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Meow? Meo-achk! Ack! Gahck! Gah! Hairball! Oops...

Uh... yeah, hi? I'm not good with this stuff so...

My name, well... it's Sofea, but I prefer my nickname or internet name, Digital, because I'm a bit insecure about that. Yeah, I'm a total paranoid.

I'm a junior writer and my first story is EBF-related, so you guys go check that game out. It's fun, seriously. Oh, and I'm a beginner pianist too.

My interests would be EBF (duh), Hetalia, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Golden Sun, Fire Emblem and almost any manga series on earth. And cats and tortoises, because I have them as my pets.

Got nothing else to write here... oh wait.

I'm a big Yaoi fan, but I also like shoujo-ai (NOT HARDCORE YURI) and het. So, yeah, I'm pretty comfy with all that.



Russia/China - cuz their so cute together
Prussia/Canada - cuz PruCan is kyoot~
Belarus/America - cuz I'm weird like that and Belarus just needs more love
France/England - cuz Canada. Nuff said.
Japan/Greece - cuz it's my OTP
Italy/Germany - cuz it haz to be Canon! It haz to!
Romano/Spain - cuz I like it
Norway/Iceland - cuz incest makes me nosebleed and their so cute together
Finland/Sweden - It's canon. IT MUST BE CANON.
Austria/His Piano - cuz I'm insane
Flying Mint Bunny/Herr Schtick - do I need to 'splain?

~Golden Sun~ (I don't believe in DD)

Felix/Piers - 'ts my other OTP
Isaac/Saturos - eheh... foe yay just wins me over
Garet/Ivan - I need more of this
Mia/Sheba - I luv insane pairings
Menardi/Jenna/Karst - Oh yeah, the Fire Trio!
Arcanus/Alex - This proves my insanity.

~Fire Emblem~ (I only played 7 and 8 and Fuuin no Tsurugi is not real to me)

Eliwood/Hector - ...*blush*
Lyndis/Florina - *nosebleed*
Kent/Sain - Oh my gawd...
Heath/Legault - *faints*
Matthew/Guy - Yeah...
Jaffar/Nino - One of the few het couples that I actively support
Oswin/Serra - Another one
Lucius/Raven - Hawt...
Erk/Canas - What? I already said I'm weird...
Tactician/Eirika - I support this ever since I read Tactician of the Stones
Forde/Lyle - To keep up with the Green/Red knights tradition
Amelia/Franz - Another het.
Lute/Natasha - It's weird and not many people like, that's why I ship it
Joshua/Artur - D'awww...

...okies, bye.

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