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Author has written 29 stories for Grand Theft Auto, Xena: Warrior Princess, Harry Potter, Call of Duty, Egyptian Mythology, Samurai Warriors, Elder Scroll series, Fallout, and Batman.


I've updated detailed descriptions for Dual Nature 2, and Regretful Destiny. Updates for Reign of Evil Xena, and details about my more recent one shots, to come later. 6/6/2012

Update: My computer is up and running, and the next update of Dual Nature 2 is ready to go. Also, a brand new story, for anyone who also plays Skyrim, is being prepped to go. 6/6/2012

Computer problems. All story related material is hereby on hold until my computer gets fixed. This includes reviews, and review replies. 5/19/2012

I have returned for regular posting, but my posting policy has been revised. I plan to post 3 to 4 times a month, if real life accommodates me. Instead of one chapter every ten days, with rotating stories, I'll be focusing on one story at a time. For April, and possibly parts of may, I will be working on Dual Nature. April 6th 2012

Reign of Evil Xena is on hold until I'm able to write enough chapters to be able to start posting. Look for a Reign of Evil Xena month beginning at the end of May. April 2nd 2012

Regretful Destiny is a cooperation effort between Stardawn and myself, therefore, RD is on a very limited posting basis while she prepares to graduate from her college program. New Chapter may go up in May. April 2nd 2012

I am still planning to edit Gabrielle, Queen of the Amazons and bring it up to quality standards. No date on when this is done. April 2nd 2012

My main writing focus for this month at least, will be Reign of Evil Xena, the sooner I hit my bench mark, the sooner I'll be able to post that story. April 2nd 2012

I like to make Announcements sometimes. April 2nd 2012

Half a million club C2

I'm open to having a staff member of my C2. This C2 is dedicated to collecting ALL stories that have at the very least made it to 500,000 words. I could never find them all by myself, so if anyone wants to help me with the search. Email this profile. Mighty Lu Bu 10/12/2011

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Little Bard by Stardawn19 Added, 11/9/2011

Bio and my Fanfiction code of conduct

I’m a 27 year old writer who has been on this website for a longtime. I’ve seen many writers come and go, some excellent, some average, and some terrible. I’m not going anywhere soon so I’m sure I'll see that trend will continue.

I served for three and half years in the United States army, doing 14 months in Iraq. Before you ask, I did not see any combat action.

I finished by second year of college, and I'm looking at a major delay before I start my third year.

Some basic things that you all should know about me. I review every chapter I read. I will review a story if requested to do so but I will expect a review in return for answering that request. I am looking to get published one day but I will not retire from fan fiction because I believe in supporting my fellow writers, and on that note, if I see unwarranted insults directed at another writer on this website you can expect nothing from me as I try to support writers, not tear them down.

My reviews are both honest and detailed and if there is something wrong with a story I will not hesitate to tell you. But I will try to explain what the problems in respectful manner instead of saying “This is horrible!” I do PM my thoughts if the errors are rampant. Especially if this is unusual for you. I consider all thoughts made by the reviewer in a review, be they positive or negative.

I review every story I read. I hit my favorites list first, first looking at Xena stories and then I read those stories outside the Xena section that I've handpicked for various reasons. These include stories from Harry Potter, Kill Bill, Oblivion, and others. As I said before, I do not flame and I don’t have any respect for someone who does, but I will say what is wrong with a story if there is anything wrong with it. However, I may do that in the form of an email to avoid publicly appearing to flame your story.

A writer does not need to be 100% accurate with history and I especially love stories that go out on that limb and do things that might be considered risky. As such I favor those stories over the more normal average stories. Unleash your muse! Don’t chain it up in the backyard.

Finally, my thoughts on sex and cuss words. When I read an explicit sex scene I always ask “Is this important to the story?” If I feel it is, I don’t mind, and I’ll respond positively. If I feel it does not, I’ll tell you about it. My general feeling is that if it is not important to the story and you want to say this character had sex with that one, just say that they did. Don’t oversex your work.

My view on cuss words is similar in view. If it improves the story by showing the various emotions, then fine. If your story is about a character that usually cusses, like Carl Johnson from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, then fine. But if you’ve got Gabrielle saying the F word every three sentences then we have a disagreement, simply because the characters in the Xena series generally do not cuss. But every case of using cuss words will be considered in a case by case basis. Such as some versions of Post Finale Gabrielle uses a lot of cuss words and I find that acceptable because it fits with her emotion at the time.

My Influences

As a writer, there have been those who've influenced me over the years with my writing. My influences both within FF . net, and outside of it...

