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Story Ideas
Not really stories that I ever think i'll be able to write in the coming future, but i'm writing short synopses of them here as a reminder if I ever get to it. Feel free to use them at your own leisure, but it would be appreciated if you PM'ed me first, so I can read your stories. :)

Star Wars: Flames of Liberty
A Star Wars story I have been toying with. It will not have a set time period, but the events of the originals and prequels has happened in the past, I will incorporate elements from the expanded universe both post and pre-movies.

Main characters are two Jedi outcasts - Evran Shan and Solona Surik whose story arch will focus on them discovering their true legacy. A Hapan princess in exile since childhood calling herself Ania Solo, a supposed descended of the Solo clan. Together with the necessary supporting cast and of course R2-D2.

I envision it to be one in four parts; Flames of Liberty (I), Heart of the Force (II), Ghosts of the Past (III) and Swords of the Patriots (IV). It would first deal with the Jedi Order and growing extremism within it as well as the unraveling of each main characters past and then move onto the coming of a new Sith Empire that would require the entire galaxy to unite against them.

Still got plans for this one but most likely wont happen for a long time.

Hunger Games: War of the Arrows
The story is set within movie canon and granted that i'm not the biggest Hunger Games fan, I do find the premise interesting if cliché.

War of the Arrows takes place in an alternate timeline where a coup d'état by the Capitol Military takes place during Catching Fire and Katniss together with the entire resistance is wiped out at the end. District 12 is firebombed and the rebellion District 13 is eliminated by the same means.

The villain of the story sets in motion a 76th Hunger Games three years later, where every able bodied man and woman between the age of 12 - 48 has to participate. Because then only the old and the very young will be left and neither possess the willpower left to rebel. The Participants are divided into age groups and dropped into the game separately, some by air, others by more traditional means. The person standing after five days, together with their district, is then welcomed into the New Order planned by the Capitol's new government.

Further complications arise as the Career Districts are sent in better armed and prepared at different intervals to flush out survivors or change the playing field by hunting the better participants. Of course all being expert bowmen to keep with the title.

The main character is a ranger from District 9 named Hunter Swift, a master bowman with the uncanny ability of making his arrows curve through the air. His father was an elite peacekeeper and he himself has known members of the Resistance. On his journey to try and stay alive he will meet different characters and gain allies such as Haytham a paranoid with a machete, an untrusting girl with a crossbow. And last but not least, one of the few survivors from District 12, Katniss' sister Prim who is now 16.

If I ever get to begin writing this fic, it would be considerably darker than the movies and focus on how Primrose matures into a character not unlike her sister. The title itself alludes to the numerous games of cat and mouse between master bowmen. Of course it is also a reference to the great Korean historical action movie titled War of the Arrows or Arrow: The Ultimate Weapon.

Codex Sicarius
An Assassin's Creed Steampunk AU, where the Roman's founded the order of Assassins, there will be Templars but no Eagle Vision nor Pieces of Eden. I've planned two series for this story.

The Borgia Assassins: Follow Ezio Aquila (AU Ezio Auditore) in his quest against the Borgia with the help from Machiavelli, Leonardo Da Vinci and Leonardo's adopted daughter Rosa (AU Rosa) and a bunch of other AC characters. This Ezio will be younger than the canon version and lacks the iconic scar of his canon counterpart, he is the son of the leader of the Venetian Thieves guild and the current Mentor of the Italian Assassins (AU version of canon Ezio).

P.S. Da Vinci will also be the one inventing the hidden blade.

Victoria 1900: Not really planned that much, but it will be about an American assassin; Kenneth Conway who will travel to Istanbul to assist his fellow assassins against a plot to kill the Archduke of Austria - Franz Ferdinand. There he will get the help from none other than Nicola Tesla and a Bulgarian assassin by the name of Victoria.

Still got plans for this one, but Victoria 1900 has been scrapped.

Fan Fiction

Stuff I Dislike
Just to let it out immediately, I hate disclaimers, they are useless and mean absolutely jack shit in the end. It fills up chapter space and is grating to look at. If you absolutely feel like adding one, then just do it to the first chapter.

When it comes to fanfiction I have quite specific tastes. I prefer Femlash though I do like Het if the pairing fits. I hate character and faction bashing and I simply can't stand bad grammar.

