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Summary: Well, I have always found the internet to be an enabler willing to let me talk about myself, the things I love most, and to be celebrated for talking about it with panache and wit, not necessarily in that order. Being as much of an insomniac as I am, you will clearly see why I spend so much time here on the heavenly plane we mortals refer to as the world wide web.

I am a dramatist, a romanticist, and I express myself in ways the human race chose to ban three centuries ago. My mind is a mess of procrastination, university papers, language studies, romance, books, energy drinks, espresso, wine, vodka, lime tonic, gin, and last of all, the sickly glaze of sugar on the rim of that martini glass.

Now that you are aware of the chemicals that create the cacophony of madness that is my brain, let me introduce to you the outlet with which my mind shall speak to you after it is done typing, scribbling, crying, clothes-shopping, thing-throwing, screaming, typing, muffin-flavoured wax paper chewing, money-spending, self-starving, typing, face-palming, paper-crumpling, typing, singing, paper-folding (I made a hat for you!), deleting, drinking, sleep-depriving, vomiting, nail-biting (no, that's not true; I kicked that habit in favour of my silken nail buffer), scratching, self-kicking, self-mutilating, blood-letting (not really really, I just get really pensive sometimes and that transfers into my nails and...well..) other words, when my mind is done writing.

Fruit Commentary:

Time Or Manner- It is done! Well, that being one new chapter, I should take my time in getting excited. I spent a lot of time and a good amount of tears over this chapter, and I'm satisfied with its result. I fear, though, that the plot is about to take a turn, and I've decided it is important for you to know this in plain fact. It is, after all, book three.

Before the Dawn- Well, just so you know, I am aware that I am being as annoying as the confounded adblocker on this site, but it had to be written. What can you do? The plot-bunny was fluffy and charged with music. Yes, this was written without the presence of any foreign substance in my blood stream...except of course for the bergamot in my tea cup, but what can that do? -narrows eyes-

Green Bottle: -gurgles- Yes, I was intoxicated and running on fumes when I wrote this. I've heard its one boy/boy turn-on after another. Take your Tom with a little vodka and the war on terrorism just might end. -is enamoured with self-serving propaganda-

Eternus Somnium-Voldemort is undoubtedly dead, and people can't come back from the dead...and epilogues that are happy are really not. Based on the song "Even In Death" by Evanescence. As most of my stories, there is a great hint of madness here, and some might find it a frustrating, choppy read, but I felt that it must be so because the main character spends a lot of time sleeping, and being a person who has experienced the horror that is to be sedated, I know how choppy life can be between each blink.

Lemon-Dipped Afternoons- All right, I'll admit that I loved it at first write, but now the re-read just squicks me. This is not my ship, but...well, I had to write at least one canon-ship cookie. A dark Gellert and Albus drabble I wrote as I played the song "Starlight" by Muse at full blast resulting in my recent chronic deaf-like behaviour.

The Serpent Kills- The idea of horcruxes caught my interest, then this happened at promptly four am whilst contemplating the 1940's, low-cut dresses on thin women, and Tom's curly 1950's hairstyle and of course snakes.

Current Favourite Quotes:

"We created love; shared a vow in a place that was only for you and I. A place no one else could touch. Yet, when I smile, when I breathed out my love for you, you'd close your eyes for an unknown reason. Is it a catch in your own it because of the pain?"

約束- Kinki Kids (once again my translation)

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