Gabrielle from Xena, Digimon, Silvermoonlight's "Winged Serpent Rises," The Joker from Batman, Animated X-men series, The Metal Gear Series, just to name a few.

First and foremost: Dual Nature Series.

Dual Nature 1 is the first of a multi part saga that will follow Xena, Callisto, and Gabrielle throughout their battle for a better world that has been drastically altered by the God Chaos.

In this story Callisto becomes redeemed and eventually joins the fight against evil and murder, whom like Xena has much to make up for.

The Dual Nature Saga begins in the last scene of the Xena Episode “Return of Callisto.” Xena and Callisto where battling each other on the chariot when the god Chaos who came from another realm and took them along with several others from their world and put them into his.

Xena eventually winds up with the Yin Yang Chakram after she defeats the Evil Xena creature that Chaos created to fight her and the Dark Chakram is now wielded by Callisto. Gabrielle’s blood innocence has been taken away by Chaos when he forces her to kill in this series.

Several characters have been returned to life, including Phantes and Borias. Gabrielle’s parents and sister were murdered by the Evil Xena creature. The goddess Artemis was killed by Velasca who was made into a god by Chaos.

Eventually Xena, Callisto, Borias, and Gabrielle managed to defeat Chaos, but he's not truly gone, as he returns in the sequel.

Duel Nature 2 (Also known as Dual Nature, the names are interchangeable) is the second part of the Dual Nature series. Chaos is still alive. Hercules' is now evil and is moving to conquer Athens. Xena and Gabrielle are moving south to try save Athens from him. Gabrielle is fighting a new found darkness within herself. Aphrodite is still under the effects of Chaos' power, and is now the self proclaimed Goddess of Conquest.

Callisto who is now redeemed, is working with Borias to rescue Solan from the clutches of Dark Hercules. Callisto and Borias did manage to rescue Solan, but Callisto was captured. However, once she got free she met up with Xena and Gabrielle, and now the trio is preparing to meet the Army of Hercules in battle. The trio is repelled by Hercules, suffering minor injuries in the process. Hercules then completely destroys Athens. Later Xena attempts a failed rescue attempt in Corinth and learns that both Herc's mother and Iphicles are held as prisoners.

Callisto is appointed commander of the coalition army by Former King Jason. After an indecisive victory over Hercules, Callisto was replaced as commander of the army by the king of Sparta, however, the king of Sparta is now dead in his foolhardy attack leaving Callisto once again in command of the army, which is now in retreat.

With the defeat of the King of Sparta, Callisto, and Gabrielle struggled with their roles, and how they were going to save Greece. Gabrielle eventually slipped out to go pretend to defect to Hercules, to get close to him. She learned in the process that Aphrodite was the power behind Hercules, but she wasn't the only power. Chaos was secretly pulling strings.

Xena went out on a mission to save the Centuars, but got pulled into a trap by Chaos, who managed to get the Heart of Chaos back to himself. This lead Chaos to regaining his freedom, and having full power once again. Meanwhile, Hercules becoming aware of Chaos's presence, went after him, but instead found Xena.

Callisto, having just recently won the battle of Arcadia, managed to reach Hercules and Xena before the battle went to far, and she, along with Gabrielle, worked together with Xena, to beat Hercules. The demon, that was controlling the demigod was forced out, and Hercules became the good guy he once was, and will be again.

Now, the Battle of Corinth awaits, as this story nears it's Finale.

Man of Rome This short story occurs between Duel Nature one, and Duel Nature two. It mainly deals with Xena, and Gabrielle and indirectly the results of Pompey's coup over Caesar while Xena was in the land of Chaos. Chaos and a dark Aphrodite have some background appearance. The seeds for some future darkness of Gabrielle are laid here. This story mainly features, Xena, Gabrielle, Brutus, and a teenage version of Marga.

Regretful Destiny

The story of a man, a woman, a night of unplanned, unbridled, and uncontrolled passion, thanks to one the many gods and what comes from it. Hercules and Gabrielle get together in an unexpected way, much to the distaste of Xena. This is my only main story to feature Xena and Gabrielle as lovers.

Xena can't get over the belief that somehow Herc took advantage of Gabrielle and as a result he goes after him leaving Gabrielle vulnerable to a certain God of War to make his offer. After some fighting with Hercules, she did eventually, with Gabrielle's own efforts, get over her issues with Hercules, concerning the night of unbridled, unplanned, and unremembered steamy sex. But this left Gabrielle unexpectantly pregnant.

After a short round of being tempted by Ares, Gabrielle went into hiding, along with Xena, to avoid Hera Queen of the Gods, who wanted to kill Gabrielle's child, before it was even born. Thus, they lived with the Anatolian Amazons, for a few months, but Hera wasn't letting go. Because she couldn't get to Gabrielle, she went to Gabrielle's family, and forced Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer to return back to Greece.

