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Favorite TV series: Bleach, NCIS, (need to find out more)

Favorite Movies: To many to count for me,

Favorite Book Series: The Iron Fey, Twilight, House of Night, Harry Potter, and Hunger Games


Bleach Section:

My couples for Bleach

Canon Couples:

Ichiruki - Ichigo and Rukia
Ulquihime - Ulquiorra and Orihime
HitsuKarin - Toshiro and Karin
GinRang - Rangiku and Gin
Yoruhara - Yoruichi and Urahara
IchiTat - Ichigo and Tatsuki
Ishihime - Uryu and Orihime

Crack Pairings:

Hitsuruki - Toshiro and Rukia
Renmo - Renji and Momo
Ishinemu - Uryu and Nemu
GinRuki - Gin and Rukia
GrimmRuki - Grimmjow and Rukia
(Surprisingly) ByaRuki - Byakuya and Rukia
UlquiRuki - Ulquiorra and Rukia
AshiRuki - Ashido and Rukia
(If you ask me why, I will deny everything) AiRuki
NnoitNel - Nnorita and Neliel
GrimmNel - Grimmjow and Neliel
Renhime - Renji and Orihime
ShuRukia - Shuhei and Rukia
(Maybe a lot of RukiHarem that I need to think off)

Not Liked Pairings:

Ichihime - Ichigo and Orihime Reason: People, Orihime is a weak little thing. She is too bubbly. Ichigo needs some who is powerful and strong (Like Rukia), not someone who makes weird food, nearly kisses him without him knowing, and someone who cries/yells/says 'Kurosaki-kun' every time you turn around. Also, I have nothing against Orihime. In fact, she would(maybe) be my third or fourth fave bleach female. I just don't like her with Ichigo.

HitsuHina - Toshiro and Momo Reason: This pairing is kinda like Ichihime. Momo was absolutely in love with Aizen. Did you see the way she acted when she read that note from Aizen?! To me, Hitsugaya and Hinamori are just great friends and that's it. Trust me, Hitsuruki would have a better chance than this couple.

RenRuki - Renji and Rukia Reason: Okay, to be honest, I don't like this pairing. Renji had let Rukia go when he allowed her to become a noble. Renji could have said his true feelings right then and there to make Rukia stay but he didn't. I agree that they are really good friends but I can't picture them as a couple. Yes, Renji is strong but Ichigo is stronger. Plus to me, Renji looks a little weird with all those tattoos on him.

Also, not a big fan of Yaoi. I can't say that I hate it but...I just don't like the fact some of my fave guys are with each other. Not problem with gay guys, just don't like Yaoi.

If you have anything to say about my opinion, go ahead doesn't matter to me.

Hunger Games Section:

I've started an obsession with the Hunger Games, just like Bleach. I like a few different pairings. I kinda know about the Team Gale and Team Peeta but I'm team Katniss. She can't seem to really choose in her heart, even though in the end she chooses Peeta.

Just a few of my fave pairings: PeetaXKatniss, GaleXKatniss, FinnickXKatniss, CatoXKatniss, FinnickXAnnie, GlimmerXMarvel

Pairings I Don't like: CatoXClove, GlimmerXCato,

That is just some pairings and few are considered 'crack' if you are into anime.

Anyway, I may write stories about this, got a few ideas. Thanks for reading!

Iron Fey Section:



House of Night Section:

My second fave series but right now I'm not really into it.

Twilight Section:

I don't care what you think, I'm still Team Jacob all the way!!

Harry Potter Section:

Off and On

This is just me. If you don't like if then BYE!!


A World ApartComplete

A World Together is the name of the A World Apart sequel. I have a few ideas of how to go about it. It would basically just be going though the lives of the characters from A World Apart.

Possible Story Ideas:


If anyone has a request, I will gladly accept the challenge. Just gave me the plot, characters and setting and it will be put up once it is finished. No more then 3 chapters per request.

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