Words like Rouge instead of Rogue and misspelling of Their, There, They're, Your, You're, We're, Were and Where as well as not spelling character and location names right - immediately ruins a story for me and I have many times abandoned fics with great premises simply because the author couldn't spell right. I can forgive punctuation cause that is my greatest weakness, but spelling mistakes for me are unforgivable.

Bashing is also something I can't stand. Whether it is character or faction bashing, it doesn't matter. I despise it with a vengeance. The fact that it usually is to the detriment of the story, doesn't help matters either. It's lazy, petty and the sign of an uninspired writer. Bashing to me is the bane of fanfiction and usually makes the protagonists come off as major hypocrites.

I've read many a story that had a lot of promise, but then turned into chapter after chapter of hateful drivel. I'm looking at you Harry Potter and the Invincible TechnoMage and Not Who She Seems - These two stories start off well, the premise is interesting, the grammar is good and the humor is fine, but lo and behold. A few chapters in they both fall prey to the same pitfalls as most Harry Potter crossovers and regular fics. Overt character bashing, which is quite sad since the former had an interesting premise of Harry being adopted by Tony Stark and the latter was among one of the better written Fem!Harry crossover fics out there (it is an HP/Thor crossover). Also in the latter's case - if you manage to make the reader feel sorry for the Dursleys and Umbridge, you're doing something wrong.

I fully understand that a story needs antagonists, but changing good characters to be bad is just not the way. Voldemort is a fine villain and there is no need for Dumbledore to suddenly become the ultimate evil overlord. He is a good man who has done some bad things, but is always trying to make up for it. And that is how he should be.

Of course the opposite also happen, where an evil character is turned good. Practically every Snape fanfic out there. While he might have been on the side of good in the end, it does not excuse his actions or redeem him from being a despicable human being who took pleasure in tormenting a child for five years due to a family resemblance. Too many fangirls gloss over the fact that he is a deeply flawed person who only has himself to blame for his misery, and instead make him into a misunderstood loner who just needs a little love. Never mind that he willingly hung out with supporters of the dark arts and other filth of the magical world and only became a double agent out of selfishness.

It just pisses me off!

One kind of fanfic I'm usually on the fence about is the "Game as a Book Story" or "Walkthrough Fanfic" - you know the entire game in written form. This can be done well if it's a game with little to no personal story. Like strategy games. Just look at Tiberium Wars for example or some of the XCOM fanfics, but when authors do it to RPG's it's hard not to loose interest. Who wants to read the entire Final Fantasy VII campaign when you can just play it.

While this can be done good - if its a romance story or an RPG with a lot of alternate routes like Dragon Age, it usually just becomes a long sluggish read until the interesting parts. Such as when the authors pairing finally gets it on.

One of the best Fem!Shepard/Liara stories I've read - The Shepherdess and the Questing Beast, sequel to the superb story A Thessian's Whisper, which is an origin story for a colonist Shepard - simply takes so long before getting to the action that I stopped reading at around the 40th chapter because Shepard and Liara had not gotten it on yet and the story was close to rounding a hundred thousand words at that point. The fact that the author kept introducing useless OCs who were just there to be discarded, like Shepard's much older boyfriend, did not help in keeping my interest. There was also entire filler chapters where the crew visited the Arcturus Station and some slaver planet for no obvious reason other than getting to meet several more boring OCs or further adding to Shepard's trauma.

Yeah that is another thing I utterly despise. Rape as Drama, a thing that Mass Effect story has. I hate rape in stories, especially if it's just to make a woobie out of the character subjected to it. It is disgusting and disrepectful towards real rape victims and should be stopped. Users who post Anti-Abortion drivel on their profile pages too, do not get any sympathies from me. I had to stop reading one fanfic (I can't remember the name of it, it was a Fallout/Mass Effect crossover), because the writer had plastered his/her profile page with Pro-Life propaganda bullshit. A woman's body is her own and whatever she decides to do with it is up to herself. Not others! What if the child is of rape? Isn't the psychological reminder enough. Then of course the counter argument will be; "But she can give the child up for adoption."