The child was born, and her name is Dawn, but at the same time, Hera released Callisto, and Velasca. Future battle awaits.

Gabrielle, Queen of the Amazons

The story that made me successful on this website. Though I’ve advanced very far as a writer since those days this was the story that changed my life, both on and off the internet. Writing it kept me sane in those longs days in Iraq when everyday was a struggle and for the first time I garnered respect as a writer. But, note this is not my first story as I will get into that later.

This story follows the premise of what Gabrielle would have done if Xena did not come back after the episode destiny. In this story, Gabrielle battles several enemies including, Callisto, Ares, Alti, Caesar, Dahak, but most importantly Velasca.

This is story about Gabrielle and her drive to protect and help her Amazon sisters and her belief in the greater good. Everything she does is about the greater good. For Gabrielle this story is about letting the fan fiction world see that hero that Gabrielle is without having to compete with Xena for the limelight. Because Gabrielle really is more than just a sidekick and that never was shown enough in the series or in fan fiction.

But this story is also about Velasca. Velasca is a very underused but incredible character. I wanted to give her a moment to shine as a villain. Her role in this story is about what evil can do to a person, about how it first destroys your humanity and then turns you into a monster.

Finally this story is about how changing the future is not always a good thing as it can lead to some very disastrous results. It is also about how sometimes no matter what you do, bad things happen.


Reunions is my first family piece. Inspired by the lack of Gabrielle with husband and children stories on this website. It occurs seven years post finale. It has no relation whatsoever to my main storyline, Dual Nature. Whether or not their will be a sequel is undecided at this time.


Set in Xena season 4 after Gabrielle's haircut, but before Ides of March. Joxer learns that he has a five year old little girl. This story has no relation to Dual Nature.

Xena One Shots

A Mile in His Boots is arguably my most well liked one shot which is about a supernatural event that causes Gabrielle and Joxer to have a body switch. It’s a lot about how one person would deal with being the other and about how cruel Gabrielle really can be to Joxer.

Chains is my prison story. It is Alternate Timeline. In the Hercules episode “The Gauntlet” Xena makes the decision to turn away from evil. However, this timeline explores a little bit what would have occurred if Xena had not turned away from evil at this time. In this story she is in prison pondering about her last days on this earth when a certain green eyed blond woman is thrown into the cell beside her. It’s built mainly on the emotion of being in prison and who each character would interact with the other in this given situation.

Thunder Demon is my first successful one shot. Wrote back in 09, it was done in the format of being like the actually show. It was intended to come off as another episode in Xena, complete with act breaks and commercials.

I Will Do Anything For Love, But I Won’t Do That, is about a little camp scene where Gabrielle wants to know what Xena will do for her. It is based of the song of the same title by Meat Loaf on the Album Bat out of Hell II, Back Into Hell

The Man of Peerless Might is a oneshot yes, but it will be connected to a future story involving several characters from Japanese history. But mainly this particular story is about the man Tadakatsu Honda. It’s basically an introduction of several ideas that will take a central roll in the future story involving these characters. Look for that story sometime next year.

Unrequited, my most experimental story.

The idea was to explore the possibility of one of Gabrielle having those special feelings for Xena, whereas Xena didn’t feel the same way. It in no way reflects my actual belief on the matter but it’s there to offer a different idea for interpretation. Editing this story was easier than any other I’ve edited. Indeed editing this little section about the story turned out to be more difficult.

Guilty Conscience Plot concept roughly based on a similar concept from "Remember nothing" Xena deals with guilt over killing a teenage girl in battle.

The Old Woman Aged Gabrielle prepares for her final days as friends and family come to see her off. Features also, Eve, Sarah (gab's neice). Also Features from the story "Reunions" Lyceus, son of Gabrielle.

Reign of Evil Xena

As some of you may be aware, this story was my first real story, you may also have noticed that I have deleted a lot of chapters, and yet still have 39 reviews up. No this is not a trick to get reviews or hits. I lost 2500 hits by my action to delete all the chapters.

I have chosen to do this because it is necessary; this story in its old form cannot be brought up to the level of quality that I accept in my stories, not even after mass editing. It was to inaccurate and to cluttered. It had to be replaced.

This new version will sport many changes, while something will be left as they were before, others bits will be added, new chapters completed and inserted in areas there weren’t previous chapters at. The result of this action will allow you the reader to get an even better glimpse into what made Xena into who she became in the series and how she lived her life in her evil years.

