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As of today, (May 3rd, 2014), I have closed the poll above this profile. It seems as though a large majority of you - almost 85 percent, in fact - would like to see Trampled, my longest and most successful story, illustrated. This is a completely understandable sentiment, since a lot of things happen and I am sure that many of you would enjoy having some sort of visual context to it. I, for my part, would also enjoy delivering this to you as another facet to round out my work.

However, this may not come to fruition for a while. I am not sure how long it will be - several months, perhaps, or maybe a year, or even more that. The reason for this is that I, as I am sure you are aware, am ultimately dedicated to quality above anything else, and as I would like to give you something that you will enjoy and appreciate, I would like to dedicate a sufficient amount of time to its planning and execution. I want it to be worth the wait.

As of now, I do not feel that I have sufficient experience, or that my art is at a high enough level, to fulfill this goal to a satisfactory degree. I believe that I have the dedication and the latent artistic talent to eventually complete it, but as of now I simply don't have a lot of time to dedicate to art - my horse avatar, which took me several class periods to draw on paper, and about 6-8 hours to make digitally, is a rare exception. Hopefully, however, this will change soon.

Next year I will be a senior in high school, and I am currently signed up for an intensive art-related course called AP Studio Art - which, sans theater art in 8th grade, will regrettably be the first art class I have been able to take since elementary school - and I am super excited. There is an AP test involved, as you can see, which means that I have to submit works in a portfolio at the end of the year. The focus will be on improving in a variety of different media for students who already have some grasp at art, which means that only 8-10 of us will be in the class, about half of whom I already know and have befriended due to their similar personalities and artistic ability (not to be arrogant, but given that most high-schoolers, when pressured, can't draw at a level much higher than stick figures, I can say with certainty that I, and this select handful of my artistic friends, are probably some of the best at what we do in the entire school already, and this level should only improve by the end of year).

That said, by this point in 2015, I will hopefully have worked a lot more on my visual art skills than I have been, and this marked improvement will ideally give me the confidence to begin posting artwork online and to start work on this and other projects. I am very much looking forward to this point, and can only hope that it will come soon.

In the meantime, no, I don't have much in the way of plans to illustrate Trampled.

But it is, happily, on the horizon.

Just thought I'd share.

Announcement of the Day:

I seriously gotta redo this profile. I was going through my angst/depression stage when I wrote and now at this point it's a little cringey. :s Expect a new one soon.

Also sorry for my four-month silence. Hoping to get back into gear soon.

(Oh and Merry Christmas!)

- 12.24.14

I am GeminiGemelo

Also known as Gemini, Gemelo, Twin, and Twinny. Yet despite my name, I'm the one and only.

I'm a 280 year old Martian named Grxikperhwesng, who is 2' 3'' and has neon green hair... not really. But you can't see who is behind this screen, so I may as well say whatever I want about my appearance, no? You'll presumably never know the difference.

If you must know, I am 16 at time of writing... however, my age is similarly negligible in the long run. After all, it's only a number. Accept it, and move on.

I have been on site for nearly two years. You ask why, to which I respond... I'm not sure why I originally came here. I suppose a seemingly-passé interest in the movie incited me to begin, and this eventually grew into a more sophisticated vying for writing experience and feedback. I still love the source material, though it is my rooting in fandom which likely perpetuates this immersion into it. I would like to believe that, at this point, I am reasonably well-integrated and have made for myself the beginnings of a name and a reputation in this community through my dedication to my writing.

That said, I don't want to be ordinary. I already have to deal with just sitting there and being isolated and watching everything else happen around me in real life, and all it's done is make me pissed off. I'm sick of being passive and not giving a damn. This is my escape and it's one of the few things I feel hasn't been stripped away from me for next to no reason.

You're probably expecting me to sum up my personal characteristics like most people. As inane as it is, I will oblige, simply because, whether you choose to believe it or not, there is a real person behind this screen, just as is the case with everyone else.

I have at least three sides to me, if not more. On the one hand is an ineffably optimistic, level-headed, energetic, and fun person who appreciates the beauty in things and has this noble infatuation with helping other people and being loyal to friends. On the other is a shy, pensive, and intelligent scholar seeking knowledge, wisdom, and experience - one who is overtly distant and serious and would feel no different if other people simply didn't exist at all. And the reclusive third side, rarely if ever witnessed by other people, is a temperamental whirlwind of cynicism and negative human emotions, likely triggered by adolescence and pent-up frustration. None dominates the other - they coexist, and I express them roughly equally through various channels and in various situations.

I'm friendly... somewhat. This is a trait cautiously suppressed in real life, so I generally seem neutral to strangers, yet I do enjoy an amount of social interaction among close friends on at least some level. I am approachable, which is why I encourage PMs - I don't bite unless provoked - but as an introvert I am difficult to get to know well unless I foster great proclivity towards your company. I am withdrawn and tend to hide a lot of things about myself, such as my knowledgeableness and curiosity for but two examples, so as not to draw negative attention, which I am paranoid of receiving when I am around unfamiliar individuals.

I am also easily bored and distracted. Due to this, people tend to have the impression that I am ignorant to my environ and the people around me because I don't tend to focus or care about subjects which do not interest me. Rather, I am typically doing or thinking about something else more salient in my own mind. This occasionally causes problems.

That said, writing came into my life at an extremely fortuitous time, as I was going through some originally imperceptible emotional changes when I started. By the time the creative snowball started rolling, the path to sophomore year - by far the worst school year, if not entire year in general, I have experienced as of yet - was being irreversibly paved before me. Writing was my crutch. Though I never told anyone - why the hell would they believe me? - I honestly think that I was going through some form of depression or, at the very least, emotional instability. Why exactly this happened is something I still do not entirely understand, as there was no one event that began it. Its onset and culmination were gradual and of an unknown cause - I didn't even notice the oncoming whirlwind until I was lost within its clutches.

Perhaps this is a normal adolescent experience, however much I tend to doubt it when I look at other people. All I can really say, though, is that by the time I finished that year my outlook, appearance, and personality were irrevocably altered.

Albeit being merely 15(16 now!), I am currently a junior in high school. The adolescent stereotype I most resemble, if any at all? That kid who sits there and never says anything unless pressed, rarely talks to new people, and rarely becomes embroiled in any facet of school life aside from the strictly academic (this includes the overhyped social, athletic, and club facets). I am extremely bored of people in general, especially at high school, and I can only take so much exposure to the people outside my circle of friends. My teachers appreciate that I am a good student, so that is all that really matters, even if no one else really understands or knows what to make of me.

Nonetheless, I plan on attending college, either to be an equine veterinarian (my old desire) or to be a linguist. I'm in Spanish IV, and probably one of the few in class who have a genuine interest in learning the language. Becoming a novelist is a given goal in my future, and probably the most important to me. I have every intention of fulfilling this dream, which is again part of the reason I am here.

I also have a huge love for horses, which reflects itself in the original works I have written and likely will write in my lifetime. It has been burning like an itching infection for about half of my life, steadily augmenting itself every year. I am currently in bad straits, for although I have amassed a basic amount of tactile experience as well as a wealth of factual information regarding them, and I have been lucky enough to obtain work with the animals in the past, I currently have no outlet whereupon I can quell this need satisfactorily. None of my immediate family knows anything about horsemanship, and we cannot afford leasing or buying one. Such a fact does not surprise me even a bit, and merely reflects how things have been for as long as I can remember.

Having the chance to own one in my lifetime is an important goal of mine.

Words are my other passion. Despite being an absolutely pitiful writer until about 3 years ago, my interests in language and in storytelling have roots dating back over a decade - they merely did not merge until fairly recently. Tengo mucha respeta y un amor profundo por mi lengua nativo tanto como los idiomas extranjeros del mundo - todos son un parte de una belleza que no se puede explicado completamente, por lo menos en mis palabras propias. Ironic, no?

Oh, and lastly - simply because I have received some number of curious questions concerning the subject - yes, the person under the username "GeminiGemelo'sMom" is, in fact, my mother. And yes, I am both aware and alright with her being on the site and reviewing. I know this is not the norm. However, my parents have been divorced for nearly eight years and contacts between us are very sporadic, so we have limited methods of communication. I have allowed her to see my fanfiction account for this reason. Most of my other friends and family are not interested in fanfiction, and nearly all of them do not even know that I do this.

I understand that I am bound to receive inquiries on this; however, I would ask that you respect my privacy and try not to look into things too deeply. I have a life outside of this site, and while I am okay with your questions and am willing to talk, please understand that this is simply where I post my writing and keep up with the fandom and with my readers. As much as I have come to like and respect some of you, at the end of the day, sadly, we are all simply screen names to each other. Do not take it personally.



I have been on site since: Dec. 16th, 2011

I first heard of FFn on: Nov. 3rd, 2011

I have been writing fanfiction since: Nov. 10th, 2011

I began writing original fiction on: June 18th, 2011

As to how I know these dates... you can see the first for yourself. Both Instigation (my first fanfic) and Fluga (my first original work) were dated.

FUN FACT: I first learned of FFn while looking over the shoulder of a brony friend of mine. Of course, what I saw was fanfiction for My Little Pony, as that was what he happened to be reading. The first fanfic I ever read? Cupcakes. Yes, the Cupcakes. As in the one where Pinkie Pie invites Rainbow Dash to her house, drugs her, cuts her up graphically and makes her into fun little confectionaries. A great way to roll out the welcome mat, no?

I offer the following services to those interested:

  • Reviewing. Pretty self-explanatory. You send me a PM, and then I read the story of your choice and tell you what I think of it. I don't have to 'know' you to do this - you can be a complete stranger. Heck, I suppose it wouldn't even need to be in any particular fandom. I can offer con-crit on general mechanics such as writing effectiveness/narrative structure/conventions and grammar aside from the actual plot. Puedo dejar comentas en dos lenguajes. Si usted escribe en español, yo todavía podría ayudarle. Mándeme un mensaje.

  • Beta-reading*. I have yet to create a public Beta-Reading profile, and I doubt that I will have one up soon. The beta services I have performed so far have been on a more friendly and informal basis amongst those I know well here, and it is likely to stay this way for some time.

