries and Gourmand feels bad and... gives him candy?

What kind of plot would you use if you wanted 4 to bang 1?
A) What do you mean, what kind of plot? A sexy one, I guess.

If you wrote a SongFic about 8, what would you use?
A) What do you mean, "What would you use"? If you mean "What song would you use", then "She Fucking Hates Me" (about Donita and Dabio's tormultuous work relationship).

What might 3 scream at a great moment of passion?

If you wrote a 1/6/9 FanFic, what would the warning be?
A) WARNING: Contains Gourmand gettin' some. Proceed at your own discretion.

What might be a great pick up line for 1 to use on 2?
A) Erm, well, since they're brothers...

What would happen if 1 woke you up in the middle of the night?
A) Referring to the cartoon character: "Hey, sweetheart, can't sleep? I'll fix that. *wink*" Referring to the real person: "*sleepmumble* Zzzzzz..."

1 kisses 10, what happens next?
A) Erm... he says "Bye, son, have a great day at school!", because any other interpretation is just wrong. And illegal.

8 is stuck in an alley. Who rescues 8 from the Zombie Cats?
A) The Kratts, as usual.

5 and 1 are arguing about something 3 did. What did 3 do?
A) More than likely, Zach told Chris and Koki that each said something about the other that was never really said.

7 asks 4 out. What happens?
A) Jimmy screams and runs away, because it's Donita. XD

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