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Author has written 5 stories for Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, RWBY, Fire Emblem, Bloodborne, and Fate/stay night.


I'm Palerider365, though it seems most people have taken to just calling me Pale. I'm from the U.S.A, though for how long that's going to be, I have no idea. I'm a mildly experienced writer, or at least I think so. I've been on this site since I started middle school and here I am on my way to college. I went inactive for a couple of years, deleted my stories and went away. But now I'm back, possibly due to you guys.

Anyways, let's get to the basic dossier.

Name: Pale

Race: Human (Wait... that wasn't the kind of race you were talking about?)

Age: Adult (Oh... you meant the number)


I want to learn how to be a professional at writing. Don't get me wrong, it's a difficult wish, yet I find it to be one of the most desirable things I have ever dreamed of. In a way, it explains why I am here with all of you today. By writing fanfiction, I am able to improve my writing with your critique and receive inspiration from all of you to help me create my own original work. I can't even tell you how many authors on this site I have been given the pleasure of conversing with. Their expertise and criticism inspired me to come back to all of this and finish what I started. But they also inspired me to go even farther than that. Be different. Be dangerous. Everyone loves their ships, but go farther than that. Change the story in an entirely different direction by using a ship or an event that no one has ever seen before. It is amazing watch it all in action and be given a chance to do it myself.

Pet Peeves

Terrible Crossovers.

I'm very aware this is going to sound incredibly amusing from me considering that I specialize and enjoy writing crossovers more than anything else. Hear me out though, you may be surprised.

What I hate about the crossover section of is the fact that damn near 80% of all crossovers usually involve the protagonist of one world completely replacing the protagonist of another, or, the author simply inserted another protagonist for the sheer desire of stealing the other protagonist's love interest and/or making the main protagonist look like a complete and utter asshat. An example would be someone from another universe replacing Tsukune Aono early on in the manga because someone didn't like how frail he was in the beginning. Or here's something, putting Naruto Uzumaki in a world while having him as practically a god in all senses of the world. Let's get this clear; Naruto is a dumbass, but he's a loveable one. He makes mistakes, he ruins relationships and builds them, and hell he matures greatly. But he is not a god. Nor is he some adonis creature from all the stars above. Seriously, stop writing him that way. It's great that you're expanding the character, but you're not giving any reason for how he ended up this way. Stuff like that takes time and development. Notice how I didn't say, don't make the characters OOC. I'm saying that something needs to happen in order for that change to eventually occur. It's realistic. No one can stay the same forever.

A good crossover is a crossover that expands on the characterization of characters from both universes, changes them, either for the good or the better, and explores ideas never before touched. It doesn't even need a happy ending. You wanna make a Naruto x Yang from RWBY fanfic? Do it! I'm encouraging you to go out there and make it happen! But be realistic with it. How did they meet? How did they slowly develop from friendship to romance. How does this change who they are and how they've matured or in some cases, regressed? How does this change everything around them? It's that kind of thing that makes the good stuff happen!

What's next... ah, Harems.

I don't like them. I honestly don't. But at the same time, I do. Harems stories can be amusing if they're done right. You can't expect a harem protagonist's life to be lovey dovey and sweet can you? No, something like a harem would be difficult, incredibly so, and would do murder to your conscience. Am I treating her better than her, or something like that. If you're doing it for simple smut, I'm not reading it. It'd be a waste of time. But if it's well written, understandable, fits the series that you are writing about, and not complete and utter bullshit, I'll read it. Look at Platinumsabr. He knows what he's doing.

List of Fiction

Alright, so this is how this will work. Below, you are going to find my current and upcoming plans for the next several months involving my work. Fanfiction that either already in existence or waiting to be born. I don't have a fixed schedule (though I wish I did) so updates will come here and then, but hopefully not too long. I know how much it stinks when you're waiting for an update for three months. But authors have lives and it is the tradeoff readers get. Besides, usually if it takes me a while to post, it means I'm probably making one long ass chapter. Those who know me are well aware that I don't dare release a chapter that has less than four thousand words in it. Any less than that and I've clearly died and someone has made hostage of my profile.

My fandoms are as follows:

Percy Jackson and The Olympians

Harry Potter

Fate/stay night


Dark Souls


Rosario Vampire


etc... Not really picky.


Blood. Men were born from and undone by it. Madness and arrogance was all it wrought. Yet men lusted for it, lusted for the secrets it held. Dark Lords were no different in that matter. Slaying his young foe has stirred blood that runs pale and a dream never meant to be touched. Tonight, Harry Potter joins The Hunt.

[ Harry Potter x Bloodborne]

Fire Emblem Fates: Exodus

AU. Thousands of years ago, a great war between the First Dragons took place, causing great destruction. One dragon decided to involve humans into the war by forging legendary weapons to end the war. Now, his descendants bring war in the form of Nohr and Hoshido, triggering an awakening... and at the center of it, dragons of Dawn and Dusk prepare for a bitter end to their conflict

Remnant of The Past

Amidsts the ruins of Mt. Olympus, New York, the children of gods made their final stand against the Mother Earth. Their long war would end and he could finally lay down his arms. But it was not to be and he awakens without memory in a world different than he remembered. Yet one thing had not changed. The world still needed heroes…

[Percy Jackson x RWBY]

Sekirei Vampire

For him, it was a realization that the Ghoul couldn't control his life unless he allowed it to. When the Exorcist declares him unfit to return to the academy because of his mentality, he is sent to the city to clear his mind and relax with his cousin, maybe even make friends. He never knew that leaving would get him in a dangerous game. Moka won't be amused. Aono centric

[Rosario Vampire x Sekirei]

Guardian of The Hunters

[Summary Provided Later] [Expected Arrival: Winter 2016]

Order of The Phoenix: A Demigod's Might

[Summary Provided Later] [Expected Arrival: Winter 2016]

[Harry Potter x Percy Jackson and The Olympians]


Dragon Ball Z Time Travel: Goku awakens on Planet Vegeta.

Authors I'd Recommend


Coeur Al'Aran

Super Saiyan Cyndaquil

College Fool

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In all the lifetimes that she lived, Naga had born witness to many heroes who ascended to kings and walked the path of radiance, but never had she witnessed an Outlander whose existence walked hand in hand with death. Robin never expected to find victory in the form of a young man with a funny accent and an honest wish
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Amidsts the ruins of Mt. Olympus, New York, the children of gods made their final stand against the Mother Earth. Their long war would end and he could finally lay down his arms. But it was not to be and he awakens without memory in a world different than he remembered. Yet one thing had not changed. The world still needed heroes…
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Blood. Men were born from and undone by it. Madness and arrogance was all it wrought. Yet men lusted for it, lusted for the secrets it held. Dark Lords were no different in that matter. Slaying his young foe has stirred blood that runs pale and a dream never meant to be touched. Tonight, Harry Potter joins The Hunt.
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