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my pen name comes from the words "batah", a Hebrew word that means "trust in" and "Yeshua", the hebrew name of Jesus. my pen name actually means "trust in Jesus"

Let me tell everyone that God loves you and is more than willing to forgive you! However, you have to know that you can't save yourselves because everyone sinned and all you need is Jesus to be saved!

Although in my stories, I used Aslan as a representative of the real Savior, Jesus of Nazareth, it is but an incomplete picture of that...

The truth is that the stories I'm making are not that definitive enough and sometimes encourage people to do the things God is forbidding to do if they don't get the message being said in there...

That said, Jesus saves guys! It is the ABSOLUTE truth that many deny to exist, but will always prevail!

Stories I'm planning to write in this account/ has already been written

The PODMD series:

This series is a multi-crossover fanfiction of an organization which aims to protect the Real World from the forces of Evil from the multiverse of ideas that mankind has created. It is started by Aslan thru the use of the Hetalia:Axis Powers universe, to prevent an incoming destruction befalling another universe. As the story goes on, the members of the said organization would go on in conflicts against the Organization of the Liberation of Ideas, and even to themselves.

PODMD Saga 1: The Start of the Conflict

This Saga focuses on the World of Pokemon right after the Diamond and Pearl series of the anime. The OTLI targets the Pokemon world for an invasion to meet their goal, and the only one who knows this is Aslan. He went to arrange a group of makeshift, quarreling countries in their daily U.N. meeting and warn them of this, and they gladly moved in and help. Soon, they would meet Ash and co., gather their friends and rivals around, all in the goal of defeating this organization's invasion. What Ash, his friends, and their rivals didn't know is that they are not just going to defeat an invasion force, but rather know a truth that has long been hidden in the Pokemon world! The theme of this revolves around Salvation and Repentance.

PODMD Saga 2: The Legend of the Wand Trio

The PODMD, now composed of the Pokemon Team and the countries, are assigned to deal with another invasion attempt of the OTLI, this time, in the world of the countries. Teaming up with the rebellious but helpful Kids Next Door organization, they aim to gather the current chosen ones to become the legendary Wand Trio, who has pivotal but equally forgotten role throughout history. However, they are not the only ones after them, because the OTLI plans to get them as well!

Meanwhile, some members of the Pokemon Team have a different and surprising task. They are task to warn another dimension that the OTLI plans to invade alongside the other invasions, which will not be easy for them!

The focus of this story is the Fairly Odd Parents universe (WAY before the Grow Up Timmy Turner movie and somewhat before Season 9 happened) and the theme of this story is Faith, Hope, Friendship, and Trust and challenges the current notions of love.

PODMD Saga 3: Operation S.A.L.V.A.T.I.O.N.

Operation S.A.L.V.A.T.I.O.N. has different meaning to three groups. One, it is a mission to save themselves by forming a new world. For another, it's a mission to prevent that world from materializing to save the old and new world from destruction. Finally, another happens to view it as the eradication of two groups to save the whole world. However, the PODMD's leader and the OTLI's leader also has plans for the upcoming conflict. One aims to destroy the others and grab the opportunity to colonize the new world, the other aims to save all parties and lead everyone to repentance. Whose plan will succeed?

As the rival factions goes on to fulfill their goals, a select few members of the PODMD are chosen in a very special role, but in doing so, they must struggle against their very own selves, in order to fulfill the goal given to them.

This happens during the Pokemon Best Wishes Timeline, before the Fairly Odd Parents Season 9, and before the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Mechantium Surge arc, and is an AU of the Shakugan no Shana Season III and Codename: Kids Next Door universes. The theme of the story are the following: the Power of Deception, the Concept of Obedience, the Power of Redemptive Grace, and the Concept of Purity in terms of Romantic Relationships. It would also introduce an allegorical concept of Spiritual Warfare

PODMD Mid-Saga Stories 1: Saga 3 to Saga 4

From an Archdjinn terrorizing a place called Gravity Falls, to a summer apocalypse, to another attempted invasion in another world... just a collection of Short Stories that details an everyday job for the PODMD... as they gain new friends and new enemies in preparation of the next Saga...

Did I forget to mention that most of the PODMD members would also own Pokemon, and dukes it out against each other in perhaps the craziest fan-made battle tournament you would ever see...

PODMD Saga 4: The Fulfillment of Gog and Magog

I got inspired to do this in advance because world events are growing faster than I realize.

Months of peace ensured the PODMD to have a rest, but a grim event that is about to happen begins to unfold. Russia turns rouge, and entire dimensions are changing so fast that in begins to line-up in a massive event called a timeframe convergence. The turntables are now set, the clock is now in motion, as the PODMD begins to encounter an event prophesied to happen by the prophets of old: the War of Gog and Magog. The theme revolves on the concept of Prophecy, and the different reactions regarding it.