  • Co-authorship*. I have not done this yet, though I would be open to this possibility and have presented it tentatively to some friends of mine on here. Preferably, I would like the person to be around the same skill level as myself. Knowing the co-author beforehand would also be preferable, but if you are simply a fan of my work and would be interested in writing a story with me, let me know and we can talk more about it.

  • Photo-manips. I am still gaining experience in this area, but with the help of GIMP I find that compiling an image is a lot easier than creating an original. Granted, as the source images are not my own I cannot claim full credit for these, but if you would like a title cover or an avatar made for you then feel free to drop me a PM. Please be specific on what you want - otherwise, I will not be able to help you.
  • Translation (Spanish -> English only). I probably wouldn't feel comfortable doing the reverse of this - eg, from English to Spanish, as you can see below - although I don't foresee that being a problem given the popularity of English on this site. If you are a Spanish author and would like more publicity for your stories by having them published in English, but you are not fluent in the English language, then feel free to send me a message. I can read Spanish fairly well and will do the best I can to translate the ideas into English.
  • [Traducción (solamente español -> inglés). Yo probablemente no me sentiría cómodo hacer el reverso de esto - pe, de inglés a español, como estoy haciendo - aunque no pienso que será un problema debido a la popularidad del inglés en este sitio. Si usted es un áutor hispano y le gustaría obtener más publicidad para sus cuentos por haberlos publicado en inglés, pero no usted tiene fluidez en el idioma inglés, usted es libre mandarme un mensaje. Puedo leer español bastante bien y haré lo mejor que yo puedo para traducir las ideas a inglés.]
  • I do not offer these services:

  • Fanfic illustration. This one is tentative and may be moved at an indeterminate time in the future. As of now, I am still developing on my own as a hobby artist. I have yet to immerse myself into any art communities, and I absolutely will not perform this service for anyone else until I have at least some experience doing it with my own stories, and I feel the result of such is satisfactory.

  • Trailer editing. Again a variable one. I have had an interest in creating and editing AMVs, trailers, and other such videos for some time now, as I believe I have some good ideas to put out there. However, at time of writing, I have absolutely no experience in this field and nothing more sophisticated than Windows Movie Maker, so such projects are currently frozen in a state of developmental hiatus until I can arrive at a good starting point.
  • Writing a story for you. Well, sort of. There have been several notable exceptions to this depending on special circumstances. This belongs in this category due to the amount of time involved in writing a story. Generally my advice would be to write the story yourself - that way it is more in line with your expectations and it will give you experience. I would be willing to help you out in this scenario if you choose this option. However, I have accepted a few general story ideas from those I know on here and adopted the resulting story as something akin to my own (I do credit them). However, I would appreciate it, in the case that you submit an idea and I accept, if you would review and keep in touch with me. If you disappear and I continue writing the story, but it doesn't end up how you want because you never contacted me, this is not my fault.
  • * Special conditions must be met.

    I have the right to refuse service to anyone.

    Doesn't mean it's likely to happen, but if I choose not to do something then please don't pressure me. There's no method of 'payment' on FFn - everything I do is out of my own free and good will. As such, I am far more likely to do something for someone who is pleasant and asks politely than someone who is demanding. I want to help you, but if there are time constraints or your request is unreasonable, it may not happen.

    These are general guidelines, and are subject to change at any time at my discretion based on the amount of time I have, how inclined I am, and how much I feel confident in my abilities.

    I'm not quite sure why this is here...

    ... but these are the fics which have actually made me cry thus far. I didn't feel like deleting this, as I believe it is indicative of the astronomical ratio between the sheer number of fanfics out there as compared to the quantity of them with engaging, immersive storytelling. Granted, I don't browse much anymore... but nevertheless, as you can see, there are not a lot in this group, at least compared to the hundreds I've probably read either partially or totally through the two years I've been here. I don't think I need to explain other than by saying that the fics listed below are very well-written and emotionally resonant, and I would definitely recommend investing the time in them. (The last of them, in fact, is one I have not yet finished, although it has already made me cry - at the death of one of the author's OCs. That says a lot.)

    Time Stand Still by Edfan765 (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

    From Behind Bars by ArizonaSivy (The Lion King)

    Corduroy by Draenog Glas (Sonic the Hedgehog)

    The Lion King: The Freak by Tiger Khan (The Lion King)

    And one more thing

    These are a few of the works that inspired me, before I really got into fanfiction, to... well, get into fanfiction (aside from the source material, obviously). I'm not going to lie - it's a very demanding hobby, but it's also very rewarding. So I feel like these people/works of art deserve special mention, since I probably wouldn't be here, on this site, with a profile anywhere near as prolific, if it weren't for them. So without further ado... go check everything on this list out. I would highly recommend it.

    What happened to Scar? by Drowfan (The Lion King) - This is a Youtube video. Although it has nearly 10 million views now, I first saw it in 2011, when it had less than a million and when my interest in the film was just beginning to peak. Despite the fact that I have seen more interestingly-edited AMVs since, this one does bring back some nostalgia, and the emotion that it brought to me then, when I was 13, was enough to get the ball rolling and compel me to write for Scar, which in turn brought this whole account into existence.

    Animal Adventure and [unknown] by x-The Devil's Advocate-x (The Lion King) - I would link these fics if I could, but unfortunately, for reasons I do not know, the author has chosen to delete them - one was never completed and has been gone for quite some time, hence why I've forgotten the name. Although Animal Adventure was, in retrospect, somewhat cliché, and both contained some graphic lemons, these fics did greatly engage me when I had just discovered the site. Her interesting personality and interest in villains was easy to relate to, with Scar and Zira filling prominent roles in both stories. I believe that she is still writing under a sister account, the details of which are on her profile, so I would check that out.

    Captive by NinaRoja (The Lion King) - This was also among one of the first fics I read after joining this site. It is, like most of my own stories, a heavily AU piece of fanfiction stemming from a what-if, this one regarding the stampede: what if Mufasa survived and Scar, instead of chasing Simba away, took the cub hostage to maintain his newfound hold on the throne? This fic is very interesting and focuses mainly on Simba, with an eerily-haunting depiction of his emotional and psychological state in captivity, though it also does well with the other characters. The raw bits of emotion and action make this fic a good read, and one of the main forces that led to my writing beginnings.

    Oh, and Cupcakes. Can't forget Cupcakes. I wouldn't have physically found out of FFn's existence if it weren't for Cupcakes...

    Fandom Views

    You've probably noticed that this account has only TLK fics. I may branch out, provided I have the time and inclination, into other fandoms, but if I were to do so I would doubtlessly create a sister account. I intend to keep this one TLK-only, as this was the first fandom I was inducted into, in a way. To be honest, fanfiction is really but a means to an end for me - while I may continue it for fun at an older age, this is likely the time of my life where I will be the most active here. So it may not happen. Although I do occasionally imagine story ideas for other fandoms, it would as of now be counterproductive to act upon any of them in a serious way.

    [ EDIT: At this point - February 2014 - it seems that there is a very strong possibility of me writing for the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom in the near future. If you are a fan of this series, feel free to follow me here. I'm hoping to post some fics soon. ]

    This section, accordingly, mainly delves deeper into the nuances of my fandom views, and what you can expect to find if you read any of my stories. It is assumed that, in order to be reading this, you are a TLK fan - however, if you are not active in the fandom or don't know much about the movie, feel free to skip this if you are uninterested.

    Those who least deserve love are the ones who need it the most.

    I believe this sums it up. I am a Scar fan once, and a Scar fan forever; no matter the searching, you are unlikely to find a stronger supporter than me out there, and I highly doubt anyone could ever say anything that would make me change my mind on the matter. Through the many fics I have made, I have probably become one of the premiere Scar writers. In truth, however, this does not say much, as I am still but a part of a fandom minority.

    This is not to say that I am unreasonable - rather, this is another criterion which I would implore you not to judge my writing on before you read it. Several have come to me saying that their enjoyment of Scar was limited to a villain-appreciation level. Others have said that such a thing didn't exist: that they hated and held a grudge against him to some extent. Both groups admitted that my writing developed their proclivity towards him as a main character in my stories, and that they grew to like him over time.

    I know it's odd. But allow me to explain.

    There are two camps out there in regards to Scar's actions in the first movie. Some - rather, the majority - assert that there is absolutely no excuse for what he did in the original TLK, that he is fully guilty and culpable, and that he ultimately received what he righteously deserved. The other, in contrast, pull the abused-cub Taka card: that all of Scar's actions were his family's fault and on the inside he was really just a gentle, hurt figure who kind of wanted the throne and maybe killed his brother... who totally deserved it.

    I belong to neither.

    Rather, just as I intend to do on the rest of the site, I wish to voice my own opinions. I don't think that there is a single, fix-all recipe to Scar's past that exonerates him from all blame and makes him, at least in the cliché sense, a 'good' figure. But I do think that there is a lot hidden that may explain his character, why he does what he does and where he is coming from. There is a lot we don't know and a lot the movie leaves blank, which is likely why so many people have found so much fun in filling in the holes.

    I do believe that he was once close with his brother and family, but was put through some amount of pain and shame to make him the way he was on an emotional level. I do believe that he was not inherently evil, yet became amoral at an indeterminate time. I do believe that he was haunted by guilt and, during the time of his reign, madness as the direct results of what he did.

    However, I do not believe that he was totally innocent. He still committed a terrible crime and, in the end, paid for it and for his usurpation with his own life. He was a villain who had fallen to evil, and was at least partially responsible for what happened to his family and kingdom. He was guilty. But whether or not he felt remorse or was forgiven in the end is something which is never fully addressed.

    Perhaps the most tell-tale sign - and probably what originally and irrevocably attached the two of us nearly five years ago, when I rewatched the movie and first showed an interest in it - are his very first, opening lines. It is clear that his actions and sensibility are clouded by an inherent, burning, and barely-masked jealousy which seems extremely obvious. It stands to reason that, instead of being evil incarnate, he is merely an envious individual who resolved himself to doing whatever was necessary and lost himself along the way. I believe that it may have been this facet that distinguished him from the other antagonists I have seen over the years, yet with whom I never felt quite a connection. It's his solemn introspection, the subtle realization that no, life isn't fair. But he could and would do what he must, to somehow beat the game.

