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So I actually got an idea on what to put.

I'm completely Vietnamese, and I'm part of the first generation of my family to be born in America.

I'm in my late teens. I speak Vietnamese fluently, as it is my first language. My English is just as good, if not perfect. I started learning proper English around five. I used to go to the library with my grandpa (he has like, eleven grandkids including me and another coming, but I'm totally his favorite) and I would flip through all the books just to look at the words I didn't understand.

I read a lot of series, my favorites are... Pandora Hearts, D.Gray-Man, Guilty Crown, Durarara!!, Katekyo Hitman Reborn and... Black Butler is starting to count. Avatar:TLA and LoK is something from my childhood; it'll always be a love of my mine. My favorite video games are JRPG's, namely the Tales Series. And I still love Harvest Moon, a game from my childhood, and it's spin-off, Rune Factory.

There isn't really much to say about me, except that I love twisted and screwed up love story. I have one idea for one... but I don't know what fandom to put it in, since it could be used in all. The idea is that... you know the whole cheesy shit about reincarnated love? How love transcends lifetimes?

Screw that. What if one person realizes that they never loved the other at all? Or that person fell out of love, or in with another person? This will be a total deconstruction of the whole 'reincarnated lovers' thing. Tell me if you like it.

I didn't really enjoy my real life until a a couple years ago. My mother dismisses my attitude as teenage girl hormones, and is probably bipolar and is scary as hell, constantly tells me how much she loves and is proud me but how much of a burden I am and how she wishes I was more like my sister. But I'm not my sister. I hate my immediate family, but at the same time I feel guilty about burdening them, that they'd be better off without me. I have a few cuts on my wrist, but my friends found out and are helping me; they are my true family, I love them to death and I would gladly die for them. They'd do the same. At the same time, I feel guilty too. (I seem to have a guilt complex, right? All of this has ran my self-esteem to the ground, but I act like the most arrogant in the world.) They don't know it, but... they're like emotional crutches to me. It took me years to find people who genuinely liked me, true companions for life, and I will not lose them. But enough of my depressing story. My friends have several affectionate nicknames for me, like... /clears throat (And I won't tell you my real name unless you guess or I trust you.) Delly, Del, Elly, Elle, Lena-del and Lena-Lena. I guess you could call me some of these if you don't like Selphy.

I'm a girl that likes girls and occasionally guys. I have an awesome girlfriend of eight months that supports me no matter what. She's one of my true companions, and we love each other. Are you a homophobe? Get the fuck out. I'm a closet bisexual to my family, but everyone knows outside of my family. Because I intend to have almost nothing to do with them one I successfully earn my scholarship to my dream university(s), they're Yale and another is abroad in Asia, so they don't have to know. The occasionally guys part, most of the guys I know only like me for my looks, though I used to lean towards guys until the asshole guys started to pop up everywhere. So I've only dated, like, three guys, and we had clean a clean split. They're still my friends, though, because they were originally my friends; I believe one should be friends before lovers, so there's no reason to go back a stage and stay there. I like yaoi, not yuri. I'm Buddhist. Have I told you too much information about my life overall?

Also, Legend of Korra icon credit goes to twinstrike @ livejournal.

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