Tentative: PODMD Saga 5: The Keyblade of the Heart

When Sora and the gang stumbles upon the PODMD universe, all chaos ensued, and it isn't just some simple chaos... as the OTLI began to discover that at least one of the newest PODMD recruits actually has a secret inside...

This Saga, tentatively, will be mainly based on the concept of True Love, in the concept of Purity, Faithfulness, and Sacrifice

The Tribulation Age Series

This is a Left Behind Series X Pokemon crossover that is currently in the works. Remember in Saga 2 where Aslan mentions of a world like that of Pokemon but got ended early? This is the story aimed at filling that mark!

This are tentative summarries of the said series. Please note that most summaries are Ash-centric as I still don't want to reveal who among the Pokemon Anime Characters would be involve much more.

Book 1: The Rapture

A travelling trainer, a group of coordinators, a pilot and a newspaper journalist. People with no knowledge of each other that would be joined together in a largely prophesied but largely ignored event, where millions of people would disappear in a twinkling of the eye. Join as we witness The Rapture in the eyes of Ash Ketchum and several of his friends, and on how this events would lead him either to repentance, or being lost, as the Age of Tribulation sets in the world of Pokemon.

Book 2: The Tribulation Saints

Ash and co. joins a group that christens themselves as the Tribulation Force, a small group that aims to conteract the efforts of the Antichrist to fully subdue the world. Read on how they managed to struggle during the period of peace and war to befall on their world, and how their actions would soon lead to many people to believe in the One True Messiah of Israel

Book 3: Secret Follies

Rayford knows that Carpathia is up to something. The intercom details on an operation where Carpathia would capture something powerful. Knowing of this, a pair of corrdinators tried to intercept. Would they succeed or not?

Book 4: The Seal of the Lamb

After the Wrath of the Lamb earthquake, the whole world is shabberred into ruins. As the trumpet judgement are unleashed, believers around the world are marked with the Seal of the Lamb. In search of those with the mark, Ash got a calling to go to Kalos and gather the said believers, not knowing that along the process, he'll run into a his childhood past, all while escaping a rival-turned Global Community guard. Along the way, Ash receives a letter from someone calling himself Natural Harmonia, calling him to join him in a massive revolt to oust Carpathia out of his sit. What and where would his decisions lead him?

Book 5: Apollyon

Having been successful in his Kalos trip, Ash attends to a conference to hear about the upcoming prophecies, alongside a mysterious person who plans to avert the next prophecy. Ash would pay dearly for adding upon the prophecies, in his attempt to prevent the Two Witnesses to be killed, alongside this mysterious friend of his.

Book 6: Assassins

Alongside Rayford, Ash now wants to lay his hands on Nicolae, after witnessing on how his friends from the past was killed. Knowing that the next prophecy would be Carpathia be murdered, Ash is more than determined to unleash it himself, which agitates the core of leadership within the Tribulation Force. However, for some unknown reason, Ash is challenged by Carpathia to battle him out in national television. What would be the end result of such struggle? Will he succeed or not?

Book 7:The Last Three and A Half

Guilty of being part of the assasination plot, Ash contemplates on whether what he has done is right. That is until an old friend revisits him, having been a messenger of hope. Meanhwhile, a new believer joined the ranks of the Tribulation Force, and is now planning to invent a machine that would soon help people to repent once the next prophecy starts kicking in!

Book 8: The Mark of the Beast

For some unknown reason, several Pokeballs sealed in golden marks appeared in the hands with the Tribulation Force main group, in which none of them could determine how it works, nor on how this fits the prophecies. Carpathia establishes a system of economic control, and those who won't take the system would be guillotined. What will now happen to the crew once the Great Tribulation sets forth on earth?

Book 9: The Awful Horror

The temple of Jerusalem is defiled, leading for millions of Jews and Gentiles to become believers, where the machine invented beforehand took the loyalty mark out of those who wanted to repent. The Tribulation Force launches Operation Eagle, where everyone has to retreat to Petra, but many lives would be lost. As the days grow nearer and nearer to the Glorious Day of Salvation, the wrath of the Lamb goes stronger and stronger. Who would survive, who would not?

Book 10: Days before Armeggeddon

Mystery surrounds the Pokeballs the remnant of the Tribulation Force has in hand. Several believers have witnessed some degree of protection. The days of deception are now at it's peak, as the warclouds of Armegeddon rises in the Horizon

Book 11: The Battle of Arm Megiddo

Details in the Future

Book 12: The Glorious Reappearing

Details in the Future

Please note that I may change my mind often, so everything in my list is tentative.

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