Since this story is not my main focus and uploads will be slower here, I shall maintain my steadfast promise to continue to update this story. Knowing this story will be very long I shall post as I write each chapter instead of my traditional format of writing a whole story and posting it once it’s done. This story has existed for four years, and it deserves to not have to wait around for another four while I finish this.

I humbly thank all the people who’ve reviewed the first version, I know you won’t be able to review this due to FF review rules, but that is the nature of the editing beast. I choose to preserve the history including the reviews that were placed on it, because not only is it a history of my work on this story, but for me it is a focal point to a time period of my life, a window to my past and I wanted to preserve at least some of that.

Finally, I shall thank and list the names of all the people who have reviewed the first version of this story. I’m sad to say many of them have moved on, but I thank them still. Hazmot, Heavyneos, Bridzs, Melskim, Lady Razeli, Kahless21, Aserene, Highcaliberrageous. Thank you all for your support.

Non-Xena Stories

Dan and Jack the Robbers was the first story, which I posted in the Grand Theft Auto section. The one and terrible story that I wrote back in 03 when was just a young kid who knew nothing about the world whatsoever. It’s about two morons doing something really stupid and losing all their money because they are stupid. I rewrote it in August to bring it up to my current standard of writing. However I moved the original chapter to the chapter 2 slot so people and myself can see what I used to write like.

Catching the Silent killer was also wrote in the GTA section, it is about a man who tries to kill the silent hero of GTA 3 but ultimately fails because the silent hero of GTA is just plain awesome. I plan to edit it one day.

I Hate Campers is a Call of Duty I wrote in August. It is a short story about my experiences playing the game online.

Its Useless to Write Harry Potter Stories is a satirical piece about how difficult it is to write a story in the Harry Potter section and get it noticed as so many people post there, that your story often gets buried with in a day. Something that takes nearly two weeks to occur in the Xena section.

The Arena is my only multi chapter story that is not in the Xena section. However it has been removed until it can be replaced.

It also follows one such gladiator, a Khajitt (a human with feline features) who fights to be number one in this world of death. One day I will finish it, as it is I only need to write a few chapters to it.

Lust of War Ares, the greek god of war is in love with Sekmet the Egyptian Goddess of War. However their love is forbidden by Ra due to ARes being a god from outside of Egypt. You can find it under MISC, in the mythology section. Or you can just scroll down and save you some time. Sequel is planned, on halt but not canceled. May or may not loosely involve some Xena-Verse characters.

Cyrodill Shorts A series of oneshots for the Elder Scrolls oblivion. 1. A rich man who's now a beggar desperate to regain his wealth appeals to Sheogorath, the Daedric Lord of chaos. More stories will follow when ever I happen to think of them.

Way of Ranmaru Samurai Warrior story. Ranmaru fights in the capital with every last bit of effort to save her lord from the treacherous Akechi.

Future Projects

I'm expanding into the Fallout section (in video games) in order to post regular stories there.

I have a completed Batman story that will be posted soon.

While I only give most details to a privileged few I’ve decided to let everyone know that I have a few stories that will be showing up in the future.

As some you already know, Dual Nature is a continual series so there will be more.

Editing for all stories

I've edited Chapter 4 of Dual Nature 2, fixed a lot of minor problems

Random details and quotes.

I also operate on the Gameknot chess website. My screen name there is sixshooter5000.

"Elvis is not dead, he just went home"

"All you need is love, and maybe a semi automatic rifle from time to time"

"country boy will survive"

"Racism is illogical"

Half a Million Club Community stats.

The Half Million Club collects any and all stories that have 500,000 words or more words in them. It's still new and there are likely thousands I've never found.

First, I most acknowledge a great writer named Kanius. He has five stories in my C2. Doing some work in Google I've learned that this man's total word count exceeds both The Dark Tower series by Stephen King and the Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan. That means, that this writer has a total word count that is at least 6 million, but I haven't counted all his words so I'm not sure just how high he is. For the club, he has 5 stories, no one else has more than 2 in the club.

Writers who have more than 1 story in the club. Total number in Parenthesis.

:Kanius (5), Ultra Sonic 007 (2), VraiEsprit (2), Green Gecko (2),

Writers who've exceeded the 1 million mark:

-Tatty's Grand, Crazyeight, Matt the Batman Fan, and Wish-Chan.

The longest story is, "Quédate: Cuando vivir no es el estado perfecto" by "Tattys Grand" for a grand total of " 1,219,878" words.

As I am mainly a Xena writer, I should acknowledge for all of you, that SilvermoonlightGJ is in the club and she has the only Xena story to hit the 500,000 word benchmark.

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