    It is also likely why Scar relates to me the way he does - on a deeply personal level with an emotional resonance that is hard to deny. He is not only my favorite character from TLK, but absolutely in the pantheon of favorites from any medium, ever. It's not just his inherent charm. It's the nuances about him that draw me toward him. My interest in him grew, and now, in this time of my life especially, I understand him more than ever before. I know how it feels to be imperfect, to be lost and lonely and to feel isolated. Angry. Bitter. Without belonging. Frustrated to no end. And determined to bring an end to it.

    Somewhere along the line, he fell... much farther than I ever did. But the concept is essentially the same. He wants to be left alone, to avoid the others, but somewhere he craves the recognition that they received. That his brother received. His ambition is punished due to his sordid means, and thus he fell in the way he lived: with nothing, and with no one.

    We also share several physical similarities as well. Although I lack his deep, purring voice and his accent, two traits I wish I shared, we are both slender, green-eyed, and about equals in terms of masculinity, as weird as that may sound (compared to his brother, at least, he's relatively effeminate for a male, perhaps even androgynous in some facets of his character, and I'm... not particularly representative of my gender, either). We are sporadically antisocial. We hide many of our feelings. We're geared towards thought and introspection - in addition to, unfortunately, the resulting self-pity and insecurity - occasionally morbid outlooks, oddball senses of humor, and generally eccentric behaviors. We disdain idiotic people and ideas.

    I even have a left eyebrow scar. Trippy, no?

    All in all, I am convinced that I am like a twin to him. The good twin, perhaps, but a twin nonetheless. Makes sense... right?

    That said, Scar is already a character I relate to and sympathize with from the start, due to just how much of myself I see in him. I would probably support him regardless of the quality of the protagonists in the movie. That said, I bear no particular grudge against Simba. I don't despise him. He simply does not resonate with me on a comparably significant level. Granted, this has changed slightly in the past years, as has my outlook on nearly everything, but it isn't enough to counter Scar. It simply isn't.

    Given the attachment I feel to Scar, I almost bristle at anything opposing him, Simba or otherwise. At the end of the day, I don't care how noble the young prince's cause was, or whether he tried to be merciful towards his uncle. I understand there was no more he could do and had to defend himself. Yes, Scar did have his death coming to him in light of his many mistakes.

    But I still see Simba as somewhat responsible for Scar's demise, and that bothers me on an innate level alongside Simba's other faults. Faults which I normally wouldn't care about... but for the sake of demonstration, I will say that I am also frustrated to some extent by the others' faith in him, as well as his continuous luck as an adult, despite the overly care-free stance he takes and the way he abandons his family for the sake of running away from his problems. He is, in a way, overly complacent and impressionable, yet manages somehow to skirt his way through everything regardless.

    But alas, I won't nitpick.

    I don't hate Simba. I promise, I don't. He's simply not my character of choice. Were it any other movie, or if Scar did not exist at all - being replaced by some other contemptible villain I hated - I would likely support him... very much so, most likely. Yet 'tis not the case.

    To summate, I feel very much like a voice for Scar. He is a recurring character in my stories, and the problems that his personage inherently addresses are common themes. I want others to understand my opinions. You do not have to agree with them; however, I ask that you give them a chance and respect them for what they are, as they are very much founded. There is no need for debasing them or contradicting them without reason. Hating on Scar simply because he is Scar will get on my nerves to an extremely large degree - even if you don't like him, which is fine, I would prefer to see you differentiate yourself from the masses by giving a logical explanation as to why rather than just jumping on the bandwagon with everybody else.

    If you want to make me angry, all you've got to do is bash Scar. Because when you bash Scar, I bash you. Right?

    In any case, Scar has been addressed now, and as such most of my fandom diatribe has been delivered. However, if you would like to see my views on other aspects of fandom theory... well, here it is. See also The Lion King Meme towards the bottom section for even more.

    List of characters from my favorite fandom (TLK, in this case) listed in order of how much I like them:

    Scar (Don’t get me started…)


    (Did I mention Scar? Oh well, #3 is probably… hmm, let me think…) Scar

    Vitani (She idealizes the personality I often wish I had)

    Timon (He reminds me of myself in some ways)




    Zazu (As a child I had this weird obsession with birds, so he was naturally my favorite for a long time)




    Ed (He's smart. You know he's smart.)



    Sarafina/Gopher/Uncle Max/Ma/any character with one line or a minor role (I'm indifferent. 'Nuff said.)

    Simba (He's a cute and brave cub, though, I will admit.)


    Pairings and theories I generally support:

    It depends on the fic, the author's interpretations of the characters, and other important elements as determined by the individual story. These are merely meant to be guidelines, and are in no way indicative of rigid rules. I myself prefer to use whatever is convenient for the story I am trying to tell, and only a few of these are universal or non-negotiable in my storytelling endeavors.

    - Nala as Vitani's mother, by Scar (whatever the means: whether he raped her, took her as his queen, or did something else... it matters not to me). They look very similar in regards, at least, to eye color, and I have seen some convincing videos on Youtube of this theory ("Nala's Forgotten Cub AU/Xover" by bladethorn is the most notable example). It also adds considerable subtext to the line "Where's your pretty daughter, Nala?", which makes little sense without it.

    - Scar and Zira as a pairing. I believe this is canon: Zira addresses Scar like someone dear to her in the wake of Nuka's death. Her absence in the first movie is due to her nonexistence at the time. Canonically, it can be said she was absent for other reasons as thought out by the author.

    - Scar and Nala as a pairing: I'm not a huge fan of those "Madness of King Scar" lemons floating around, especially when they're OOC on either side - they all-too-often are. I'm also iffy on the non-cons. But when it is given more attention and depth, I support this pairing. One of my favorite proponents of it, Youtube's SpiritsQueen,has made an entire collection of creative NalaxScar AMVs, some of which are simply brilliant and all of which are fantastically edited.

    - Mufasa and Sarabi as a pairing. It's canon. There isn't much to be said on this from my particular perspective.

    - Shenzi and Scar as a pairing. This is probably my most controversial pairing. My explanation lies with the renowned and aforementioned deleted scene "The Madness of King Scar", which involves his lusting after Nala - a lioness who strongly disliked him and was young enough to be his daughter. Some even claim her to be his daughter, which is possible. That said, it is clear through these actions that he is not one to strictly heed rules of social propriety. It's really not a stretch for him to pine after an individual much closer to him, regardless of species difference. Considering how he used the hyenas in other, less-sexual ways, it is, again, not as much of a shocking interpretation as it seems.

    - Scar and Sarabi. If enough depth and backstory is given this pairing makes sense, and in fact makes it closer to Hamlet (which is a lot like TLK, really). I like to think that his animosity towards her at the end of the movie is not quite what it seems - he's not angry at her for contradicting him, necessarily, but he's still bitter with her for unexpressed reasons, such as ending a possible relationship they may have shared at some point for one example. In addition, it adds more strain to Mufasa and Scar's relationship if you factor in that Scar and Sarabi could have loved each other, the latter then moving on to Mufasa for an indeterminate reason - perhaps he stole her away and she cheated on Scar, or the younger brother changed and she dumped him for whatever reason before she went to Mufasa... maybe they were even betrothed and she couldn't see him anymore. In any case, it would certainly give Scar another reason to resent his brother and possibly to even feel betrayed by him, leading him to seek and eventually acquire vengeance. Once he died, he could have tried to take her as his queen and steal her back from his brother.

    - Shenzi and Ed, depending on the situation. As Ed is portrayed in the movie, I cannot see him paired with Shenzi... or anyone, for that matter. But I have read several fics where he acted differently than in the movie and was actually very smart, an interpretation I have adopted into my own stories. That said - although it still depends on how he is portrayed - I can see them together in certain situations.

    - Shenzi and Banzai, sometimes. It depends on the fic, as I don't really care for this one way or the other. Some have them paired and it is actually rather cute and romantic, but in others they are just friends. Either works for me. Of course, this is assuming that the matriarch isn't paired with Ed or Scar or someone else.

    - Ed being smarter than he really acts, as mentioned above. I usually ascribe this characterization to Ed. Although many love the hyena's mad wackiness, I personally find him far more interesting, original, and easier to write for when given his own unique twist where he merely pretends to be crazed. I've seen other fics (mainly parodies) where he was actually quite verbose, and still others that show theories on how he became the way he was. In one he was strung out on drugs and his mind was altered. That one was... interesting...

    - Nuka and Kiara. I am generally not much of a fan of Nuka. It's not that I don't like him - on the contrary, I tend to feel sorry for him when I really think about it. But for one reason or another he simply doesn't make much of an impression on me. Adding this to the fact that he has sparse screen time, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that I feel rather indifferent to him on most occasions and rarely write for him. However, there have been fics that really make me feel for him. As an example, one of my favorite authors, ArizonaSivy, wrote a story called Humiliation for this pairing that involved Nuka hijacking Kovu's mission and becoming accepted into the Pridelands. His portrayal of the situation made it very interesting, and his trademark plot twists were delightfully shocking and ironic. I would highly recommend it, as with the rest of his fiction.

    - Simba and Nala. You know, the poster child pairing for this entire movie. It's not like I can really say I don't support it or anything. It's right there in plain sight - you don't have to read between the lines to see that it's canon. But to be honest, I support this with no fervor and honestly don't really care for it since they're probably the two least interesting characters in the series.

    Yes, I know. I did just say that. Please put the pitchfork down.

    - Kovu and Kiara. Again, canon pairing. Whoop-dee-doo.

    - Simba and Zira. Not as a love story, given Zira's understandable hatred of Simba after Scar's death. The only story I read which had them as an actual pairing was one AU where Scar exiled Zira - a newcomer to the pride - and she found Simba in the jungle... and it was half-decent. Generally, though, I like to see some sort of twisted interplay between the two. For example, in one story, I cast Simba as Vitani's father out of Zira, who attempted to murder him in a seduction scheme but ultimately failed with the killing aspect. Got to love those types of stories, ehh...? Well, someone had to write it, I guess...

    - Kovu and Vitani are twins. Oh, and while I'm on this whole parentage thing, please stop claiming things in all caps when you don't even know the facts of the matter. I see people all the time on Youtube screaming things like "Nala is NOT Vitani's mother, that's bullshit, and you're an idiot!" or "Kopa and Kiara were Simba's only children, get it right!"

