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The most important thing you should know about me is that I am the first Hiltz (character from Zoids GF) fan on and in the Zoids website community, and that makes me the #1 Hiltz fan. Most of my good fics are about Hiltz. I also like Ambient, Zeke, Shadow, Thomas, Karl, Van, Raven, Irvine, and Vega. Hate Bit, Leena, Fiona, Rhyss, and Specular.

Yugioh is good for your soul. I love my deck, but hate the games. Malik, Marik, Bakura, Ryou, and Yami are my favorites.

My website takes up a lot of my time (when I'm not playing Zoids Saga 2 on my computer, that is), but I will have much extra time to write stuff now that school is out.

Future fics that I plan to write:


Stuck in an Airplane: [humor] Van, Fiona, Moonbay, Irvine, Thomas, Raven, Rhyss, and Hiltz find themselves stuck together alone on the same airplane due to odd circumstances. Unfortunately, the airplane crashes and they cannot find a way out of the plane. The pilot is unconscious (thanks to Van), Hiltz is pissed, Thomas is crying, and everyone experiences at least one mental breakdown. They discover that Rhyss’ head can’t be used to break through one of the plane’s windows without her body getting stuck and that Van should be kept away from sugar at all times.

Zeke's Diary: [humor] Zeke’s thoughts throughout Chaotic Century and Guardian Force. Contrary to popular belief, Zeke did not stick around Van because he liked him. He just felt guilty about smacking that idiot boy upside hid head when they first met.

Regression: [angst, drama] At the end of the final battle with the Death Saurer, Raven gets blasted into the future (NCZ) by the shockwaves from the explosion of the huge Zoid. He meets Bit and the rest of the Blitz Team and discovers just what happened to Zoids centuries after Van died. The future is crap and Raven has no way to get out of it, and no way to change it either.


No title yet: [drama, romance / will be yaoi] Bakura never beat Ryou in the beginning. Instead, the yami feels that it would be more productive to pretend to be Ryou’s friend. Good things hardly ever last though, and soon Ryou discovers that Bakura is just lying to him to get him to play along with the yami’s dark plans. Their relationship takes a turn for the worse during Duelist Kingdom and Battle City. Afterwards, Ryou tries to make amends with Bakura, but the yami doesn’t want anything to do with his hikari, and Ryou attempts to figure out why Bakura acts the way he does.

Things I have done that are important:
-Start the Cell romance trend in the DBZ section (though I deleted the fic that started it).
-Written the first Hiltz romance on
-Start the whole Ambient and cookies trend (read "A Day in the Life of Ambient").

I am also posting fics for my friend, Schala85.

Recommended fic of the week:

Seven Guys, Two Girls, and One! Elevator-
-THE funniest Yugioh story I have EVER read. Seto Kaiba gets his head stuck in the elevator door, Yugi has fake hair, Yami climbs the elevator cable with his teeth, Mai tries to murder Joey in his sleep, Tristen's hair is actually fungus, Bakura attempts to light people on fire, Ryou gets knocked out several times, and Tea gets hit by random objects.

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