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Hey, If you've come here then I guess you've read one of my stories...

So you probably don't care how I found; but since I am clueless to what else to write that's what you are going to get...

A few years ago my very close friend introduced me to FanFiction and I brushed it off like an absolute idiot (obviously).

Then early 2012 I had just finished reading a Nicholas Sparks novel, Eager for another story I rummaged my bookshelf and came up empty-handed, And since I have lost my library card I was at a loss. Then I had a dramatic flashback of my friend showing me "this cool site she found" and flipped open my notebook and began to rummage the entire internet...So yes... i mean google...okay you caught me, I'm being over-dramatic it was the first link I clicked on. So I begin to look through the things I watch on the TV.

After a few months, and looking through plenty of people's Fan Fictions. I was HOOKED, Addicted even.

I had the vague ideas for a Story so i wrote them in a word document. And there we have my first story. It was a bit of a let down but I enjoyed the writing process. But then thought that perhaps I better just stick to reading the stories and leave it to those who know what they are up to.

Later in 2012 our house was getting fixed after the earthquake so we were living in a house that didn't have an internet connection so I was deprived of Fan Fiction for 5 weeks. During this time I came up with 4 very different storylines for supernatural.(Most are still in my head and are yet to be written) So on this cold winters night I lay on my bed and the story just seemed to write itself, pages and pages. I wrote about 10 chapters within my time at the other house.

When I got home I took a leap of faith, without second guessing I posted "A Road back to normalcy" I honestly didn't think I would get any feedback. That night I went to bed thinking "What did you release you monster! people will burn their eyes on your poor grammar".I awoke the next morning and checked my emails to see the most emails in my inbox I've ever seen. My breath hitched as I imagined all the hate mail. Yet when I open the first email I read was full of constructive criticism. It made my day that it didn't say anything along the lines of "Stop writing and take an english class" So thankyou anonymous person for inspiring me to keep writing.

So I will probably only ever write:

Supernatural and One Tree Hill

And it will always be fluff or angst because I know with reason that I cannot write anything like action or horror as you can probably tell from Road back to normalcy in chapter 19.

That is all for now, Thanks for reading and being curious enough to read my tale on how I found Fan Fiction.