    Dude, just chill out and watch the movie. The makers of the second film are really good about haphazardly telling you random things and leaving frustratingly nebulous clues while completely ignoring and refusing to answer the major questions. So don't claim your own theories as the only truth when there is not - and likely never will be - any concrete evidence one way or the other. Playing around with it is all part of the fun anyways, and at the end of the day, it's just personal preference. I'm tired of endless arguments with no real point or clear answers.

    - Kovu is a random rogue, and the others are Scar and Zira's children. This or the previous one is fine.

    - Nuka is Scar and Zira's cub. Kovu and Vitani are Scar and Nala's, Scar and Sarabi's, or just random orphans.

    Pairings and theories I generally oppose:

    - ScarxSarafina. Like many people, I sort of shoe-horned them into a relationship when I first started, but I've come to realize (as has TheTrueJuliet, who summed it up well) that people mostly pair them together just because they're both presumably single. According to their logic, since Mufasa was paired with Sarabi then Scar must have been with Sarafina. That's not necessarily true. They could have been together, but it's not like they had to have been together. Now, some people simply do it to make Scar Nala's father and to explain the so-called death of the deleted character Mheetu - Nala's younger brother - by making Scar murder him in vengeance for Sarafina terminating the relationship or cheating on him... if you can think up good backstory, then I have no quarrels with this one way or the other. After all, she only has one line, so she is almost a blank slate in regards to characterization and backstory. In general, though, I find this rather cliché.

    - Kopa. I don't know why I'm so averse to Kopa, considering that I am a state of ambivalence and/or passive acceptance regarding the other semi-canons (Malka, Kula, Tama, Tojo, Chumvi, etc.) and the fics they have been featured in, as well as my condoning, acceptance, and even use of Mheetu in my first story despite his ultimate non-existence in the movie. I think it has to do with the fact of their origins - although being deleted, Mheetu was invented by the creators and was originally going to be in the movie. And although the other semi-canon cubs are not official Disney creations, no one exactly claims them to be. They merely fill the roles of cubs alongside Simba during Mufasa's reign: something understandable given the absence of these roles in the first movie.

    That said, I suppose I have less against Kopa than I do against the wild, rabid, raging Kopa fans that roam around and post often-horrible fics claiming him to be a TLK II: Simba's Pride character who died. Those people who can't accept the truth - that Kopa was not created by Disney - and vehemently argue otherwise. The facts? That cub at the end of the first movie is a genderless, nameless cub (as stated in TLK's commentary, whereupon one of the speakers jokingly dubbed it "Fluffy"), who is not meant to have a character because the creators of TLK did not mean to make a sequel. Canonically, it is assumed to be Kiara. TLK II: SP and the semi-canon stories, TLK: Six New Adventures, don't agree because TLK:6NA was never a consideration for the creators of the sequel. That's because they are not canon. They are semi-canon. Yes, that's semi-canon. Meaning 'not created by Disney'. He wasn't deleted. He simply had no role in the second movie or its creation. You can have Kopa as a character, but please remember this fact and treat him accordingly.

    - Any crack pairings that make no sense at all, particularly weird slash or incestuous ones. There are few exceptions to this. Granted, I try to accept the fact that other people will disagree with me and have their own pairing ideas, and in general if they portray the relationship well enough I can ignore who is in it. But such stories are very rare in these cases, likely due to the needlessly racy and graphic lemons they usually contain. For example, I have no idea why KovuxSimba is such a popular pairing, and I am also generally averse to those such as MufasaxScar, SimbaxScar, TimonxPumbaa, or SimbaxKiara.

    - KovuxNala. The few stories I have seem with this pairing have been very flat, hence its inclusion into this category. However, given that Kovu is from the same generation as Nala, this could work if the universe were very much twisted - for example, if Simba were absent and Kiara did not exist.


    I told myself that I wouldn't start a new story or update any existing works, sans maybe one-shots, until Trampled was completely finished. Nonetheless, here is a brief summation of the works I have compiled thus far. If you are curious, then enjoy. I may also eventually post links, perhaps, to illustrations or videos which I believe fit in.

    [ This section is under construction! ]

    Instigation/Redivivus - My very first written fanfic. Instigation, started originally in November 2011, was my original initiation into the TLK world and into fandom in general. However, the overall story (and even the grammar) as well as its various elements rank variably between pitiful and half-decent. For this reason it is on indefinite hiatus.

    However, because I believe that I should finish my first story (and because I will eventually finish all multi-chapter stories unless otherwise stated), this fic was reincarnated in the form of Redivivus (started in June 2013). The goal is for it to have the same general plot and characters, but a more concise and realistic execution as well as significantly-improved mechanics.

    The idea behind the fics is simple: rather than dying at the hyenas' paws, Scar is rescued mysteriously in the midst of the flames, and he remembers nothing of the incident. When he wakes up in the middle of the barren Pridelands, he enters into a struggle to survive, to build up the Outlander pride, and to avoid crossing paths with many enemies - including Simba himself. With the drought still continuing and time running out faster than ever, it will be up to him to fight back with a vengeance... and to discover the identity of the lioness who seems to be watching his every move.

    It is rated T for some blood violence and non-explicit, sexually-suggestive themes. The redone fic may touch upon these themes in a more serious light and may have additional T-rated elements.

    Trampled - My most popular and successful story to date, a 'what-if?' AU with over 100,000 words of text (and counting). Suggested by readsmanyfavsfew, the question is this: what if Simba died in the stampede instead of Mufasa? How would the golden king cope? What of his mate and the rest of the pride? And most importantly, what would become of his murderous brother? These are all questions I attempt to answer in this story.

    After Simba's death, Mufasa is enraged, Sarabi is broken, and the entire pride grieves for the loss. But, unbeknownst to them, his death is merely the trigger for a wild chain of events that will forever change the kingdom. As the monarch seeks closure, and punishment for those responsible, he finds that much more is at stake than he thought, and that his entire family, including his murderous brother, is now in danger.

    Attempting to pay a debt with a band of vengeful hyenas and fulfill promises of long ago, Scar, now a murderer and a refugee, is forced into a difficult battle for survival. Hounded by his previous allies, chased by members of his own pride and family, and haunted by gruesome nightmares, he scrapes a living in the Outlands, with the help of some unexpected individuals - even, reluctantly, his brother. For when old tensions bubble to the surface, it will be up to the siblings to put their differences aside... or risk the ultimate destruction of everything they hold dear.

    This story is dark and filled with action, suspense, and some dramatic tidbits. Soon to be completed, Trampled also embodies the gradual progression I've taken as a writer in the past year and half since I started the story, and represents a good start in my authorship. Rated T for dark themes including blood, lots of fighting, and mild language.

    The trailer of this story, courtesy of TheTrueJuliet, can be found here. Thanks TTJ!

    This song, in my opinion, somewhat fits Scar's view of his relationship with Mufasa, especially with its cynical and mournful tones. It is, obviously, not mine. (Thirty Seconds to Mars - Hurricane)

    This song, in a similar vein, describes Scar's outlook during young adulthood - after the death of his parents, and ultimately when he decides to create the stampede and attempt to murder Mufasa. I don't own the song - Jared Leto does. (Thirty Seconds to Mars - Night of the Hunter)

    This song describes Mufasa's view of events of the story and mostly the view he had of Scar growing up. The hopeful note I think fits Trampled well. It belongs to my favorite band, not to me. (Three Days Grace - Never Too Late)

    And, for reasons I am not entirely aware of, this one just smacks of Mufasa. Have a listen and see for yourself - perhaps you'll agree. It's not mine. (Skillet - Live Free or Let Me Die)

    This one is Nyota's theme song - Nyota being an OC which Trampled readers hold much affection and familiarity towards. The lost and forlorn timbre really fits, as well as, of course, the lyrics on memories and letting go. Obviously not mine, since LP's got godly music talent and I don't. (Linkin Park - Easier to Run)

    This song embodies the search of the "desert princess" for her missing brother, Kukosa. I adore the singer's voice and the lyrics, which aren't mine, since my singing makes deaf peoples' ears bleed. True story. (Within Temptation - Somewhere)

    This song aptly describes the visceral, frightening nature and the sporadic madness in Scar's nightmares, as he is haunted by his demons. It does not belong to me, nor to a band that I usually listen to, though it is worth a look. (Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare)

    This song describes Zira's view of Scar and the nature of her connection with him. It doesn't belong to me, either, though it's a good song, as per BB's standards. (Breaking Benjamin - So Cold)

    The cover contains segments of official artwork copyright to Disney. The artistic effects are my own, not to be used without permission.

    Thus Always - An extremely dark AU-in-progress. The original scenario - what if Mufasa was the tyrant and Scar the popular king? - was suggested to me by pokeking95. Though just beginning, I see potential in this fic and eagerly hope to continue with it once Trampled is finished.

    In a dystopian-style Pridelands, King Mufasa rules his kingdom ruthlessly, with his treasured son - the well-meaning but brutal Simba - following in his pawprints. His methods are cruel, and the Pridelands' clime more so. Yet all his subjects accept this regime, believing that the king is absolute and that to question his spirits-ordained rule is tantamount to blasphemy. All accept it without question: all, however, except for one.

    Estranged from the royal family and ostracized from the pride, the lion called Scar is barely a prince. His beliefs are strange, heretical almost; tired of seeing what family he has suffer, it will take all of his courage to challenge his brother in the only way he knows how - alone and in secret. But the story doesn't end there. Guilt-ridden and fearing divine vengeance in the aftermath of his crime, the challenges he faces will set the kingdom in a new direction. For in the end, his reign will either save the kingdom... or it will destroy them.

    This fic will hopefully touch on some moral and even philosophical points to a greater degree than in my other stories, including the nature of 'right' and 'wrong' and the issue of 'destiny' versus 'free will'. It is currently rated T and I will try to keep the story in the T range: however, this may or may not change depending on predicted later sequences of a disturbing nature, including graphic violence as well as possible sexual situations.

    This song describes, to some extent, the personality and circumstances surrounding Thus Always' version of Scar, including the shame and inner conflict he continually faces. It is also not mine. Duh. (Metallica - The Unforgiven I)

    Accidental Love - The only romance-centric fic I have written so far, and the only one concerning Nala in a major way - enjoy the novelties of those ideas. The premise is my own, as I am a Scar/Nala fan, though I may have drawn some influence from other Scar/Nala fans on the Internet.