Words like those truly make me angry and people who say shit like that obviously have never been sexually assaulted, or know someone who has. While I have never been abused, I can only imagine how horrible it would be to carry the child of your rapist for nine months.

Either way, it completely ruined any enjoyment I got from that story and it was actually a rather good one.

Bullshit like that should be kept to yourself and whatever bible thumbing hole it came from.

Story Elements/Premises I Do Not Like

Anything to do with Naruto, crossovers especially. I don't know why, but I just despise that franchise with a passion.

Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons. Another idea that I truly despise and I actually love the individual movies - except for How to Train Your Dragon, cause I've never seen it. ROTBTD stories have the irritating habit of twisting the main characters personalities in order for shipping to work. The fact that I could care less about Hiccup does not help either.

The Fish Out of Waters premise. You know; random character suddenly appears in another world and tags along with the protagonists of that universe - serving no other function than being a gloryfied DLC character. This can be done well, but is rarely the case. What is the point of bringing an outside character into a story, if the plot just stays the same. Lord of the Rings crossovers are sadly a frequent victim of this.

The Hobbit, dwarf romance with original character. I could care less about Fili, Kili and Thorin. The Tauriel romance did nothing for me in the movies and OC romance does nothing for me in the fanfics. The fact that they are all going to die in the end renders the entire thing moot. Dwarf romance is just not my cup of tea.

Loki as anything else than a bad guy. The hordes of fangirls who try to paint him in a sympathetic light despite the atrocities he commits, speaks for itself. Loki is a villain, he works best as a villain and in my opinion he would only be able to redeem himself through death. Maybe not even that considering the events of Thor: the Dark World. Only a rare few fanfics that feature Loki has him remain in the role as an antagonist and I applaud them. Let Loki be the fucking villain.

I like Tom Hiddleston just as much as I like Benedict Cumberbatch and that is not at all! They are fine enough actors, but way too overrated and overexposed. I liked Cumberbatch in Star Trek, but that was because it was Star Trek and that fact alone overshadowed whatever he brought to the movie. Stop giving their characters the Snape treatment! And Robert Downey Jr. will always be the better Sherlock.

Story Elements I Like
Well now that that is over, let's move on to lighter pastures. Stuff I like in fanfiction as well as fanfiction that I like.

I'm a fan of Femslash and most stories I read features it. I don't know why, but I just like those kind of pairings. Especially if the two female characters have a chemistry that could hint towards a relationship in the source material. Like Buffy and Faith. One of the main reasons why I don't like slash is that they are usually badly written and features bashing heavily - Avengers fanfiction is a major victim of this. The fact that the official pairings work so great also ruins it. At least for me.

When it comes to Het pairings I'm usually more picky, they have to be well written, have a good premise and the plot has to move forward at an even pace.

Harry Potter
What person does not read Harry Potter fanfiction? Really, it is only one of the most popular book series in the world and the section with most stories on this site. Sadly, finding good HP fanfics are like finding a needle in a haystack.

I'm not a fan of any Harry that veers from his canon characterization, unless it's for comedy purposes and then it too has to not bash characters. Sarah1281 has written one of the best HP comedy fics I've ever read titled - Oh god Not Again! Probably one of the best peggy sue fics out there.

Another HP writer I like is James Spookie, who is probably the only writer I've stumbled upon on this site who has managed to write marriage contract stories that I like. His characters are also close to canon and if there is bashing, the characters actually overcome it. His/her Dumbledore too is not a manipulative bastard, but a good man. Check out his/her stories, they're good. Ironically a lot of reviewers seem to not appreciate him/her sticking close to canon characterization and wish for more classic HP fanfic clichés, some even resort to insult him/her personally. Seriously, what the fuck?

If you don't like elements of a story, come up with arguments on how to make them better, don't try and make the author change how a character acts because you have a personal grudge against that character. Bashing is fucking stupid!

Star Wars
Who doesn't love Star Wars? Probably the numerous neckbeards who can't get over the fact that the prequels exist, despite the flaws of the original films.

Anyway, the universe of SW is simply so rich that almost any kind of story can take place in it, from romance to action to noir. Sadly too many people have a serious hard on for the Sith and give them the Draco in Leather Pants treatment and then they come over to stories featuring Jedi as the good guys and whine about them actually being - the good guys.

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