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Author has written 2 stories for Lion King, and Balto.

So, if you are to lazy to read this long text, here is the short version:

Name: Eva
Nationality: German (But my mom is croatian)
Race: White
Birthday: 7th October every year. (Hehe, joke, I mean 1996)
Sexuality: Straight
I look like: ... A blond, blue-grey-eyed, stupid blondie-blond girl :P NATURE-blond! >:D
Hobbys: I LOVE it to draw! I really love it! I even ahve a deviantart-account-page, look (VISIT I! >:D)

So... Now I don't want any writing anymore! :P

Hello from hell! (wait, what?)
No, I'm sorry, I mean: Hello from the deeps of your toilet (WHAT?! Again! Oh fuck, it's muuuuch too late for this stuff!)

Hello! (Yeah, THAT's better!)
Welcome on my wounderfull profile (oooohw! The sarcasm!). Hm... what could I tell you? Oh, maby something about me:
My name is Eva, I'm 15 years old and from germany. I live with my parents, my stupid, little, idiotical brother and 4 wounderfull, annoying, adorable, cute, loveable and extremly ungrateful rabbits in a small town in Baden Wuerttemberg ;P. I'm a half-croatian and somewhere, deep in my roots, there's a bit swede.
I really love animals, I wish, I could have rats, or a cat too, but my mom is allergic to cats and my dad hate rats... Yeah, well, neither... Hm... what should I tell you now? Oh, what about my ugly school, my loser-friends (I'm one of this losers), my annoyig rabbits or my current life? Yes? (SAY YES!) Okay!
My school... the most terrible place on earth (Like every school). The only good things: My unbeliveable nice headteacher Mrs. Röckle, my friends and the subjects german and history. Nothing else.
Yes, it is true: I'm REALLY interested in history! I even have a 1 in this wounderfull subject ("1" is in germany like a "A" in the USA)! And german... I can write good essays and it's just my mother tongue... Nothing else... Hm, biologie is interesting too, but I'm not as good as in history. Oh, btw: I'm in the 9th grade of High School.
So enough talking about... school... Now to the really important things, like my awesome friends ;D! I really have to say, that I like almost everybody from our class! But my 5 homies are Fatima, Jessica, Denise, Madeleine and Lina :3 Wha, I really love them! :D They are just great, I can always write off my homework (MATH -.-') and they are just... great friends! We always go togheter to school, to the cinema (okay, except one of us don't like the movie, then we go without her ;D) and we have a lot of funny sleepovers ^^. But really: They are great friends, and I'm glad, that I have them :)
SO, now to my super-awesome rabbits, who live the whole year outside, in a stable! We have: Sammy, Penny, Tinky and Miss Marple. You wnat to know something about them? OKAY!
Sammy is... he's... How should I explain? He's... fat. Lazy. A true pasha... Hey, he's the only male (No worries! He's castrated! ;D). He's something like the Rabbit-Garfield. He everytime get the full attention of the ladys, he's the biggest, the fattest, but deep in his heart a extremly shy, scared little rabbit :3 But I still love this guy, even when he's... Sammy ^^'
Tinky is our little princess, but very tough! She was in her whole life NEVER ill! O.O Crazy, but okay... She's something like my little killer-rabbit, but to be honest, she's, when you have her in your arms, the cutest, most dearest rabbit on earth ^^
So, now Penny: She's wild, she's a bit hyperactive, she's young and she's Sammys biggest fan! xD REALLY! She LOVE this guy! Where Sammy is, there's Penny too! To be honest, Penny gets really afraid, when she's without her big hero :3
So, last but not least Miss Marple. I know, loooong name, but let me explain: When we get her and her sister Meggy (Meggy sadly died in September 2011, beacuse of pus abscess );) from our neighbours, I saw a old Miss Marple- movie in the evening before. And so I get the idea. Miss Marples old name was "Fibi", but I don't like it! xD
And only to mention it: Miss Marple is the most trusting, friendly and the most human-related rabbit, I ever had! She's my absolute fav, and I would never give her away again! She's just adorable, and I hope she will live a long time... I really adore this little one...

Sooooo... I think, this was it... I really have no idea, what I could wirte now... Oh! I have blond hair! NATURE-blond! :D (YAY I'm stupid by nature! xD)
Okay, enough stupidity for one day! xD


Oh, look, pics from my rabbits:

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