    After the tragic death of their king, Mufasa, and his son, Simba, the pride is grieving and unhappy, suffering under the rule of the former monarch's enigmatic brother, Scar. He rules capriciously and unpredictably, often taken by whims of tyranny and favoritism as his militant hyena supporters run freely throughout the land. As the months pass, the condition of the kingdom deteriorates, and a profound drought helps ensure the misery of those living at Pride Rock.

    It is here that the young and altruistic lioness Nala attempts to eke out her living, making personal sacrifices and attempting to forget the past so that her friends may live in relative comfort. She looks with disgust upon the leadership of Scar and his would-be mate, Zira... though, for reasons she cannot explain, the new king seems to foster an unknown proclivity towards her. The old queen Sarabi notices, and decides to take decisive action through a desperate - yet potentially successful - plan: force Scar to fall in love, in order that the young lioness may convince him to break the chains holding the kingdom.

    Nala objects at first, but in the end, only time will tell if her efforts work as planned, and just how far her ploy will inevitably go...

    This fic is a very experimental attempt to join Nala and Scar in a two-sided, minimally-AU relationship over the expanse of a full-length fic, as I see that this has not necessarily been done before. It is rated T for potential future scenes of a dark or disturbing nature, though the exact details are not yet known. It is on temporary hiatus.

    This song always reminds me of this fic, though I'm not exactly sure why. Probably because I was going through a Lady Gaga phase when the idea for this fic first came to me. (Lady Gaga - Monster)

    If you are a Nala/Scar fan, I would highly recommend that you hop on Youtube and check out the works of SpiritsQueen and MajesticWolfsx. The former especially helped influence my eventual support of Nala and Scar as a pairing. Both of them are very good film editors.

    MLK Writing Contests

    The My Lion King Forum Writing Contests are a monthly event, which I have mostly participated in over the course of the last year. Listed below are the fics I have written for the contests I have entered.

    The contests are quite small - some amount of tying, as well as a limited pool of entries, is to be expected.

    Contest # - Prompt - My Entry - Placement #/Total Entries - Percentage of Votes

    #10 - "Scar survives Simba's take-over" - Sixty-Two Feet (Dawn) - (2-way tie) 3/6 - 11%

    #13 - "How Zira 'met' Scar" - Vindication - (2-way tie) 1/6 - 23%

    #16 - "Mufasa and Pumbaa meet one another - How does a smelly warthog fit into the Circle of Life?" - Of Wrath and Warthogs - 1/4 - 60%

    #17 - "Zira changes her mind about her 'suicide' at the end of Simba's Pride" - Faux Pas - (3-way tie) 1/6 - 25%

    #18 - "What if Simba left the Pride Lands, but not due to Mufasa's death?" - Like Father, Like Son (MLK-only story) - (2-way tie) 2/3 - 25%

    #20 - "Scar himself is caught in the stampede"/"Mufasa was not the perfect king as in the movie" - Imperfection - 1/6 - 50%

    #21 - "Mufasa's greatest trial as king" - My One Reflection - (three-way tie) 3/7 - 10%

    #22 - "Mufasa's ghost appears to Scar" - Unforgiven - 1/6 - 43%

    Other One-shots

    This list is compiled in the order that they were written - thus, the ones near the top will likely be higher in quality than those near the bottom. This does not include the aforementioned MLK contest entries.

    Be Prepared - a fic written off of the basis of the deleted scene, "Scar Wants Nala as His Queen", as shown in the special features of TLK. Though the prose and explanations are certainly mine, all of the dialogue is official, making this one of the few completely filled-in scenes I have ever written. As this is one of my favorite scrapped scenes/concepts, I believe that this is fitting.

    Floccinaucinihilipilification - a rather controvertible one-shot I wrote for the uncommon pairing of Shenzi and Scar. This one relies on non-con, in a sense, and though it does not reach the point of rape or graphic sex, this point should still be emphasized. It also explores the extent of Scar's madness and his relationship with the hyenas as a whole.

    Twist - an attempt, on my part, at a first-person/diary-style story. It explores, though rather briefly, the exact circumstances surrounding Scar's maddening reign - from the words of the king himself, of course. Though this story was not as in-depth, precise, or comprehensive as I would have liked, and it does neglect some facets, I did enjoy writing this story from a bit of a different angle.

    A Plan Gone Wrong - another rather unconventional one-shot based off of the TLK II characters. Vitani asks Zira a question about her parentage, and gets a rather surprising answer - though one not at all unbelievable given the vague and unexplained origins of the cubs in the second film. This one does involve some Zira/Simba in a rather odd twist, and deals with seduction... however, the overall mood of the fic is rather light-hearted, and, like my fics from this time, doesn't contain specific explicit sexual references.

    Pseudo Interlocution - a fic written from the point of view of Scar, during the timeline of TLK I, that expounds on his relationship with cub Simba. Though this fic is short and not particularly deep or insightful, it is, again, relatively light and contains a bit of humor. This was written during the time of the 'one-hour' one-shots, and thus represents a brief study more than a full-fledged ficlet.

    A Curious Predicament - a crazy and random fic I compiled one day during my brief Shakespeare craze. It is the only fic of mine to involve humans, and in fact breaks the barrier between the real world and fiction by referencing Disney and the fact that the characters are animated. It is heavily whimsical, parodying Shakespeare, the TLK movies, and fanfiction itself, and represents one of the few honest attempts at humor I've ever written. Enter with caution: this fic is strange.

    Chameleon - one of my few experiments with first-person, present-tense POV, meant to elaborate on Scar and Zira's complex and largely-speculative relationship. It is, again, rather brief, though not as light, perhaps, as some of my other one-hour one-shots. Though it is meant to expound on the nature of their connection, there are no sexual references, as this fic was written relatively early in my FFn journey.

    Sacrifice - another short scene with a slight AU tinge, representing Vitani and Nuka's relationship with a small snippet of text written in first-person, present-tense perspective. It, ideally, helps to explain Vitani's sudden change of heart in TLK II. Obviously it contains character death, though the detail is relatively sparse and there is nothing graphic or objectionable.

    Unexpected - my first 'one-hour' one shot, a very short 'what-if'/AU scene based around Shenzi and Scar, post-TLK. It assumes that Scar is able to escape his death, in this case with the help of the hyena matriarch, and puts forward the theme of Scar/Shenzi in the light of their escape and their starting of a new life. It is very brief and light.

    Exile - an old story that was ahead of its time in terms of my personal development and creation of a voice, this fic elaborates more on Scar and Zira's relationship and demonstrates her feelings towards him, as well as her whereabouts on the night he died. This fic has many of the themes that show up in my later work and is quite dark. There is also some gore, which helps lend to the fic's shattering, disturbing feel, and though the prose is not as good as that in subsequent stories, the length and depth compared to my other writings of the time deserves recognition. It earns its rating on account of its descriptions.

    My Little Secret - my very first one-shot and one of my first fiction works in general. This is the story of what happened on the day of Simba's return, from Scar's point of view, and though a part of it is simply fill-in, this story represents a solid start in my authorship, despite the occasionally-bland prose and the relatively unoriginal characterization. It hints to some darker themes, though like the other stories I wrote during this time, there is nothing blatant or graphic.


    This section is only for those of you who are genuinely interested in following my work. If you are not yet that familiar with my writing, feel free to skip this.

    Included is a list of potential ideas, update plans, a brief acknowledgment of deleted/unpublished fics, and perhaps, if I can think of anything relevant, interesting facts about the process of writing them.

    [ under construction! ]

    The Lion King Meme

    (again under construction, as my POV on some issues has changed and a lot of these responses are outdated)

    Favorite character?

    Scar. I swear I could be his good human twin. I've never related to a fictional character more than I have with this lion.

    Least favorite character?

    Adult Simba. Every once in a while I'll get grief for this, for whatever reason, but honestly... I know I'm not the only one. I've been told so. And I don't just mean the second movie, either - any version of Simba after Hakuna Matata is prone to grating my nerves.

    Characters who never met but you wish had?

    Probably Timon and Scar - I could see a hilarious and intriguing battle of wits ensuing.

    Most likable character?

    If you're looking for inherently lovable, Vitani and Kovu. If you're looking for charismatic, definitely Scar. I'd follow him anyday.

    Character you wish got more development?

    Scar and Mufasa for the first movie. In the sequel, I'd have to say Zira and her three... children... or whatever they are. Since no one seems to know anything about them or their relations to the other, original TLK canon characters.

    Character you used to hate but now love

    Hmmm, I don't think I hated any of them when I was little. I know "the black lion" (Scar) scared me when I first watched the movie, but I didn't hate him. To be honest, I don't think I ever got past the final battle scene until I was older because it freaked me out so much. And confused me... I'm pretty sure I thought Simba was Mufasa, and hence had no idea what was going on.

    Characters you used to love but now hate

    Adult Simba. (Although I suppose I never really loved Adult Simba in the first place - I loved him as a cub but as an adult he scared me and confused me almost as much as Scar did. Now of course I come to realize he's annoying.)

    Which TLK character do you relate to

    Scar. Duh. xD

    Favorite outside-the-movies character

    I haven't watched the TV show or read the comics/books to a high enough degree to know of many. Even assuming we are accepting semi-canon/popular fan theory characters, I really have no idea.

    Favorite deleted character

    Mheetu. I don't think Kopa's canon, even though I've only stressed this about a billion times by now... (it feels like it, anyways).

    Favorite deleted scene

    The original ending, Be Prepared reprise, and the Madness of King Scar scene.

    Favorite area in the movie

    Well, in the expanse of my 'Twinverse' (as it has aptly been named by IronicSnap), I've pretty much thought up an as-accurate-as-possible account of the geography of the Pridelands and surrounding areas, which I plan to use in Trampled and all future works. :3 As far as concrete areas in the movies, however, I would say the geyser cave. It's suitably eerie, especially in the second movie.

    Favorite score

    "To Die For...", as well as the final battle scene and preceding instrumental sequences.

