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Author has written 10 stories for Gakuen Alice, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, and Hunter X Hunter.

Ok so I don't really know what to write in a profile but... here I go!

Um... I'm just a person who is obsessed with anime. So basically I'm anime otaku That's what they call people who are obsessed with anime right? I don't know... Anyway since profiles for other things usually ask you a whole bunch of questions about yourself I'm going to randomly list some things about me now! My favourite food is ice cream, my favourite songs are english vocaloid covers by Jubyphonic (check her out she's awesome!), my favourite colour is blue, my hobbies include watching anime, reading manga, drawing, writing, basically anything anime related (I'm not that good at it... but it's fun!) um... my favourite anime is Katekyo Hitman Reborn but Hunter x Hunter is a super close second. Honestly, I like the 1999 version better but the 2011 is good too and finally my lucky number is 7! Ok self intro... check!

I love yaoi couples because they are sooooooo adorable! Hetero couples are cute too but I feel that yaoi is much more interesting with the forbidden love thing and all. Anyway on to some of my favourite pairings!

Katekyo Hitman Reborn:

D18 (Dino x Hibari)

B26 (Bel x Fran)

8059 (Yamamoto x Gokudera)

Hunter x Hunter:

KuroKura (Kuroro x Kurapika)

Hisoka x Machi (Hisochi?)


Seto x Joey (Puppy Shipping!)

Bakura x Ryou (Tender Shipping!)


HijiOki (Hijikata x Okita)


Yullen (Yuu x Allen)

Vampire Knight:

Kaname x Zero (Kaze?)


SinJa (Sinbad x Jafar)

I think I ship some more pairings but I can't remember them... I'm so sorry whoever you guys are! Hah... I apologise if I offended you by not knowing some of the ship names. I'm just having a massive blank right now.

Fav pairings... check! (sort of -.-') Onto my Fanfic Info!

Ok so... my fanfics. Let's start with My main OC... so some of you might know about her. Her name is Sakura Mikan and I know what you're thinking I stole it from GA but I can't help it I love her name! When I first learnt her name was a fruit and a flower I thought it was so cute! But I promise that's all, other than her name I made up her personality and looks and other stuff all by myself. I like to put her into the anime I've watched and liked and normally I make her into the love interest of my favourite character in the anime. I don't know why but my brain just automatically does this and makes up random backstories... don't judge me... I also write light yaoi fanfics from time to time. I like reading about them but to put the more hardcore stuff is kinda... yeah. Don't have enough skills for that :P

I upload randomly because I'm not good under pressure so if I make a schedule or something I would most likely not end up doing it. I'm pretty sure I've discontinued fics before because I left it for too long and lost the motivation. Even if I do get motivation it's unlikely I'll continue stuff from years ago, I feel like I'd stuff it up. I've noticed that I have a really short attention span and space out a lot. Is that bad? Anyway, I'm currently writing my fics in class but I think I'm going to try writing more at home because school is actually getting pretty serious ...hah less time for watching anime...boo. But I like writing and sharing my stories so I guess it's ok!

Thank you so much for everyone who reads my fanfics! It really means a lot to me. No matter how I sounded in the authors notes (if anyone actually reads them), just knowing people actually reads my stories makes me really happy :) I know I'm not very good at writing but hopefully you guys will ignore that and read my future fics and I hope you'll like them

Fanfic Info... check!

P.S. I write "..." a lot because I don't know... to me it looks professional!

My links are just random stuff I did... which is sort of related to my fanfics and you don't have to do anything but um yeah... please check them out!)

My links:



(I got a fictionpress account! Never heard of it before now but I got it )

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