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Thomas Quincy Rocazor Averwood

Full Name: Classified information

Nickname: Tom, Blaff, TQ

Profession: Aspiring Writer/Novelist, Red Dead Wiki Admin (inactive), university student, independent drummer

Age: at this time of writing, 17

Gender: Male

Location(s): Philippines - Classified information

United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi

Email Address:

Twitter: @thankssalike

Facebook: Tom Averwood

Interest(s): Video games, rock music, sketching, other forms of hobbies

Forums I've been to: Various RDR forums, GTAForums, various SimCity forums, IGN forums.

Website(s) visited throughout my life: Cracked, Wikipedia, IGN, Gamespot, Gamesradar, of course FanFiction, Bulbapedia, RockstarGames, 9gag, Memebase, Youtube, Google, "private" site(s), Listverse, Escapist (of course, Zero Punctuation), TvTropes, and many to mention.

I'm still working with the "At the Brink of Death" series:


Update logs:

"A Long Way to Fall" complete

- Still working for the next chapter, "Dead on Arrival" (8/22/13)

- Uploading of next chapter

- Re-updating the story

- Adding disclaimer/author's note (done)

- Refitting two major plots until Chapter 3 and 4. (planned date: 9/1/13)

At the Brink of Death

Act 1: A Rock and a Hard Place (complete/done)
- A Bad Neighborhood (complete/done)
- Points of Interest (complete/done)
- Bad Misnomer (complete/done)
- Too Stubborn to Die (complete/done)
- The Cold-hearted Los Santos (complete/done)
- Urban Intervention (complete/done)
- Marked for Death (complete/done)
Act 2: Downfall for All of Us (complete/done)
- Feud for a Losing Game (complete/done)
- A Long Way to Fall (complete/done)
- Dead on Arrival (in progress)
- Worst Possible Moment
- None or All of the Above
- Tears from Broken Promises
- Bad Things to Come
Act 3: Buried Dirt Inside My Grave
- The Same Old Excuses
- Picking Up the Pieces
- Life is Fair in Loss and Tragedy
- Strange Affiliations
- Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
- Help is On the Way
- Out of the Blue
- San Fierro Underground
Act 4: Lies Left Unkempt
- Trust a Mistrust
- Deserter in the Desert
- Public Relationship Issues
- Where the Wild Things Are
- Dry Bone County
- At the Lowest Point
- Personal Recluse
- Sunsets and Trials
Act 5: Acts of Solidarity
- Lighter Side of the Story
- On a Collision Course
- My Inner Shadows
- Give Me the Right False Accusations
- Anger Coming from Loneliness
- Fear and Loathing in Las Venturas
Final Act: Put My Flames Out with Gasoline
- Gang Warfare
- A Marriage Made in Heaven
- Bustling Streets Back from Los Santos
- Taking Its Toll
- Better World for the Misery
- It All Comes Down to This

At the Brink of Death II: Bad Beginnings
Act 1:Worst Place in America
- It Feels Like New York City
- Withstood the Pain of Liberty
- St. Mark's Bistro
- Green Light in Red Light
- Subliminal Messages
- City of Evil
- Rats and Oily Waters
Act 2: Ace of Spades
- Solitary Confinement
- Booze, Drugs, and Vice
- Provocative Getaway
- Good Impressions, Bad Impressions
- Beneath the Boards and Sunlight
- The Promised Land
- No Pain, No Gain
Act 3: American Nightmare
- Relentless Chaos
- Straight to the Point
- Bait and Snitch
- Nothing Personal, Just Business
- The Royal Flush
- Dancing in the Midnight Folly
Act 4: Actions Louder Than Words
- Live and Let Die
- Money is the Message
- The Last of Us
- Undivided Attention
- Hell Above Heaven
- Tickets to Collision
Final Act: Move It or Lose It
- Strange Happenings
- Burning Down My Fire
- At Heaven's Door
- Corrupt Circulation in Liberty City
- Ends Justified the Means

