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Recent News

(pending) = haven't finished writing that chapter yet.

Chapter 33: Forgiveness - August 11, 2011
Chapter 34: Lies - August 28, 2011 (pending)

THE END TO WANTED! (Maybe chapter 34, dunno, we'll see how it goes, but here's the general outline!)

What the hell am I doing? I have 3 exams in the next 2 days and here I am writing. Writing Jelensta's story. About Jelensta and Syaoran's relationship. Gahh, I need to focuss!

Anyway, the above is a general outline of the story. So far, Wanted finishes @ Chapter 32 (Man, when I first started writing I had planned for this story to be like 18 chapters at most. -.-; of course, 'Love' was also never planned... it just... happened and flowed with 'Wanted'.)

33 Chapters at MOST (I think LOL). I have a general outline planned. So if all goes well, this story will be done within 7 months!!!

And yes, there WILL BE A SEQUEL!!!!

EDIT APR 13, 2011: WTH is wrong with me, why do I keep over-writing?! Looks like there will be a Chapter 34 after all... couldn't fit Inner Peace (which is also gonna be renamed) + Lies all within 2 chapters... -.-

EDIT JULY 18, 2011: Going to China August 12th. Uploading a Chapter on August 11th. Coming back August 30th. Start work August 31st. -.- When I'm come back I will try to upload the last (or last 2 depending if I need to split the chapters again) chapter!! Fingers crossed, for that to happen I need to finish writing the story before I leave!!

-December 12, 2010


Wow... I can't believe the last time I update was like 3 years ago... O_O

Anyhow, kind of good news. I've gotten 2 chapters of Wanted written... just going to finish writing the 3rd, and I'll start uploading them at equal intervals! My hope it to have the next chapter out within next week!!!

(And... of course I doubt anyone still remember the story / will read this update U_U)

-November 14, 2010

A Important Note

The following note has been on my bio for probably at least 2-3 years now... and I would like to keep it, because it's been keeping those flamers on their toes when deciding to flame others again. So here it goes:

"I know you're going to think I'm a bitch after reading this, but you know what? I've had it. This is a note to say a big FUCK YOU to all flamerz who doesn't have the guts to leave their email address or flame with their account so the author might get back at them. I HATE people like that! If you don't have the guts, then dun flame! And another thing, if u're flaming someone just coz they flamed you, then you're really FUCKED UP because there's no lower you can stoop, I believe that is so fucking childish for someone to do. I've had ENOUGH! Someone actually flamed me coz I so-called flamed them by saying if they could, they should write longer chaps... So now I'm going to say this ONCE, and you're going to LISTEN and REMEMBER it, if you're going to flame me, go ahead, just dun flame me coz I so-called flamed you (coz I've never flamed someone unless it was plagerism) AND DUN YOU FUCKING FLAME ME AS AN ANONYMOUS Coz if u dun have the guts to be emailed back, and have an ACTUAL DICUSSION AND NOT JUST A ONE-SIDED OPPINION THING then you know what, dun blame me for deleting the review. Of course, if you flame me on an real account because u TRULY DUN like my story, and will give me something to REPLY to so I can improve my story, I'll keep ur review, coz u deserve to have ur oppinions heard. for the rest of you low-lives, I've said it b4, I'll say it again, FUCK YOU!

Ahem. I know many feel the way I do, but no one actually posted it, but I've had enough. It used to be like this for Empty Shell and Sakura's Mine, but it stopped, until yesterday one review came back with another ANONYMOUS! I had enough, I want my oppinions heard!

You must think I'm a bitch, but I'm not. I usually post on my bio during times when I have strong emotions, and when I do, I like to cuss. So no, I'm not like this real life...

Another thing, do not, suggest any stories to me, because looking at my fav. Author List you think I don't read at all, don't you. But I do, I'm just EXTREMELY picky, so if there's any story you want to suggest to me, I've probably already read it, I just don't like it enough. If there's any author you think is great, then I've already heard of him/her as well, so please you don't need to suggest anything to me because I know just about every decent/worth reading story on fanfiction. And Please, Please, PLEASE! Even after I posted this note I STILL have people suggesting things to me and they're usually the SAME! I HAVE HEARD OF STARJADE and read her stories I just don't like them all right? So please don't suggest anymore of her stuff to me! (No offence to you, Starjade)


About Me

Name: private

Sex: Female

Age: 20

Date of Birth: August 28, 1990

Grade: 3rd-Year University, Faculty of Mathematics, Financial Analysis / Risk Management Program

Country I now live in: Canada

Country I was born in: China

My ff. net Forum:

Username History: For a while, my username was pretty boring... always just my real name. Then from Grade 7 it was Mini Sweety, or MS-chan. Currently though, and probably for a while, I'll mostly be J-Kalika, JKalika, J Kalika, J_Kalika, or Kalika, if the name is still available.

My DeviantArt Account:

Fictionpress Account:

My Writing Status

Stories Finished

I Dare You

I Am Beautiful (One-shot)

Last Minute of Life (FEATURED!)

Reality's Difference (to be deleted soon?)

Face it!

Stories In-Progress

Wanted (Also currently editting through the first few chapters for errors)

I Dare You 2 (Will have a total of maybe... 13 chapters-ish)

Till we Meet Again (haven't decided... will be at LEAST 18 chaps prolly)

Possible Future Stories (?)


1000 Words

Look at Me


Stories Deleted

Darkness (Right. I literally finished this story for one reviewer. ;) )

Sakura's Mine (1st fic ever written. Despite many request, this one just sucked majorly... back then I was trying to "fit in with the crowd" and this fic was as shallow as a lot of fics I've read here... (uhh no offence to anyone) )

Undefeated by Fate (I was reading it over for errors and stuff, and I fell asleep. =.= the beginning was too boring for my standard.)

Mini Sweety's Wacky Crossovers (Too weird for my liking even. Besides it's more off a fanfic for my own stories rather than CCS xD Sry to those who expected it to be updated...)

Ironic Obsession (It was just kinda... 'uhhhh' to me. Somehow, something was just missing from the story.)

Empty Shell (2nd fic I ever wrote. The grammar/sentence structure / plot was just... WOW... in a bad way. Sorry for those who liked it--it just wasn't worth my time to edit through.)

My Arts for my FANFICS / CCS in General:


-I Dare You, the MANGA!! (made long time ago though, n.n; plan to redraw / remake my manga site XD)


-Sakura, in Costume
-Sakura and Tomoyo, Other Identity (what they "looked like" before they "chose" their new looks.)


-Modern ILONKA
-ILONKA, the Angel of Fire

CCS In General:

-Chibi Meiling
-Sexy Tomoyo, pencil
-Sexy Tomoyo, coloured

My Translated Fics


If would like to translate any of my fan fictions, please email me, or PM me with:

-The name of my fan fiction that you would like to translate
-The language it'll be translated into
-A link to your account
-How often you'll be updating

And under the circumstance that you agree to the following:

-At the top of every chapter, you'll write: This Fanfiction is written originally by: Mini Sweety
-You will email/PM me everytime you make an update

That is all! Simple as that:)

Currently Translated Fics

I Dare You - Spanish -
Reality's Difference - French -

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