    Favorite songs

    "Be Prepared" (Scar's song, about coups and plots and armies and political mayhem, with an awesome sound to it), "My Lullaby" (Zira's song, about Scar and blood and revenge and all that good stuff. ;o Not to mention it has a sort of almost lullaby-ish ring to it), and "He Lives In You" (you've gotta admit it's beautiful, over-glorifying Mufasa or not). I like all the songs to some degree, though I haven't really been that attracted to the more popular songs... namely "Hakuna Matata" and "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" (excepting the Credits version, which is almost impossible to find...). Some of the deleted/musical songs are also pretty good.

    Favorite quote

    "I'm surrounded by idiots."

    Who can't frikkin' relate to that?

    Least Favorite Quote

    Any pretentious quote from Simba, a la "you don't deserve to live" or "if I don't fight for it, who will?".

    There's a lot.

    Favorite species

    Lions. Not like there's a whole lot of choice, when nearly all the main characters are lions or hyenas. (The latter are alright, and I understand they have quite a few fans... but they aren't my faves.)

    Favorite group (Pridelanders, outlanders, etc),

    Outlanders - because they're loyal, and cool, and strong, and... yeah... a lot of things Simba isn't.

    Favorite TLK videogame (besides the Pride Lands levels of KH)

    I've never played any, although I vaguely remember watching my cousins play the TLK game on Sega Genesis. That's about it.

    Funniest moment

    "You know her, she knows you, but she wants to eat him. And... everyone's okay with this?"

    "They're fireflies. Fireflies that got stuck up in the... big, bluish-black thing..."

    A lot of Timon and Scar's lines, as well as some of the hyena's puns. I think T&P get a little redundant after the first movie, however, and sometimes they try a little too hard to be funny and some of their lines are overrated. Like at the "the monkey's his uncle?" line... I mean come on, guys, I want to get to the final battle scene already! x.x

    Saddest moment

    Previously Mufasa's death... now definitely Scar's death. I hate that part.

    Scariest moment


    Seriously, someone was strung out on drugs when they wrote that entire freaking scene. o.o

    (I also used to think the final confrontation was scary, at least until I rewatched it at about 11...)

    Happiest moment

    I dunno. It's really not a very happy movie, if you think about it. x) I suppose whenever Scar's on-screen...?

    Oh, wait. No. I got a happy one. *clears throat dramatically*

    "This is for YOU... Scar!" *throws self valiantly off of nearby cliff*


    Which of the trilogy is your fav.

    The original, of course.

    Do you consider the sequels and/or TLK6NA canon

    Anyone who has read Thus Always knows my position on this. I'm trying to stay away from the common semi-canon/fanon cliches as much as possible. And TLK:6NA, despite what anyone says, is semi-canon in my eyes. The sequels are at least made by Disney, but still tend to complicate things.

    What do you think of the Kimba controversy

    They don't seem to have that many similarities. You could just as easily say it was copied off of Hamlet.

    Pet peeves you have (one for each movie),

    Anyone who has seen the old version of my responses to this questionnaire probably knows (or, at the least, can honestly and safely assume) that they are all Scar-related, mostly concerning his death and cliche 'back-biting' from the other characters. Seriously, use your imagination. What do you think I'd have a problem with?

    Crack pairings you've heard of

    Timon/Max. Yes, there was an actual story with that.

    No, I didn't read it.

    Do you want another sequel (if so, involving what)

    Yes and no. If they were to make a prequel with Scar and Mufasa, that would be awesome... as long as it was a great movie, which is unlikely considering they've already made three and I'm sure it'd be hard to bounce back to TLK-level after the direct-to-video sequel and midquel (which were pretty good and alright, respectively, but not awesome). They'd have to get all the original creators back to work on it or something. In any case, if they screwed it up somehow, I'd be majorly mad at them and would probably "shun" it in all my future fanfics. Provided I was still writing fanfic for the fandom at the time.

    Could Scar really be Kovu's father

    Pfft. We all know that they only changed that because of the incest issue. They look a lot alike. I'm assuming they were designed that way.

    Could Vitani or Nuka be Scar's?

    I believe so. It'd be unlike Zira to cheat on Scar after having Nuka with him - but it would be like him to cheat on her after Nuka, being (presumably, since nothing can be said for sure) disappointed with their cub and all. Although I have heard that, supposedly, one of the creators of the cubs said Nuka wasn't Scar's...? (Even though nearly everyone agrees so, based on his lines, looks, and actions... but anyways, it's another complication. We need an... official family tree or something already... honestly. x.x) Vitani has a pink nose and light fur/eye color (sometimes, anyways... her eyes change like most of the other characters x.o), so she could be Nala and Scar's or Sarabi and Scar's. Unless Kovu and Vitani are twins, which is a popular theory... in which case they apparently aren't Scar's. -.-

    I don't know. I have and use my various theories depending on what's convenient, thank you very much. -.o

    Is Kovu emo?

    No, he's more like Disney's take of "introspective, tragic hero" crossed with "troubled fighter/lover".

    Do you think Zazu is obnoxious?

    Actually, it's a funny story. As a child, I had this huge and very strange obsession with avian things... so Zazu was truthfully my favorite character as a very small child, if only because he was a bird, he was funny to me, and I felt sorry for him because (like most cartoon bird characters, sadly) he was always abused/crushed/almost eaten/locked in a cage.

    Yes, I did say favorite.

    Yes, that does mean I liked him more than Scar.

    I still like him to some extent, pompous and over-dignified he may be... though Scar is and always will be my favorite leonine and mane character (get it? Mane? Heheh... yeah, no.).

    Do you believe the Timon/Pumbaa thing?

    I think that goes in the category of "weird crack pairings". So no.

    Was Simba too overprotective in the sequel?

    Yes, though I suppose he didn't want her to be like him as a cub (ie, acting with the same behavior that almost got him and Nala killed... talk about a nice way to woo your betrothed future girlfriend.) He also had Zira to worry about... although that was probably his own fault.

    There's also the Kopa theories too, though I don't subscribe to those. No surprise there.

    Is Kiara truly a ditz?

    Is the sky blue?

    Yes. Most of the time, it is. I mean, think about it a minute... about cub Kiara... I think it goes something like this:


    is then attacked by crocodiles*

    What do you think happened to the hyenas after LK 1?

    They probably ran away. Maybe they realized that things weren't going to get much better for them. I mean Mufasa hated them, Simba wasn't going to let them stay, the lionesses hated them... Scar didn't end up giving them much, and then they killed him, which obviously angered a bunch of his loyal followers. Perhaps that was their final action - they killed him to wash their hands of it all. If I was one of them, I'd get as far away as possible before all hell broke loose.

    Or Zira killed them.

    What did you think of the Timon and Pumbaa series?

    I've only seen one episode. It was funny... in a kind of... really... weird way. o.o

    Do you believe in the Shenzi/Banzai theory?

    You can take it or leave it. Shenzi seems a lot smarter than crude, uncouth Banzai, and as matriarch, she'd probably think of herself as above him... but I suppose he could woo her and be with her if he really tried.

    Some also take the trio to be siblings, which would explain why they pal around together, so if that's true (which it may well be) then I'd obviously have to say no.

    Do you think it could ever tie into other Disney movies (if so, which ones)?

    Well, I did see that one scene in Hercules where Scar's skin was worn by what's-his-name. Which, while we're on that note, we may as well talk about. For not only was it significantly depressing, it was also quite unrealistic... seeing as how his skin was perfectly intact like he'd been killed by a human hunter instead of shredded by teeth and claws and then eaten alive (whereupon, doubtlessly, there wouldn't be any remains or skin left to salvage. Hyenas can eat through many parts of their victims that other animals can't.) So he had to have somehow survived the hyenas - mostly unscathed, nonetheless - and then escaped Pride Rock, abandoning his family in order to never be seen again (possible given his cowardice, I suppose... though still unlikely considering his probable desire for revenge and displayed tenacity). Afterwards, he somehow must have run in with some humans, and then was shot and skinned before being taken to Greece (or wherever Hercules takes place. Presumably Greece, though I've never seen that movie... so I can't say for sure).

    Anyways, it was clearly just an homage to another Disney movie, so I'll stop hyper-analyzing it. Getting back on topic...

    A TLK/Aladdin or TLK/Jungle Book crossover would be cool, since I like both those movies. In fact... I'm on a site... where you make these crossovers... hmmm.

    What's up with Nala's eye color?

    It's a glitch. It also happens to some extent with Mufasa's eyes. And adult Simba's eyes. And Vitani's eyes. Probably some other characters too, though I'm not pedantic enough to go looking for all the times they couldn't remember what colors to use for their own characters.

    Thing the makers changed that you wish they hadn't?

    The Madness of King Scar scene/Be Prepared Reprise. It adds so much sense to Nala's departure if he exiles her... it makes it seem less like random serendipity that she just so happened to run away and find her long-lost love in the middle of nowhere. The movie's mostly fine as is, though... I'm not going to nitpick it. TLKII's a different story, though. Literally.

    Have you seen TLKoB (if so, did you like it)

    I wish.

    Do you like anthro/human/AU's

    Pretty much all my full-length stories are AUs, so it'd be stupid if I were to condemn them. It's one of the main points of writing fanfic, in my opinion... aside from going deeper into characters and scenes and exploring subtext and such. There's just so many possibilities, and it really demontrates an author's skill when they can completely twist the plot and still make it believable and in-character.

    Anthro/human fics are overdone.

    Voice actors you loved

    Whoever played adult Vitani.

    Jeremy Irons and Jim Cummings as Scar.

    Did you know Jim Cummings (voice of Ed) covered for Jeremy Irons (voice of Scar) at the end of "Be Prepared"?


    Do you consider Scar/Zira to be an official pairing?

    I consider it canon. In many of the deleted scenes (and when Nuka dies in-movie) she addresses him like he was dear to her, and through the whole movie she's trying to avenge him. I believe she loved him and was driven to insanity by his sudden death.

    Scar may or may not have reciprocated, as distant and introverted as he is. He never mentions her and apparently lacks a queen in the first movie, although doubtlessly that's because her character didn't exist and was not added in until later. Kind of like retconning.

    What do you think happened to Sarabi in the second movie?

    Her voice actor died. So I'm assuming she died as well... she was probably pretty old by then. She may not have had much screen time, but she is pretty cool and probably lived a long and mostly tragic life.

    Do you think Scar is Nala's father?