At the Brink of Death III: The Vices in Vice City
Act 1: Eternal Happiness and Moonshine
- A Day to Remember
- Catching the Mafia Heat
- Too Caring for Comfort
- Grounds for Assault
- Greener on the Other Side
- Hot Pursuit
Act 2: Islands of Opportunity
- Modernized American Dream
- And the Things That You’ll Like
- Promises are Meant to be Broken
- Lost in the Treachery
- Under a Deadly Blow
- Out of Everybody’s Touch
- Disappearing Without a Trace
Act 3: A Midnight Summer Dream
- Let Me Drink the Agony
- Copper’s Golden Mine
- Exit Wounds
- So Sooner Than Later
- Come and Gone
- Interests and Investments
Act 4: The Job
- A Small Price to Pay
- Blood, Tears, and Sweat
- All is Lost
- Halfway Down the Problems
- Hostile Negotiations
Final Act: Pieces of the Puzzle
- What’s Worth Saving
- Truth Revealed
- It’s Either Them of Us
- A Mistake That Never Fades
- That Old Familiar Feeling
- Let’s Finish This

Other stories still under construction:

Tales of the Irishman


Gordon Sargent is just one of the people living on the worst place of America. With a powerful circle of friends and a history on the police database, Gordon tells the tales on how he survive Liberty City amidst his severe gambling problem while serving a gang on a bout for its former glory. His life as the lieutenant of the Irish Mob, headed by the McReary family, is never easy. All the years working for criminals while witnessing the decline of some prominent people and gangs in Liberty City, he has to help himself rise up from his society full of violence and drunkards. Just as things could get bad, it ended up worse: An Italian crime family from Alderney has been employing the Irish to act as extra muscle and his debtors want a cut from him. A long night waits for Gordon, as he embarks to help himself and the gang, apart from causing chaos and trouble of course. Along the way, he might discover things of what he would not expect where his actions might suffer terrible consequences.


  • Gordon Sargent - [GS]
  • Patrick “Packie” McReary - [PM]
  • Gerald “Gerry” McReary - [GM]
  • Konstantin "Kenny" Petrovic - [KP]
  • Leonid "Lenny" Petrovic - [LP]
  • Mark "Marco" Antony Volpe - [MV]
  • Fredo Volpe - [FV]
  • Yuri Utrivosky - [YU]
  • Conrad Aleximov -[CA]
  • Liam Lloyds -[LL]
  • Mickey “Mick” Dwyer - [MD]
  • Michael Keane - [MK]
  • Stevie - [S]
  • Dmitri Rascalov - [DR]
  • Chapters:

  • The Lucky Troublemakers [PM]
  • Extra Muscle [PM]
  • Family Business [LP]
  • Protection Money [LP]
  • Licenses Revoked [KP]
  • A Small Price to Pay [KP]
  • Parts of the Problem [LP]
  • Extermination [KP]
  • Burning Down the House [DR]
  • All Said Than Done [DR]
  • Triad Takedown [PM]
  • Drug Dealing for Starters [PM]
  • Import Tuner [S]
  • The Tip-Off [S]
  • Price for a Rare Commodity [MV]
  • Bookie Marker [MV]
  • For a Good Cost [MN]
  • The Lad from Old Ireland [MN]
  • Keeping the Noses Clean [PM]
  • Liberate the Fronts [GM]
  • Saint Michael [PM]
  • Clean Kill [GM]
  • Industrial Trouble [FV]
  • Selling Out [FV]
  • Arrest Assured [KP]
  • Taken Not Served [PM]
  • Hero of the Heroin [KP]
  • Maximum Security Breakdown [GM]
  • Falling from Grace [PM]
  • All’s Fair in Love and War [DR]
  • The Italian Job [MV]
  • Soften the Blow [FV]
  • Rats and Oily Waters [KP]
  • Unforeseen Consequences [FV]
  • Vodka on the Rocks [KP]
  • It Ends Here [KP]
  • Irish Destiny [PM]

  • Other stories still under construction:

    - Sunset and Trials (OC)

    - And the Things That You'll Like (OC)

    At the Brink of Death reviews
    It is the story of retired criminal Matt Franklin and his journey to find out that person who tries to end his life. A culmination of truths and revelations beyond the threats that happened to him will unfold as he encounters the people in his past and the present life, in his search for answers in the sprawling sun-soaked state of San Andreas,1992 era.
    Grand Theft Auto - Rated: T - English - Mystery/Crime - Chapters: 11 - Words: 19,150 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 8/22/2013 - Published: 12/13/2011 - OC