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Author has written 6 stories for Familiar of Zero, Dragonaut: The Resonance/ドラゴノーツ -ザ・レゾナンス-, World Only God Knows/神のみぞ知るセカイ, Rosario + Vampire, Ai Kora/あいこら, and Naruto.

~Important Messages~

I'm not sure if it'll be soon, but I should be coming back on to writing at some point. When that would specifically be is undetermined.

It's possible that I'll be getting rid of all of my stories. Some may be for the sake of rewriting it, others may simply be due to me not enjoying them. Regardless, I'll have notes to add them again in the future in case people want them back, so that I have reference to do that. If you want more of a reason for this... It's basically due to my age from the time of writing coming off a bit intensely. I couldn't handle thinking of most of them anymore.

~Things To Note About Me~

If I'm being honest, I wouldn't call myself a good writer in terms of creativity or idea, but I do think I'm competent enough when it comes to spelling and grammar.

Starting stories and chapters as a whole is most difficult step for me.

I don't plan my stories out in the slightest. I simply come up with an idea, and build off of it with each chapter I write.

I only have 'experience' with starting Romance oriented stories, so I wouldn't expect deep stories or particularly interesting battles from anything I do.

I'm not good with keeping up with messages, since I tend to have a number of people that I respond to on varying sites. I apologize in advance if my response to you gets delayed either because I'm procrastinating, or get caught up in something else.

'Rules' Pairing Rules

1. With few exceptions, I tend to only have pairings focused around the Protagonist of the series.

2. I technically don't mind them being there, but I have no particular interest in Yaoi or Yuri. I will however admit to having a pairing or two that involves a trap. (Life Is Money for example.)

3. Pairings are a big part of my Otaku Existence, so my mind can wander. Expect there to be a few strange pairings with no explanation.


(I'll try to only put series that in which I have more than one pairing.)


Naegi x Kirigiri - Naegia x Celestia - Naegi x Asahina - Naegi x Mukuro - Naegi x Junko - Naegi - Gekkougahara - Naegi x Seiko - Naegi x Mikan - Naegi x Hiyoko - Naegi x Kotoko- Hinata x Chiaki - Hinata x Mikan - Hinata x Ibuki - Hinata x Hiyoko - Hinata x Mahiru - Hinata x Natsumi - Komaru x Yuta -

Monogatari Series

Koyomi x Shinobu * - Koyomi x Sengoku - Koyomi x Karen - Koyomi x Yotsugi - Koyomi x Sodachi

Tales Of Series

Jude x Elize - Jude x Leia - Jude x Agria - Ludger x Leia - Ludger x (Alt)Milla - Ludger x Elize - Asbel x Sophie - Yuri x Rita - Lloyd x Presea - Lloyd x Seles - Lloyd x Colette - Emil x Marta - Emil x Alice - Luke x Tear - Luke x Arietta - Sorey x Edna - Sorey x Alisha - Sorey x Lailah - Sorey x Symonne - Velvet x Eizen - Velvet x Rokurou - Eizen x Magilou -

Katawa Shoujo

Hisao x Emi - Hisao x Hanako - Hisao x Shizune - Hisao x Rin

The World Only God Knows

Keima x Mio - Keima x Tsukiyo - Keima x Yui - Keima x Shiori - Keima x Diana - Keima x Haqua - Keima x Elsie (?)


Negi x Evangeline * - Negi x Konoka - Negi x Setsuna - Negi x Asuna - Negi x Akira - Negi x Chachamaru - Negi x Anya - Negi x Mana - Negi x Yue - Negi x Sayo Negi x Sakura


Tsukune x Mizore * - Tsukune x Kokoa - Tsukune x Akuah - Tsukune x Inner Moka -Tsukune x Ruby (?)


Tomoya x Kotomi * - Tomoya x Nagisa - Tomoya x Tomoyo - Tomoya x Fuuko


Yuuichi x Makoto * - Yuuichi x Ayu - Yuuichi x Mai

Fruits Basket

Tohru x Kyo * - Kyo x Hana

Girls Bravo

Yukinari x Koyomi * - Yukinari x Lisa - Yukinari x Yukina

Rune Factory

Aden x Pandora - Aden x Violet - Aden x Mikoto - Aden x Odette - Aden x Elena - Aden x Maerwen - Lest x Dolce - Lest x Clorica - Lest x Forte


Rin x Nerine * - Rin x Kaede - Rin x Primula - Rin x Sia

To Love-Ru

Rito x Yami * - Rito x Nana - Rito x Momo - Rito x Mikan - Rito x Run - Rito x Oshizu - Rito x Nemesis


Yukito x Misuzu * - Yukito x Minagi - Ryuya x Kannabi

Kiss x Sis

Keita x Riko * - Keita x Ako

Persona Series

Minato x Aigis - Minato x Fuuka - Minato x Elizabeth - Yu x Rise - Yu x Yukiko - Yu x Naoto - Yu x Labrys - Yu x Shadow Labrys - Akira x Futaba - Akira x Makoto - Akira x Kawakami - Akira x Hifumi - Akira x Shiho - Akira x Caroline x Justine - Akira x Lavenza

Shuukyuu Shoujo

Yuuki x Ayane - Yuuki x Yukari

To aru Majutsu no Index

Touma x Index - Touma x Kuroko - Touma x Himegami - Touma x Agnese - Touma x Angelene - Touma x Sasha

Vampire Knight

Zero x Yuuki - Zero x Rima* - Zero x Maria


Kouichi x Izumi - Kouichi x Mei

Yamada-Kun to 7-nin no Majo

Yamada x Noa - Yamada x Odagiri - Yamada x Shiraishi - Yamada x Rika..

