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Author has written 6 stories for Pokémon, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, and Yume Nikki.

This is the shared account between best friends, Lily and Hannah.

We often write things, mostly crack, and never publish them.
On second note, both of us write oneshots in the same fashion, as we share ideas quite often, and are known for terrible sentence structure (because we have no need for actual grammar: nouns?! WHAT COMMA SPLICES?)
We also write, for almost the same manga, as we share interests (SHOUJO?! WHAT SHOUJO?! No, we do like shoujo... >_>)
Lily does not mind yaoi or yuri. May be slightly more partial to yaoi, especially SoraxRiku... On the other hand, Hannah really likes yaoi, but strongly dislikes yuri. She doesn't hate it because some pairings to her are alright.


says, do call me Lily. Not 'Lil. Not LILLSTERS. Not ASIAN CHICK WITH HER NOSE BURIED IN A BOOK. Thanks.
's favorite numbers are 26 and 9, but they don't refer to pairings. She has different numbers for those.
Is quite derpy. Comes up with random things to say. Don't ask.

starts a oneshot. Says she'll finish it. Lengthens to "someday." Deletes it a week later. Brain derp.
likes anything cute. Or fluffy. Or soft. But still isn't girly. Strange. Also, dark purple and blue (any shade).
will come to your house and stab your back with a fork if you annoy her.
is annoyed easily.
can draw some things. Other things not so much. Cannot for her life, draw of her opposite gender...or anything else besides her gender.
really likes Sawada Tsunayoshi and Kozato Enma. Has a thing for shotas. Oddly.
cries when she can't do things right, which is a lot of the time.
has played violin since she was 6.
loves writing for Katekyo Hitman Reborn!. May also try some Bleach and etc.
is a strict criticizer of her own writing.


says, HEY GUYS. You can call me Hannah. I really don't care what you call me anyways.
's favorite numbers are 22 and 8.
is an obsessive person.

can never finish her writing. Has Lily write the endings. Rages at her when it doesn't come out the way she wants. Rewrites it. Publishes it.
likes neon green and hot pink. Her tastes are...interesting.
forever eats chips and will never get fat.
is unforgivingly honest. She will end up hurting you one day if you get to know her.
cannot draw living things at all. Only plants. And celestial bodies.
currently fangirling over Akira from Watashi ni xx Shinasai.
has played piano for...a long time, and just began guitar lessons.
likes writing for both Katekyo Hitman Reborn! and Naruto, among other fanfiction.
appreciates any kind of comment, and laughs at flames.


June 13
I am completely writer's blocking. I can't think. I'll try, but not necessarily succeed in doing something of normal caliber.
Not like there was any caliber in the first place. :P

Completed Stories:
Missing - KHR(Colonello x OC) - Lily
My craze over Colonello is over now that he is taken by Lal. GO CANON PAIRING LALxCOLONELLO!
Remember...? - KHR(Hibari x OC) - Lily
Child-like Hibari gives me the shota-shivers. And I kinda like it. >_>
Seeing the Warrior - KHR(Mukuro x Chrome, 6996) Hannah
First oneshot from Hannah! Yay! Extensively edited by Lily. :D Hurrah for 6996!
Ongoing Stories:
Today was Gone - Pokemon(AU!some pairings later) - Lily&Hannah
The second chapter is UP! Third chapter in progress. PREPARE TO MEET ARIES! Oops, spoiler. Ehehe
Actually, probably will not start this until next week, so this is a long wait. Sorry.
Tomato Juice - KHR(AU!Reader x All) - Lily&Hannah
Pause for a moment.
Outside - PokemonBW(Black/Touya x OC) - Lily&Hannah
Yeah. Disabled. D:
Writing Corner:
Army Days - KHR,TYL!verse(Colonello x Lal) - Lily
I guess, 7 chapters worth of fluffy angst about Colonello and Lal's relationship in their time at COMSUBIN, as well as after...a sad event happens in the future. T_T
I nearly spoiled it. I think I already did. :D Oh well.
White Tulip - Naruto(Kakashi x OC) - Lily
I am proud to say I did research on this. Like, for 3 minutes. Anyways, it's GREAT. At least, I THINK IT'S GREAT.
Long Distance Letters to a Far-Away Friend - Naruto(Gaara x OC) - Lily&Hannah
A sweet in the beginning, angsty oneshot. "...After months, they stopped coming..."

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He wandered aimlessly in the world he was placed in for a long time, bits and pieces of various moments collecting dust in his mind. But when she came, he found something else in the barren world that he called his life.
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She wished to become the Pokemon Champion. He wanted to finish that dream. Touya x OC
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Today was Gone
Cress Lauxand was a normal person that was completely neutral about Pokemon. She had a best friend whose mind was wrapped around becoming a Pokemon Master, and her dreams were so high, aimed to the very moon. But one night changed it all.
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Angst/Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,976 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 5/3/2012 - Published: 4/10/2012
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He could've been here. Colonello x OC
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Remember? reviews
Never fixing what has been done. Hibari x OC
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