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and more but then I'd be here for hours! (and not in that order) ^_^

Hello all!

Hey, can you spot the two meanings of my name? Not like anyone cares, but I'm putting it up because I can!!
1) Final, as in Final Fantasy, and Spell, from HP, all the spells Harry uses, yay!!!!! ^_^
2) Aveda Kedavra, the Final Spell Harry will use to defeat the Dark Lord.

Cool huh? ... Didn't think so. -_-

Well, as you can see, I have an unhealthy ubssesion for Harry Potter. And those damn plot bunnies won't let finish one story without making me start on another. And I have a bad habit of writing the story out in pencil, then typing it. I'm learning to overcome it!!! So, if I don't update soon, don't despair. I'll get off my lazy ass and start typing soon. So, if your reading my stories, just wait, I will EVENTUALLY finish them all. . . I hope. Also, if anyone out there knows of any good fics out there, please recommend them to me. I'm not picky, slash, het, whatever, as long as its good. SLASH ROCKS!!! Heh, big slash supporter. ^_^

Another comment that I would like to add. If anyone who is reading my stories and wants to see pics of them, you can all go to my site and see them. I have them posted under fanart. Just trying to tell people who are interested. ^_^ Hope you like them!

And on another very important note, I really have to apologize for the long waits between chapters. Not only am I a frequent (or as I try to be) writer, but I'm also a very frequent reader, here and at On top of all that, I'm currently working on quite a few fics. Listed as so:


Blood Lust Trio: A WIP. My favorite piece to work on and also my most advanced one. Not even half way through though.

The Ones: My first Crossover. Not sure where this is going. Don't have that much motivation, but I'd still like to finish it.

Angel Savior: A cute fic with angels, though its nothing religious. Again, like a few others not sure how this one's going to take its turn, but I'll try to update as much as possible.

Love at First Sight: My very first Harry Potter fanfic. I was going to discontinue it, but I just couldn't. I'm almost done with it, it's just that I'm lazy and I dont' wanna type. Not sure how frequently I'm going to update this, so just be patient if anyone's reading this.

Through Another World: Another 'People from this world go to HP world' fic. But of course with a slight twist no one would expect. Very light slash. - I've just started to work on this and not very far in it. Obviously it hasn't been posted yet. And I'm not sure when it will be.

An Elvin Tale: As Harry sleeps peacefully on his birthday night, a change within him occurs, but he's not alone. He awakes diferent. He finds Hermione and his dreaded enemy, Draco Malfoy, in much the same state. Now its up to the last living Elf to teach them the ways of ElvinHood. - Might change the name, I'm not too attached to it. I haven't posted this yet either, and I don't know when I'm going to.

A Goodbye Visit: This came out of nowhere. Seriously. I was just sitting at my computer bored, thinking: 'You know, I really need to write a slash fic,' so I did. This might have a sequel, not sure. But I know I'm going to add another chapter to it. Just a very short, two chap fic.

UnNamed: This story has no name yet, and no actual plot either. But it's going to be co-written by me and my friend. Its a major slash story, and a major crossover between the following: Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, Yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin and Gundam Wing.

UnNamed: Another no name story. ITs about a girl that is found, and happens to share a link with Severus Sanpe and Lord Voldemort himself. It's a polt that's been nagging at me to be written. Not sure what's gonna happend with this.

Hiko's Babysitting Service: (One-Shot) Look’s like Hiko decided to start a babysitting service to get those new swords he saw . . . Who knows what’ll happen. - I like this one and I'm almost done with it.

UnNamed: Kenshin's sister, who he thought dead, has come back, and brought family. - Another story without much plot, just another Kenshin's got a sis story.

A Love Shared: I think I'll end this one soon. Not motivated at all to write. And I could easily end it.

Bye Bye,
Much Love,
~Final Spell~

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