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I couldn’t resist having this hottie as my profile picture. As my name suggests – I love this guy! Kellan Lutz with a stuffed puppy – how aDoRaBle!

Welcome to my profile people :)

Top Two Quotes:

“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.” (I have no idea whose this is but I got it from my fourth grade teacher’s wall in fourth grade. It stuck with me ever since.)

“Life sucks. And then you die.” Jacob Black.


HelLo FanFiction, this is mOi, Nan – that’s all you have to know, plus it’s the only part of my name that’s on the laptop dictionary so I’m not making a spelling mistake. And you didn’t have to know that.


I’m from South Africa – I recently found out I’m not the only South African on FanFiction so that sucks – am in my mid-teens and am the craziest person known to life. No joke.

Create a me:

I love reading.

I am branded a nerd – by my non-nerd friends.

I go to a Christian school that is not even close to holy – unless you count the holes in the ceiling.

I love sarcasm – who in their right mind doesn’t?

I love dashes – as you might have noticed.

There’s no such thing as ‘normal’ in my books – what does that even mean?

I am friends with an emo (sort of), a rock star (sort-of), a lady Barbie-person (seriously), a Benjamin Franklin (no joke) and a few other characters that are not necessarily part of my inner-circle, one of them includes a strawberry-blonde (wranger?) who acts crazy every time she gets a drop of energy drinks. Maybe I do too, but that’s not the point.

My sTorieS… PsY…

First of all I’m back in school, and it’s become extremely difficult for me to write and update. I’m writing exams right now and it’s not pretty. Especially Maths.

We’re also having an internet problem so that accounts for most of the updating misfortunes.

That sucks.

Inside Out: My first successful run at FanFiction, and it’s still going strong. Everyone’s support is the reason I still write out the chapters of this story, no matter how difficult it’s getting.

The City Of Angels: All scenes will now be devoid of the shining light called ‘The Gang’ which include the ever funny McCarty brothers, and will be long-awaitedly replaced by the BE-A-U-TI-FUL Edward Masen who does not come alone, but with the most adorablestest Maggie, his niece, and their filming of the Romano Brothers movie: Leave Me To Die.

State Of A Broken Mind: So Bella has found out about something about the hot vampire Edward, alerted by her recurring dreams about the unknown James. When she – finally – decides to talk about it, she realizes something. Edward and James are the same – in a way.

Crimson Guns and Golden Puppies: Isabella – no, NOT Bella – is the head of the Volturi, and is ultimately the ruler of the vampire world. Feared for her harsh rulings and death glare, when she sentences a certain Edward Masen for his discretions for revealing the secret to his sister Alice, Alice is sentence to the life of a Volturi vampire, for her abilities as a psychic. They are both freed from the Volterra castle, but not for long because the mandatory check-up leads Isabella and her older brother Emmett – who does nothing really – to Forks, where the golden-haired Rosalie and her brother Jasper clash violently with the beautiful newcomers.

Amethyst Shadow: When Seth saves a girl from bleeding to death in the forest, he didn’t know he was inevitably leading her to her death. The male vampires do not give her a chance – especially after Emmett gets a taste of the girl’s blood. An inevitable fight for her between the wolves trying to protect her, Alice and Rosalie trying to defend their husbands and their husbands turning on them, Esme gone, Carlisle seeing to the patient and the newest family in their perfect little cottage, it’s a perfect whirlwind in the Cullen home, especially after the Volturi left them shaken.

The New Kid – An Edwella Hate Story… sort of: Bella is not popular with anyone except popular Alice Brandon, who sometimes finds herself wondering why she puts up with her. But Bella refuses to play the victim, even if it does hurt. She throws f-bombs like no man’s business, is never afraid to retaliate verbally and if needed, a few punches may be knocked in as well. Edward is a different story. Popular from his first day in Forks High, hot, bad and irresistible, he knows he always gets the girl. No matter who – no matter what. Unfortunately he met Bella, and sparks flew.

One Shots:

If Only I

Midsummer Night Shadow

The Confederate

There Alright

Upcoming Projects…

Yes, I know I shouldn’t even be thinking about this section but here it is. I’ll most definitely NOT even think about uploading any one of these – unless it’s a one shot – without having completed at least ONE of my fics. So don’t even think about it yet.

