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March 10, 2004, artist rampage:

yes folks, i have been on a rabid art streak, o_o i have already drawn Marik in the guy's kimono, seto, Bakura, Strings (Several times..e.e), and yami is well on his way, I think i'm actualy guna start taking requests ^^... but if it is a character from another anime, i'd need to see the pictures first, BUT so far i can draw the following if you want me to draw you shumthin' ^^

oo; i seem to specialize in minor characters...


yeah..and...o.o thats it.. bye! ^^ *Waves*

Feb 19, 2004, OMIGAWD:

I have a new author acount thingu! ^^;; this will be for my OC stories and such but my new account, "Sleep Walking Funky Chicken" will be for normal pairings from the show, so, you should expect Yaoi shtuff, Normal pairin's and...


coughs*..anyway, on an unrelated matter, I am going to start two new-er stories, One Parodey and one fairly serious FOR that account... the serious one will be an AU ficcu in which selected characters are Vampires...yeah there's alooot of thsoe but mine should actualy have a plot! ^o^ gasp!...er.. and the other one is a fun ficcu about the Cast playing Dungeons and Dragons.. *Cackles* you just can't wait! I KNOW YOU CANT! xD

other news, I have drawn Kupo and glitch and coloured their piccu's.. If ya wanna see em' add me to your MSN..and i shall send them to yuh' dun be shy.. ^.~;;;

~Story Progress~

Court room Quarks: I WILL BE WORKING ON THIS! remember.. I can only update from school. so this will be a bit..

Almost home for the Holidays: Okay guys, the second chapter is coming, its guna take a helluva long time but its coming!

~Coming soon~

Me No Ra: (translator: eye of Ra) its going to be an AE ficcu, about my past self, and my other AE OC's... Set/Oc Kairim/Oc Touzokuou/Oc Past Malik/Oc (neeehh... i'm still deciding which past self story to use..so it will be a while..)

~Quote of the day~

"...o.o... Noa's a Lucky bastard.."-peter

Pegasus (YEY)
Noa (^-^;;; whoot)
Bakura (^^ Whoo)
Marik( EEEE)
Yugi (^0^ KAWAII)
Miroku (...Weeeee bit horney.o_o)
Inu-yasha (Hehe...silly mutt..)
Cell (=P duh)

-Normal pairings-
Serenity/Seto (n.n bout time someone whipped him...kersnap..heheee...)
Bakura(Yami)/Isis (Ype...fairly strange but i like it...)
Odion/Tea (...n.n;..yep i'm insaine...*twitchy*)

-Yaoi pairings-
Seto/Yami (..this one's pushing it a bit..)

~Sarah explains...~

Meaning of life,

"the meaning of life is 42... Thank you Douglas adams for doing the work for me.. n_n"

THe Pyrimids,

"...Big, stone, triangle Cannons that aliens used to fire plasma blasts at nieghboring planets... such as "Evangalon 6x"...which is now teh asteroid belt...whoo!...ROCKS! ^_^"

Where babies come from,

"...Storks..o_o...*Walks away slowly*"

Begining of man,

"in the begining god created girls with three brea.sts, god asked her if she wanted to change anything, she asked to get rid of the third one, god snapped his fingers and it was on the ground, then women said, 'what do i do with this useless bo.ob?' ...and then god created man...^^"

Anime Girls,

"...thier sl.uts.. o_o no questions.."

Trench coats,

"They are gravity defying pieces of an outfit worn by anime boys that try to look bad-ass, that wave in the wind, when there is none. Hence they are used to cover up horridly furry tails, hence the reason all anime boy's are perverts, their in heat...for they are dogs.. -_o"

Anime boys,

"Eechi's...there must be something in their pocky..o-o ...like ...like ... O_o..i dunno..."


Akira san! "Akira Dragon(Reina"
"..interesting convo. o.o do they always fight like that or is it just when you find a love intrest?"

Autumn-chan! ^_^ "Koneko-Yume"
"Baku-waku ^^"

Boxeh! ^_^ "Box Persona"

Garth ^_^ "Gar Doomforge"
"Why is Miroku a pervert..? .. there are many possible reasons... but the one i find most amusing...is as follows...
*Attempts to Impersonate Sango: Oh my god! its My brother!~ SOMEBODY PINCH ME!
Miroku impersonation: *Pinch*
Sango impersonation: O_O *Bitch slap* MIROKU!
Miroku impersonation: X_O; You said i could pinch you!
Sango impersonation: x.x;;; NOT THERE NIMB ROD! "

Peter~ ^-^
"*Ding*...noo..like that but four closer together *Four dings closer together* ...*Shakes head slightly*"

~OC Char. profiles~

(Picture available!)
Age: 2,000
Gender: Male
Personality: He's got a good heart and all that but he's a bit of a flirt... o_o
Family: None...well...not anymore.. x.o;
Friends: (From YGO) Mystic elf (My oc's (Pictures and profiles coming soon)) Brutai, Ichido and Mihao
Fav. Food: french bread
Least fav. food: meat... he's a Veggan.. ^^
Worst moment in life: Learning to speak english and other languages EITHER than elvish...and it took 200 years for him to get them fluiantly.. *nod*
Quote: " up, skirt, bottom, ground? *Slapped*...i-i"-in process of learning english

(Picture available)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: She takes after seto a bit no matter how much she denys it, she's just as stuborn as him! But she's quite nice as long as you haven't threatened to give her a virus...cause then she'd kill yuh
Family: Unknown
Friends: ...er...could you rephrase that?...not many... she has more "Enimies"
Fav. food: Chicken Cordien(SP?...more than likely..e.e) bleu (yummm)
Least Fav. food: -.- pizza... she hates the stuff
Worst moment in life: Waking up to her computer crushed with a cinder block by jealous "Friends"
Quote: "I also made it so if you search 'Lazy dumb asses' on google, you'll get a link to the Pentagon... ^^ *Places hands behind head casualy* lets see those idiots fix that.."

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