Future Diary

Yukiteru A./Yuki/1st x Tsubaki K./6th * - Yukiteru A./1st x Orin - Yukiteru A./1st x Hinata H.


Naruto x Tayuya* - Naruto x Hanabi - Naruto x Kurotsuchi - Naruto x Konan - Naruto x Karin(?)


Shooto x Mizushima - Shooto x Rio - Shooto x Anzu - Shooto x Mikoto


Link x Ashley (Legend of Zelda & Wario Ware.)


Ragna x Rachel* - Ragna x Platinum (Luna) - Ragna x Nu - Ragna x Lambda - Ragna x Kokonoe - Rachel x Ragna x Platinum (Love Triangle.) - Ragna x Celica - Ragna x Makoto

Ar Tonelico Series

Aoto x Finnel - Aoto x Soma - Aoto x Cocona - Aoto x Filament - Aoto x Akane(?) - Aoto x Sakia Lunmei(?)

Special A

Kei x Megumi - Kei x Hikari

Kokoro Connect

Taichi x Yui* - Taichi x Inaban - Taichi x Iori


Yashiro x Anna - Yashiro x Neko

XBLAZE:Code Embryo

Touya x Mei - Touya x Kuon - Touya x Es

Conception II Children of the Seven Stars

Wake x Torri - Wake x Serina - Wake x Ellie - Wake x Chloe - Wake x Feene - Wake x Fuuko(?) - Wake x Narika(?)

No Game No Life

Sora x Shiro - Sora x Kurami - Sora x Izuna(?)

Akame ga Kill

Tatsumi x Mein* - Tatsumi x Akame - Tatsumi x Kurome - Tatsumi x Chelsea

Code Geass

Lelouch x Anya - Lelouch x Nunnally - Lelouch x Kaguya - Lelouch x Tianzi(?) - Lelouch x C.C.

Ixion Saga DT

Kon x Ecarlate*

Lost Dimension

Sho x Mana* - Sho x Nagi - Sho x Yoko

Fairy Fencer

Fang x Eryn - Fang x Ethel*

Guilty Crown

Shu x Tsugumi - Shu x Inori - Shu x Hare - Shu x Ayase

Criminal Girls: Invite Only [For me the protagonist's name was Yuuki]

Yuuki x Alice* - Yuuki x Shin - Yuuki x Ran - Yuuki x Kuroe - Yuuki x Sui - Yuuki x Lily - Yuuki x Enri

Sword Art Online

Kirito x Sinon* - Kirito x Silica - Kirito x Yuuki - Kirito x Philia - Kirito x Liz

Fate Series

Shiro x Rin - Shiro x Illya - Shiro x Kuro - Shiro x Miyu - Shiro x Saber - Archer x Rin - Archer x Illya - Archer x Kuro - Kiritsugu x Iri - Shiro x Luvia


Okabe x Faris* - Okabe x Kurisu - Okabe x Suzuha - Okabe x Mayushii


Itami x Rory - Itami x Lelei


Satoru x Kayo* - Satoru x Airi

Divine Gate

Aoto x Undine* - Aoto x Midori - Aoto x Hikari - Aoto x Yukari


Kazuma x Megumin* - Kazuma x Darkness


Masaya x Misaki* - Masaya x Asuka - Masaya x Saki

Dog Days

Shinku x Eclair - Shinku x Noir - Shinku x Rebecca - Shinku x Rico - Shinku x Sharu - Shinku x Couvert - Shinku x Yukikaze

Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash

Haruhiro x Yume - Haruhiro x Mary

Fairy Tail

Natsu x Wendy - Natsu x Mavis - Natsu x Yukino - Natsu x Lisanna - Natsu x Erza - Natsu x Flare - Natsu x Juvia(?) - Natsu x Virgo

Re:Zero -Starting Life In Another World-

Subaru x Rem* - Subaru x Ram* - Subaru x Emilia


Katsuhira x Takashiro - Katsuhira x Nico - Katsuhira x Sonozaki

Real Account

Ataru x Koyori* - Yuuma x Haru* - Yuuma x Kamijou - Yuuma x Chiho - Ataru x Haru - Ataru x Yuri


Takanashi x Inami - Takanashi x Yamada - Daisuke x Sayuri - Daisuke x Miri

Nura no Mago

Rikuo (Human) x Tsurara - Rikuo (Yokai) x Tsurara - Riku (Human) x Yura - Rikuo (Yokai) x Yura- Rikuo (Yokai) x Awashima - Rikuo (Yokai) x Reira


Yuuki x Kaori - Yuuki x Sunako - Yuuki x Yuki - Toshio x Ritsuko

Gurren Lagann

Simon x Nia - Kamina x Yoko - Simon x Kiyal - Simon x Darry

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Nozomu x Kiri - Nozomu x Abiru - Nozomu x Matoi - Nozomu x Ai - Nozomu x Meru

I'll... I'll update it later... It's a bit of a bother for now.

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Shakugan no Shana - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 64 - Words: 207,441 - Reviews: 247 - Favs: 182 - Follows: 75 - Updated: 3/12/2009 - Published: 3/3/2008 - Yuji S., Hecate - Complete
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One small event can change a person's life forever. Had something gone differently for him… Had he never managed to take that first step forward, how much different could everyone's life be? And could it be for better… Or worse?
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Starts over at the beginning of the series, OOC Saito has a bit of a "low" personality, but is still able to have qualities that everyone likes. What will happen in this OOC story? I dunno, and I'm the bloody author! Rated M for violence and language. Shortly on HIATUS until I can catch up with my other stories.
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