    No. That would cause incest, which Disney apparently will bend over backwards to eliminate. Also, she hates him too much and looks and acts nothing like him.

    Do you think Ed is mentally challenged?

    I don't know what's up with Ed, to be honest.

    Own any TLK merchandise?

    An 18'' Scar plushie I got for Christmas, which I adore. Also have an 11'' Banzai, as well as Pumbaa, Timon, Zazu, cub Simba, and cub Nala. I own the first movie on DVD, and I probably still have it on VHS as well... somewhere (if that's considered merchandise). I might have the second and third movies on VHS or DVD or whatever they were originally on as well... but I don't know where they are. (As of now - December 2012 - I have the entire trilogy in an 8-disc set. Awesome!)

    Were the hyenas' actions justified?

    Yes, I suppose. They were willing to do what they could for food and their rightful place in the Pridelands. And as far as the ending... I don't know. I guess they were just angry at Scar and at the world and needed someone to take it out on.

    Were Scar's actions justified?

    Who knows? They may have been, although he is admittedly a very jealous individual. Unfortunately, we really don't know much about him, his motives (other than being king), his relationship with his brother, or anything like that. I believe IronicSnap summed it up well in a recent review of Trampled: "is he a tragic villain, a savant pushed to the unthinkable by those around him? Or is he, and has he always been, simply a gigantic tool?...Really, it could go either way, or land somewhere in the middle."

    Were Zira's actions justified?

    Absolutely. Seriously. If you disagree, read Exile. Then come back and tell me her actions weren't freaking justified.

    Why do you think the Outlanders were still loyal to Scar?

    Because they were actually loyal to a charismatic and long-established monarch, as they should have been and were expected to be, instead of some random, care-free boy-prince who randomly showed up from nowhere and who most of them probably didn't even remember. I'm sure many were also rogues or had come to the pride during Scar's reign, and others probably were just sympathetic/loyal to Zira, or were contracted by her as mercenaries or something along those lines.

    In any case, Zira gets major kudos for leading and keeping such a strong and sizable pride together for so long under such brutal conditions. Characters without a whole lot of cunning and strength would not have been able to lead as well as she did (that's how Simba made bad decisions left and right)... it's why her pride would have beat Simba's and also why I always insist that she is not stupid, no matter what light her decisions in-movie may have cast her in. She was insane and outraged and probably horribly shattered.

    Crossovers you like?

    Haven't really read many. I'd probably look for a TLK/Aladdin, TLK/Jungle Book, TLK/Chronicles of Narnia, or a TLK/Madagascar crossover.

    Do you find Timon and Pumbaa enjoyable or annoying?

    Sometimes Timon is funny, in a scathing and smart-alecy kind of way. But as a whole, particularly after the first movie, they tend to sway more towards the annoying side. Especially Pumbaa's unnecessary flatulence references.

    The best king or king-to-be.

    Mufasa. Scar was never taught how to be king and so was not as well qualified. He could have been a good king had he tried to learn, I'm sure, but he probably knew he wouldn't measure up to his brother and so didn't want to attempt it, since he was tired of being compared to him. In addition, he was likely bothered by guilt and too far removed from the rest of the pride, to the point that he simply wanted to be left alone and didn't want to bother himself with leadership.

    Lastly, since I took World History sophomore year, I've noticed a weird trend... that in the history of empires led by kings and other monarchial rulers, good leadership seems to skip a generation. It's always the founders of the empires (or another exceptional ruler) and then their grandchildren/the successor of their successor that leads well and benefits the empire. Now, applying this to TLK, we see that this is also probably true (the fact that Simba is the mediocre "skipped generation" is implied). So now we have Mohatu, the great king, passing his rule onto Ahadi (who must have somehow screwed up his parenting), who passed it onto wise Mufasa, who gave it to clueless and indecisive Simba (we're skipping the usurper here... sorry, Scar), who gave it to his son-in-law.

    Thusly, I have a logical reason to believe that Kovu would make a great king... and this is only backed up by his nature and fighting background.

    The best queen or queen-to-be

    Zira, for reasons I've already discussed. She really had the hardest time, especially considering she had no king to rule by her side and was more or less exiled and on her own from the very beginning. Only her Outlanders and "children" (or whatever they are to her, since no one seems to have any freaking idea e.e) were there for her, and they had to live/grow up scorned and get trained in a crappy wasteland (courtesy of the king, of course).

    I'd say Sarabi's second, as she seems like a dignified, strong-willed leader as well as a (presumably) good huntress and hence role model. And she did that after dealing with the death of her mate and disappearance of her son, which no doubt would have grieved her very much. So she did a very good job as well.

    The others are too feisty, flighty, or incompetent.

    Timon or Pumbaa?

    Timon, as he's more blunt and funny than Pumbaa is. Pumbaa's a nice guy, but Timon's better. (Also, since rewatching TLK 3, I find that I actually relate to the meerkat in some ways... as weird as that sounds...)

    Kiara or Kopa?

    Kiara, since she is actually canon... unlike some of the other characters in this question.

    Scar or Mufasa?


    Simba or Kovu?


    Scar or Zira?


    Simba or Zira?


    Simba or Scar?


    Kiara or Nala?


    Mufasa or Simba?


    Zazu or Gopher?

    Zazu... *wonders why Gopher is a choice even though he only had one line*

    Shenzi or Banzai or Ed?

    Going strictly by canon, Shenzi. However, my favorite of the trio in my loose interpretation is Ed/Askari.

    Ma or Uncle Max?

    I'd say both, although maybe I like Ma slightly better. Max is funny at times, but his paranoia can be over-the-top, while Ma is generally overprotective in a rather amusing way.

    Sarabi or Sarafina?

    Sarabi. Sarafina also has one line, so why is she in here? xD

    Rafiki or Zazu?

    Zazu, although Rafiki's pretty cool too.

    Simba/Nala or Mufasa/Sarabi?


    Shenzi/Banzai or Shenzi/Ed?


    Scar/Zira or Scar/Nala?

    Both, although Scar/Zira is more canon and honestly more realistic.

    Sarafina/Scar or Shenzi/Scar?

    Well, Shenzi led the attack which killed him... not to mention she's a hyena, and Scar seems to hold a general sense of disdain for all hyenas. Really, though, I don't support ScarxSarafina or Scar as Nala's father much anymore, and I have already written a few scenarios with ShenzixScar for reasons I've already explained.

    So ShenzixScar.

    Kovu/Kiara or Vitani/Kopa?

    I don't need to answer this, because you all already know what I'm going to say. So yeah, I'm going to skip this question.

    Describe the movie in three words

    Emotional, but nostalgic.

    (Copied from the profile of Brainyxbat, who copied it from the profile of Tearthgrrl)

    Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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    Lion King - Rated: T - English - Family/Adventure - Chapters: 54 - Words: 186,427 - Reviews: 190 - Favs: 68 - Follows: 67 - Updated: 8/23 - Published: 1/11/2013 - Simba, Scar/Taka
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    On the anniversary of his accession to the throne, Scar falls into the gorge. For everyone on the Pridelands, especially Sarabi, life can never be the same again. This is a slow-burn, emotionally internalised, angsty story that explores what might happen to the planets that orbits Scar's sun were it to implode.
    Lion King - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 8 - Words: 26,394 - Reviews: 64 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 18 - Updated: 8/31/2014 - Published: 1/21/2013 - Nala, Sarabi, Scar/Taka, Sarafina
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    X-overs - Rated: K+ - English - Humor - Chapters: 19 - Words: 38,492 - Reviews: 204 - Favs: 30 - Follows: 29 - Updated: 7/2/2006 - Published: 6/20/2005
    The Pork Who Killed the Mockingbird by Topaz Fox reviews
    This is the story of Scout, a misunderstood little Southern girl, and her exciting, symbolism filled day in her weird little hick town.
    To Kill a Mockingbird - Rated: T - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 874 - Reviews: 33 - Favs: 7 - Published: 5/22/2006 - Complete
    What I Meant to Say by SunRise19 reviews
    After falling from pride rock, Scar makes one last plea to the hyenas, and reveals something that none of them believe. PLZ RR!...COMPLETE
    Lion King - Rated: T - English - Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 637 - Reviews: 22 - Favs: 8 - Published: 9/9/2005 - Complete
    Go Ahead and Lay the Guilt on Me by Sulkie Wolfen reviews
    You are mistaken, my nephew. I am not the murderer, for look into your own eyes, and see your hate.
    Lion King - Rated: K+ - English - Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,300 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 3 - Published: 6/1/2005 - Complete
    A Mary Sue Alphabet by Irony-chan reviews
    A's for Amanda Our hero's twin sister Got lost as a baby and Gosh, how he missed her...
    Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Poetry/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,497 - Reviews: 2663 - Favs: 6,364 - Follows: 419 - Published: 1/12/2005 - Complete
    One Snowy Night by Kiroja reviews
    A while (a long while) ago, I was bored and easily amused. I also happened to be bored and easily amused with a thesaurus on hand. This? The end result.
    Lion King - Rated: T - English - Horror/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 125 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 1 - Published: 12/22/2004
    Please, Kill a Mockingbird! by Codi reviews
    they mimic, they follow you, they crap in your grass, they're fair game, they ruin your windows, they molt, they attract bigger preditors, they fly in circles, they never stop singing, they eat everything, they deprive you of sleep by chirping into the l
    To Kill a Mockingbird - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,016 - Reviews: 38 - Favs: 22 - Follows: 2 - Published: 2/28/2003
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    Vitani's causing trouble again. This time she tries to fool Zira into thinking that Scar has changed his mind about his heir...
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    Timon and Pumbaa visit a convenience store
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    Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

