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Author has written 19 stories for Pride and Prejudice, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Patriot, Buffy X-overs, and Harry Potter.
well i'm meant to be doing an essay for class at the moment but i'm so bored i thought i would try and write a bit more of an interesting profile.

in case you can't guess from my fic's i'm a huge Buffy the vampire slayer fan, not really sure who my favourite charactor is although Willow and Spike are really great, Dawn gets on my nerves a bit, but you need them all to make the show so there's no point in moaning about any of them, one thing i was a bit disappointed in towards the end of the series was the breakdown in the relationship between Buffy and Giles.

Apart from Buffy i also love the Patriot even if it is as historically inaccurute a film as you can get, but Hey it's good watching so who cares if it's real or not, i mean people don't watch films for realism, that's what documentries are for aren't they?

New Obssession (Is that how you spell it?) that's beginning to develop is Tru Calling.

Oh and i like Angel i've just never really got into reading Angel Fic's well at least not yet:)
Jane austen's novel Pride and Prejudice is just one of the best story's ever written, if you havne't read it you really really should give it a go, it's just amazing Lizzy and Darcy? match made in heaven.

Harry Potter... well they're really great set of books and i've been starting to read some of the fic's about it and liked them, i've even had a go at writing me own a crossover with Buffy, Prophercy of Love, so please give it a read if your interested in ways in which the two worlds could meet and combine.

Pirates of the Carribian, Jack SParrow is my role model! that is all that i have to say on the subject.

there's so many other programmes, films and books i like but i can't really be bothered to write them all down now.

About my fics- When i'm writing a fic i have to have the first line in my head before i can begin, i like to write and read poetry so a few of fics are poems or poetry format based. the only 10+ chapter story i've written at the moment is

Moonlite Violet, which to give you a brief summery is set in the future buffy and SPike got married and had a daughter Violet. buffy died in a car crash and Spike left, leaving VIolet to be brought up by Willow and OZ. when he comes back a prophercy is discovered at which Violet is found to be the key, and She has to make the biggest choice of her life, to die to save the world or to live and let the world die. not going to give away the endng cause i want people to read it.

Angelus Last Childe, An idea that came to me when i was ill last summer, the updates are few and far between but i seriously have to be in the mood to update it, i know where it's going and what's going to happen and all i'm going to tell you is that family callings and loyalties are the hardest to bear;)

Carrying On For you, i've finally finished writing this and I'm going to be posting the last couple of chapter over the next month or so! wohoo another completed Fic!!

Big mess up's and little people the thing with this fic is that the way i planned it Buffy was meant to be the one to look after the baby but as i was writing it, it just seemed more logical for it to be Xander.

Haunting moments Agh that fic will be updated soon i promise, again i've got a full plan in my head which i'm following, i've got to say however that it was one of the most difficult yet simple fic's which i've written so far, so little is said on the show about GIles past.

In the End well this was meant to be my Valentine special it's just i haven't managed to write the rest of it yet, i had it all planned out but something came up and i didn't think it was right to use the material i was going to use. so back to the drawing boards there any way.

Last THoughts- Watching Series five made me wonder what it was that had been going on in the gangs head as they watched Buffy die in the Gift after watching it over and over and over again (it was confiscated by family in the end!) i got a picture in my mind of what they might have been thinking from observing their emotional responses to the end.

Snowdrops what was once meant to be a one shot fic! but i found i couldn't leave it alone, i thought of a second part then a third and i've got a fifth sixth and seventh part planned out somewhere.

The truth of the inca mummy girl, i've got to say this episode intregued me when i watched for the first time that i found myself wondering what her life was like especially in the last couple of days.

Hope lives eternal is a stor which came to me the other day, its based on a pairing which i haven't read about that much about. Hermione and Xander please give it a read if you can:)

Finding Faith is my insight into Faith's past with a Harry potter twist. Hope you like!

At the moment i've got so much work on so i'm sorry if i take a long time to update my fic's i keep writing outline after outline for each stories chapter, it's just getting round to writting them that's the problem.

Please if you get a chance read my stories though and leave reviews hlepful comments and critisms are always appriciated i'm thinking of becoming a writer and by writing fan fic i'm trying to improve the standard of my writing.

a couple of quotes,

"We're all lying in the gutter, but some of us are looking up at the stars."
Oscar Wilde.

"For some people their whole point of living is so that they can be an example to everyone else of how not to live"
Darwin Awards

"i maybe love's bitch but at least i'm man enough to admit it."

another quick not:)
Just to let you all know that moonlite Violet was a runner up in: The Daddy (Pre teens&Teens)
The Colic (Teens)
The Sitting in a Tree

My updates for the next month or so will be very scarce and far between, cause of my exams. Damn A-levels any way please don't loose intrest with me. I shall return.

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