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Hey, all.It's Princess Kai here.
I've just updated (my profile) today for the first time in i think two years. >.
Well, i think i might start writing again? GASP! Lol... it'll really do me some good though, i'm kind of going crazy... ahhh.

So, let's update everything as of 1/18/06

This is something I probably should have said originally but i didn't want any connections to be made... i used to write under the penname of "Princess Panchii" but those were strictly DBZ fics which i don't write anymore. I think now, i'm going to change my penname here soon too... Ahh!

But it's a whole revamping of everything. i need to turn over a new leaf. lol. I know i haven't updated Seeing Me for Me in like... a year and a half... i don't know what I'm planning on doing with that story. If it's meant to be, something will come out of it. There are just so many more stories that i want to write... speaking of which Idon't even know if i got around to writing any of the stories i had planned to, but i have instead stuarted new stories again! O.o.

Age: 17
Sex: uh... female... "princesss" yeah...
Hair: Brown-reddish-bronw (dyed...)
Eyes: dark brown
Location: not telling
Occupation: Senior in HS. 06 baby. lol.

Nothing much to know about me... i'm an anime and videogame FREAK!
I love Inuyasha and Samurai Champloo is my FIX of the moment...I realize i really get hooked on anime I see onAdult Swim... i don't know if that makes me a "fake" anime fan, or what...? But, i like Full Metal Alchemist, too.
What else?
Video games:
Kingdom Hearts I LOoovE! Can't wait for KH2 to come out_ FFX I like (would love if it weren't so depressing!)FFX-2 is a banging game... lol, i love Rikku/Gippal (maybe i'll write a fic?)
More thananything though, i LOOOVE shoujo manga (i'm a weird lil romantic at heartt... siiigh): Hot Gimmick, Wild Act, Tramps Like Us, Tokyo Boys and Girls, Saikano, Happy Hustle High, DOUBT, Absolute Boyfriend, etc.
I also love to read, in general. My favorite author is Dean Koontz. Hee hee.

Also, i think i'm gonna go get an account and post there as well, sometime soon,cuz i seem to have a deviant mind lately (LOL) and most of my fic ideas are a little "mature". If I do migrate there (cuz ifsome of myfics startgetting a bit too raunchy) i'll let ya'll know! I'll probably still post most fics, like SMFM, here, however some fics might go straight to AFF because i can predict they're gonna be... erm... steamy? >. lol

Also,here are some stories that i'm planning on bringing out to you all. I don't know how dangerous it is to them up here... hopefully i can trust people not to steal my ideas:

Please Just Don't Say No (work in progress... about 1chapter)
Inu/Kag romance. I don't know what to say about this one. It's yet ANOTHER HS romance... but it doesn't take place in school (if there's a "school" scene it'll be very rare). It'll be a more-mature, drama-filled story than SMFM and it will be the epitome of finding true love and sticking with it... which, i've noticed is pretty hard these days. -_-
Rating: strong R-M

Can You Hear the Island Breezes? (WIP--3chapters)
I/K romance; slight San/Miro.
This story is my one of my few brain-children. It's a fic that i actually wrote for another series and saw so many similarites between that series and Inuyasha that I thought to challenge myself to make a new adaptation. It's coming along pretty well.>
It is the story of two worlds, one advanced one not, colliding and following the tale of two lovers challenged by their families, duties and love. Can two people from two different worlds really overcome their differences and make it? Massive Alternate Universe, it's a doozy...
Rating: strong R-M

Forbidden Territory (WIP...)
I/K romance.
My ultimate pet at the moment. I really love this story and I really see great things for it... hope it happens>
When a young girl, hoping for romance, has to spend an entire summer home alone with nothig to do but entertain herself with her new neighbor will feelings grow? And what will he do, an older man starting to develop feelings for his young neighbor? You can't help the feelings when they come... But it's dangerous when one steps foot into forbidden territory. (Dun, dun duuun)
Rating: M

And many more that i have a) not written yet or b) can't remember the title/sumamry to...

Wish me luck, minna-san... and thanks for all the support for my crummy fic SMFM... I Dunno when it's going to get an updated... hopefully, sometime before I graduate High school... lol... sigh-_-
Love lots,
-Princes Kai-

Seeing Me for Me reviews
Kagome is crushing on Inuyasha, but he has no clue. He’s the silent, secretive type and she thinks he'd never be into her. But, what happens when Kagome gets to know him and sees the real Inuyasha, not just the person everyone believes him to be? AU IK
Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 6 - Words: 28,848 - Reviews: 197 - Favs: 90 - Follows: 36 - Updated: 8/30/2004 - Published: 7/10/2003 - Inuyasha, Kagome H.