    Killing Mockingbirds reviews
    Simba, Crown Prince of the Pridelands, falls for the beautiful Nala, an innocent but rather unfortunate cub. However, in the wake of a tragic event and the loss of her friend, everything changes; the throne is taken by a dark and mysterious lion, and Nala suffers alone... until she realizes that the darkness in her life is simply part of a cycle she cannot control. AU, Dark!Mufasa.
    Lion King - Rated: T - English - Tragedy/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,264 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 4 - Published: 2/22 - Simba, Nala, Scar/Taka, Sarafina
    Trampled reviews
    Well, I suppose the stampede was technically meant for his brother... There's just, I don't know, one small problem with that: the cub died instead. *50K hits*
    Lion King - Rated: T - English - Drama/Suspense - Chapters: 50 - Words: 248,208 - Reviews: 431 - Favs: 122 - Follows: 112 - Updated: 8/29/2014 - Published: 2/29/2012 - Mufasa, Scar/Taka
    Under the Moonlight reviews
    Sarafina loved Scar. But you know, the funny thing about love - its single little foible - is how easily it can corrupt into hatred. Pregnant with cubs and awaiting the next stage of her life, all it took was one little bump before everything came crashing down into so many irreparably broken pieces... [ contains Sarafina/OC lime ]
    Lion King - Rated: T - English - Drama/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,699 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 2 - Published: 8/21/2014 - [Sarafina, OC] Nala, Scar/Taka - Complete
    Like Father, Like Son reviews
    AU! GOOD!Scar. Wherein Simba inadvertently leaves the Pridelands in the wake of his father's death and a terrible accident. Published now because, well, let's face it: I would be an absolutely terrible fan if I didn't upload something today... [ - ¡ happy 2oth anniversary, TLK ! - ]
    Lion King - Rated: K+ - English - Angst/Tragedy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,851 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 4 - Published: 6/15/2014 - Simba, Scar/Taka, Shenzi - Complete
    Impetus reviews
    With every day come more decisions to be made. Most are meaningless; some, however, are more substantial in the life of the individual. After he receives a disfiguring mark on his face, but before he allows it to define him, one young lion will face such a decision - a decision that shall forever alter what he inevitably becomes... [ - origin story-ish, one-shot - ]
    Lion King - Rated: T - English - Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,100 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 2 - Published: 5/22/2014 - Scar/Taka - Complete
    Unforgiven reviews
    Exactly one year after taking the throne, Scar makes a trip to the gorge for an unexpected reason... only to have an unsettling encounter with an equally unexpected individual. [ - Happy Halloween - ]
    Lion King - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Spiritual - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,585 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 8 - Published: 10/31/2013 - Mufasa, Scar/Taka - Complete
    My One Reflection reviews
    On the night before the stampede, Mufasa and Scar have one last conversation, only to discover that there is no escaping the fate that they themselves have made for one another. One-shot.
    Lion King - Rated: K+ - English - Spiritual - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,874 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 4 - Published: 9/22/2013 - Mufasa, Scar/Taka - Complete
    Imperfection reviews
    Empathy is not always equivalent to weakness. A simple mistake and an act of sacrifice can have the potential to change the fate of an entire kingdom for the better... AU!Stampede scene. Scar & Simba.
    Lion King - Rated: K+ - English - Suspense/Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,252 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 40 - Follows: 11 - Published: 8/19/2013 - Simba, Mufasa, Scar/Taka - Complete
    Waking reviews
    Waking up early can be difficult, but it is more so when accompanied with the discovery of tragedy. For in a place to the east, where the earth is shrouded by the enigmas of the desert, a vagabond wanders in search of a purpose, a family, and the truth behind the murder of his pride. *OC-centric*
    Lion King - Rated: T - English - Drama/Mystery - Chapters: 2 - Words: 4,860 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 7/11/2013 - Published: 4/22/2013 - OC
    Redivivus reviews
    The dark prince had fallen, meant to be mere scraps to the hyenas. As far as he was concerned, his life was over from that point forward. Yet something unexpected happened... for the world works in mysterious ways, and bestows the gifts of life and death for reasons we do not understand. [ This is a re-write. For details, inquire within. ]
    Lion King - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,059 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 2 - Published: 6/28/2013 - Simba, Scar/Taka, Zira, Zazu
    Thus Always reviews
    Mufasa is an oppressive tyrant ruling with an iron fist; his younger brother, Scar, a lost and idealistic lion trying to find a purpose. How far will the latter go to stop his brother's injustice? And just how much is his destiny connected to that of the Pridelanders? Only time and fate shall tell... [ AU, SWAPPED!Scar/Mufasa. ]
    Lion King - Rated: T - English - Tragedy/Spiritual - Chapters: 6 - Words: 24,259 - Reviews: 42 - Favs: 18 - Follows: 25 - Updated: 5/19/2013 - Published: 10/23/2012 - Simba, Mufasa, Scar/Taka
    Faux Pas reviews
    His parents were dead. His brother, his girlfriend. All gone. It must have been for a reason… there must have been something left for him to finish. AU.
    Lion King - Rated: T - English - Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,215 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 2 - Published: 4/4/2013 - Simba, Zira, Kiara, Kovu - Complete
    Of Wrath and Warthogs reviews
    'What if's make the world go 'round, right? So what if, in TLK1.5, Pumbaa and his meerkat friend came into contact with a certain golden king of the Pridelands? Would it end definitively, or in disaster? Rated K because, honestly, would Pumbaa ever hurt a fly?
    Lion King - Rated: K - English - Humor/Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,731 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 2 - Published: 3/9/2013 - Mufasa, Pumbaa, Timon - Complete
    Be Prepared reviews
    He was the king, and he expected them to bend to his will. He wanted to dominate. Yet the lionesses... well, they had other, more profound ideals. Semi-canon one-shot, dialogue borrowed.
    Lion King - Rated: T - English - Drama/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,324 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 6 - Published: 12/3/2012 - Scar/Taka, Nala - Complete
    Vindication reviews
    The lioness was falling, an insignificant tear rolling down her cheek. But what did it matter? In a moment it would all be swallowed by the river. Everything in the end had come to nothing at all...
    Lion King - Rated: K+ - English - Angst/Tragedy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,934 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 9 - Published: 11/22/2012 - [Scar/Taka, Zira] - Complete
    Accidental Love reviews
    Simba and Mufasa are dead, and the now-barren Pridelands fall to the paws of Zira and Scar. Yet there is one sliver of hope - one plan of the huntress' which is entirely different in its designs... and it will require the efforts of the young lioness Nala. AU.
    Lion King - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 8,066 - Reviews: 21 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 17 - Updated: 9/26/2012 - Published: 8/19/2012 - [Nala, Scar/Taka]
    Dawn reviews
    A second chance can change everything.
    Lion King - Rated: K+ - English - Angst/Supernatural - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,624 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 1 - Published: 9/18/2012 - Scar/Taka - Complete
    Floccinaucinihilipilification reviews
    Everyone knew that King Scar was insane. But perhaps his subjects had still underestimated the exact extent of his madness - especially Shenzi.
    Lion King - Rated: T - English - Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,654 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 2 - Published: 8/18/2012 - Shenzi, Scar/Taka - Complete
    Twist reviews
    In the end, what is a lie? Only a twist: a small imperfection in an otherwise flawless truth. One-shot/drabble.
    Lion King - Rated: K+ - English - Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,305 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 4 - Published: 7/8/2012 - Scar/Taka - Complete
    Truth or Dare reviews
    The cub never knew the truth about her origins, about why the others treated her differently... but it's only a matter of time. No secret can be kept forever.
    Lion King - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Tragedy - Chapters: 3 - Words: 7,332 - Reviews: 23 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 10 - Updated: 7/4/2012 - Published: 3/21/2012 - Kiara, OC
    A Plan Gone Wrong reviews
    Vitani always wondered who her father was. But one day, when she dares to ask, the young lioness will finally realize the truth... as well as the meaning of 'curiosity killed the cat'. AU.
    Lion King - Rated: T - English - Humor/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,562 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 2 - Published: 6/30/2012 - Simba, Zira, Vitani - Complete
    Pseudo Interlocution reviews
    To Scar, Simba was always a little brat... Click to see why.
    Lion King - Rated: K+ - English - Crime - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,570 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 2 - Published: 6/27/2012 - Scar/Taka, Simba - Complete
    A Curious Predicament reviews
    Disney makes a sequel to The Lion King. Oh, and Shakespeare's alive, too. Think that's weird? Then you must have no idea what happened after that...
    Lion King - Rated: K+ - English - Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,622 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 1 - Published: 6/17/2012 - [Kiara, Kovu] - Complete
    Chameleon reviews
    Zira spends some time with Scar during his last night alive. And why shouldn't she? She loves him. But did he ever really love her? Perhaps some questions are never truly answered...
    Lion King - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Tragedy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,564 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 6 - Published: 6/10/2012 - [Scar/Taka, Zira] - Complete
    Sacrifice reviews
    Vitani talks to Nuka moments before the latter's death, and learns something she should have realized a long time ago... AU. One-shot/drabble.
    Lion King - Rated: K+ - English - Tragedy/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,666 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 3 - Published: 6/3/2012 - Vitani, Nuka - Complete
    Unexpected reviews
    When a being gets exiled, it's usually pretty depressing. But when that being is saved by another and they are exiled together... well, let's just say that some things happen for a reason. One-shot/drabble.
    Lion King - Rated: K - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,307 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 1 - Published: 4/15/2012 - [Scar/Taka, Shenzi] - Complete
    Instigation reviews
    Scar has survived the hyena attack, but a worse life for him has just begun. Persecuted by nearly all who knew him, will he have the strength and skill to survive in the Outlands long enough to learn the truth, and perhaps something more? AU. Rated T. R&R
    Lion King - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 15 - Words: 37,344 - Reviews: 39 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 11 - Updated: 3/17/2012 - Published: 12/18/2011 - Simba, Scar/Taka, Zira, Zazu
    Exile reviews
    The lioness lay there, next to her fallen mate. They would never understand the pain she felt. The sadness. It was then that she realized she had but one thing left to live for... Avenging him.
    Lion King - Rated: T - English - Angst/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 10,551 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 4 - Published: 2/29/2012 - Zira - Complete
    Ignominious reviews
    I wasn't born scarred, I was made scarred. On temporary hiatus.
    Lion King - Rated: T - English - Drama/Tragedy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,339 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 1 - Published: 12/24/2011 - [Scar/Taka, Zira]
    My Little Secret reviews
    Everything I had worked for my whole life- my kingdom and my title- were falling out of my grasp, and all because of my nephew's return... Random one-shot about the day Simba became king from Scar's point-of-view. The part from the movie is in canon.
    Lion King - Rated: K+ - English - Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 10,416 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 2 - Published: 12/24/2011 - Scar/Taka, Simba - Complete
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