Details In The Fabric: Chapter one: The hole in Edward’s heart throbbed at the gnawing outer edges, the aluminum blades which seemed to rack through him, made him unable to breathe. He lay on his bed, his position seeming like an island in the pool of brown beer bottles.

His breath, once a sweet honey-lilac-and-sun smell, reeked of roasted barley and stale brewed alcohol. The dirty, designer clothes he wore were sticking to his sickly thin form due to the salt and water mixture called sweat, giving his body an overdose of ‘man-odor’.

His eyes were red and puffed to an extent that he couldn’t cry himself to sleep anymore. In the end, he would down more than five bottles of beer a day, the unconsciousness which came with the overdose knocking him out completely, substituting for his sleep.

Ghost Whisperer: preview of the first chapter: Thankfully I didn’t have to do anything at gym today, since I was new and all, but tomorrow I was supposed to join in with everyone else. Yay.

After dropping off the slip at the office I managed to walk back to my darling, rustic orange-red automobile, my 1953 Chevy and all its glory.

I felt that strong pull I always felt when there were ghosts around, only this was stronger. Like thick metal cables pulled me towards their family, not like the highly intricate thread I usually got from others.

He stood there, leaning against someone’s silver Volvo with his hair seemingly moving in the wind, which was entirely impossible.

I stumbled and fumbled as I tried to stick my key into the door so as to be able to open it. When I finally did and was in the cab, I was breathing heavily and I was shaking. I put my head in my hands and tried to shake myself back to non-mythical reality. I got up and started my car out the lot, not even taking a glance in the ghost family’s direction.

Hell on Ice: The City Of Angels: The continuation of the Edward/Bella love story, but this time they’re – dun-dun-dun – MARRIED! With two kids Ash and Rhae, Edward’s acting job, finding a home for their family, a live Christmas present, friends, Ash’s condition, Bella’s company, a pest that is set on ruining their lives and a few deaths thrown into the mix, life for the Masen family quickly becomes hell, only they don’t know it yet.

Demon of Light: The City Of Angels: Continued from the last chapter of HOI (which only I am certain of the direction it will go in), something tragic sets off the lives of the Masens in a downwind direction. Edward has more acting calls than ever, Renee re-marries, Ash is having a hard time dealing with a few things, friends, work, motherhood and the one demon that has kept haunting her has brought a few friends, taken away a few lives and this time, has put her desperately on the edge from which, there’s no turning back. Death is the theme in this one and Bella does not escape its grip.

Thanks to everyone that has checked out this profile. I hope you’re interested in any one of the about to be new releases – personally I can’t wait for the two The City of Angels sequels – and please tell me your thoughts about any of them. To comment on any of the stories I already have, please add a review after reading them, your opinions are highly appreciated – but please don’t flame me, encourage me :).

All characters I have not created are property of their authors – or in this case Stephenie Meyer, I don’t have the energy to write about anything else – and all credit goes to her for being one of the bestest! Dibs if she sells the rights to Twilight – mwahahahaha.


After getting a glimpse of my craziness, feel free to read anyone of these stories below of mine or maybe even my favorites – some of them greatly contrast to mine – and revel in the even more insane. Seriously. If you thought this was the worst I could get… actually, my charactes are not much crazier than I am. I’m worse.

And I’m blubbering again.

Thanks for visiting!


Dear You.

You are probably one of the fantastical people in my FF life who read my stories, and I thank you for you profusely for your support. That being said, I have Midyears coming up in five weeks, and with that comes the responsibility of studying - unfortunately. Sigh. So, the point out being is that I will be out for the duration because I apparently can't whizz through school anymore and get a 70 average without trying. But that's not the point. I have to study, meaning I can't be up at Ten p.m writing the next chapter of TCOA while I have to do Science. Which sucks, but I have to get my act together because I have a future or whatever and I have to make sure I study my little assets off and get better marks in everything. Whatever. Life sucks but I will just have to love and leave you. For now, anyway.

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